How To Become A Administrative Assistant Law Firm

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How To Become A Administrative Assistant Law Firm

The Administrative Assistant Law Firm is an indispensable part of a legal team. Also referred to as a paralegal, a legal administrative assistant mostly does everything a lawyer does except really practice law. So, they can’t give legal advice, acting as counsel in the courtroom, or set fees.

But a lot of the legwork in preparation for cases is often the responsibility of a legal administrative assistant. Need research? Ask the paralegal. Most lawyers base their legal strategies on the information gathered by their assistants; thus, the importance of having a skilled paralegal cannot be overemphasized.

Paralegal Legal Assistant Training and Skills

Getting the proper education to become a legal administrative assistant is necessary to become effective at the job. But it is also a plus factor to your success if you possess certain traits and abilities that will make you perfect for the job.

You need good communication skills, both written and oral. Persistence and resourcefulness are additional points. And patience truly is a virtue in this profession. If you have these, to begin with, then go ahead to the criminal justice college of your choice to prepare yourself academically for the job.

Here’s a tip, though – even without a criminal justice degree, you can sometimes be hired as a Administrative Assistant Law Firm. But it certainly boosts your chances when applying for a position.

Paralegal training is either a certificate course or an associate program, which is between one to two years of studies. Community colleges offer associate degree programs, while certificate courses are for those with primary education not necessarily related to criminal justice.

Students of a legal administrative assistant program are expected to be proficient with the law, the criminal justice system, and the judicial process.

Among the courses included in the programs are legal research and writing, rules of evidence, and contract law. There are also electives to give an overview of certain law types such as real estate law, litigation, torts, and criminal law.

With computers and the internet playing a large part in the research, there are also courses to teach legal applications of computers and how to use the internet for legal analysis.

The best kind of education is one that will offer internships. Getting practical experience with a law firm, a public defender’s office, a corporate legal department, or a legal aid organization provides a better advantage when applying for work.

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Not just law offices

Job opportunities for a Administrative Assistant Law Firm are not confined to law firms. You can be employed by private corporations that need legal help in real estate, banking, finance, entertainment, or bankruptcy. Or some work in government agencies to handle such matters as immigration and labour relations. 

Paralegals are the second most popular among careers in criminal justice in the United States. The national median salary of legal administrative assistants is $53,100. The work is sometimes demanding but rewarding. And once you’ve had a feel for a regular job, you may eventually want to work your way towards becoming a real lawyer.

If you want to practice law without studying to become an attorney yet, try being a legal administrative assistant.

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