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Texas is among the second-highest populated states in the US, making it the most appropriate state for a career in criminal justice. The increased population demands a higher emphasis on law and order. The police have to hire more people to maintain law and order in society; thus, choosing a criminal justice in Texas might be the best choice for you. Before landing a criminal justice position in Texas, you’ll have to earn your college degree.

If you are living in the big cities of Texas, such as Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, you’ll find colleges with top criminal justice programs in Texas. Still, if you aren’t living in one of these cities, you can either choose to study in your local colleges or migrate to one of the cities to pursing education in criminal justice. This article will help you make informed decisions regarding the best criminal justice schools in Texas so that you can complete your education and serve Texas by being an officer.

The students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees have excellent written and communication skills. The student also gets to think about critical situations throughout their degrees, which helps them develop critical thinking. The students also understand the nature of crimes and the human intentions behind them; all these skills help the students in their professional duties. The criminal justice jobs that you can do after your college degree primarily include police officers, detectives, corrections officers, and Jail wardens. There are several other options available, and you can choose the career path that suits you the most.

Ranking of best Criminal Justice programs in Texas

We have brought you the list of top colleges that offer criminal justice degrees in Texas; the listing is based on the credibility of the schools, the number of students who have been employed in the criminal justice system, and the reputation of these schools in Texas.

St. Edwards University

criminal-justice-schools-in-texas-St.-Edwards-UniversitySt. Edwards University is famous for its higher studies. The students who are willing to move from bachelor to Ph.D. level should pursue a criminal justice program in Texas. The University has vast experience polishing students’ skills, which would help them in their practical duties. The graduates of the University have confidently pursued their careers in the criminal justice system because of the learning experience they have had in the University. 

The University has a solid national ranking that shows the faculty members’ ability to inculcate practical knowledge into the students. The administration of the University has also emphasized hiring faculty members who have vast experience in the field of the criminal justice system.

 Sam Houston State University

criminal-justice-schools-in-texas-Sam-Houston-State-University.Sam Houston University is considered among the best criminal justice colleges in Texas, and the University is ideal for the people who are willing to pursue their higher studies. The University inculcates practical knowledge into the students, which helps them excel in their professional lives. Suppose you are among the people willing to move to higher ranks within the criminal justice system. In that case, you should study your criminal justice degree from Sam Houston State University.

The University of Sam Houston is famous for providing quality education to Texas. People from adjacent states also join the University to pursue their degrees in the criminal justice system. The University has emphasized a quality curriculum and experienced staff to be taught on the best merits.

Texas A&M University-Commerce

criminal-justice-schools-in-A&M-University-CommerceTexas A&M University is famous among the students who want to pursue their education from bachelor’s to Ph.D. The University prepares the students for the managerial and supervisory roles in the criminal justice system of the United States. The students are taught practical skills that will benefit them while working in the field.

The University is famous for its dedication to the curriculum and the quality of education in its institution. For this reason, many of the graduates of the University are serving in the criminal justice system in different capacities. The faculty of the University is encouraging and supporting the growth of students in their relevant field.

Howard Payne University

criminal-justice-schools-in-texas-Howard-Payne-UniversityThe Howard Payne University is ideal for students who want to work with the legal system and courts. The University offers degrees from bachelor to Ph.D. level, and the students are taught to work in domestic and international legal systems. The Howard Payne University is considered the best criminal justice college in Texas because of the extensive learning during the degree. The students of the University are taught to analyze the thought process of the individuals so that it can help them in their professional life in the courts.

The educational merits and the discipline are top-notch at Howard Payne University. This has created a name for them among the people who are willing to pursue a career in the criminal justice field. The University gives individual attention to each student so that they can overcome their shortcomings to excel in their respective fields.

Texas Christian University

criminal-justice-schools-in-texas-Texas-Christian-UniversityTexas Christian University is famous for its bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the criminal justice system. The University trains its graduates for all the career paths related to the criminal justice system. The graduates of the University can perform well in all the fields of the criminal justice system if they have spent their well during the course of their degree. The University trains the students to work in law enforcement agencies, courts, and criminology, and each specialization provides an account for the specifications in the field. This enables the students to perform well in every aspect of their professional careers.

What should you look for in a criminal justice school in Texas?

There are approximately 120 criminal justice schools in Texas, and it is challenging to point out which one suits you the best. However, there are certain factors that you must consider before making a decision. We’ll walk you through the steps that can help you choose the criminal justice school that suits you the most.

Shortlist the schools: There are 120 criminal justice schools in Texas, and you should create a list of the schools you think are most suitable for you.

Cost: Consider the cost of the school before taking a decision and shortlist the schools that fall into your financial category. The affordability of the schools matters a lot.

Decide your goals: You should’ve clarity in your mind regarding the choice of your profession. Different schools provide different educational specializations, and having clarity would help you choose the school specializing in your career choice.

Location: Since Texas state is enormous, you should choose the school that is nearer to your home, and if you are choosing the school that is at a distance, you should be willing to either relocate or drive for long hours to visit your school.

Compromise: You won’t be able to find one school that meets every single of your requirement, and you’ll have to compromise on one or two aspects to make a wise decision.

The job market of Criminal Justice in Texas

There is a massive opportunity for the people of Texas in the criminal justice system, and if you are willing to pursue your career in their field, you are in the right direction. Primarily there are three sub-branches of a criminal justice system that you can work. The sub-branches are listed below.

  • Law enforcement
  • The courts
  • Corrections

How much can I make in the criminal justice system of Texas?

Different jobs offer different salaries in Texas, and your earnings will highly depend on which position you work in. Prosecutors are the ones who make the highest in Texas, and according to the bureau of labor statistics, the average annual salary of a prosecutor is $127,550. The behavior analysts are much in demand, and they make a salary of $63,000 annually. The salaries also vary depending on the years of experience that you have in the agency.

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