What Does The Thin Blue Line Flag Mean?

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What Does The Thin Blue Line Flag Mean?

Many people out there wonder about the thin blue line, meaning the blue line is present on the uniforms of the law enforcement personnel, and it is the representation of dedication. The blue thin line has attracted the attention of many people, but most of them aren’t aware of its actual meaning. This article will emphasize the origins of the thin blue line of the uniform of law enforcement personnel. It shall also include other insightful information on the symbolization of the thin blue line.

So, What does the thin blue line flag mean? The line started to appear on the uniforms of the law enforcement personnel during the 19th century. The poets also used the concept of the thin blue line, and in 1911, Nels Dickman Anderson was the first among the poets to use the phrase thin blue line. The thin blue line was officially adopted by law enforcement professionals in 1950, and it was used to represent the courage and sacrifices of law enforcement personnel when protecting their motherland. The thin blue line meaning was more symbolic in nature, and it was used as appreciation for the services of law enforcement personnel.

The thin blue line was also a sign used to showcase the law enforcement personnel, similar to the sign of Red Crescent used for the medical workers. The thin blue line was used as a safety barrier between the law-abiding citizens of the United States and the criminal elements of the society. The thin blue line flag meaning was perceived as a sign of security by the people of the United States, and they felt safer when they were around the blue thin line.

The law enforcement personnel render their services for the country. They work during the odd hours to combat the violence and criminal elements within the society. This law enforcement personnel were given a thin blue line to appreciate their services for the country. The blue line flag meaning must have made sense to you by now.

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The Modern Symbol

A black background separates the modern symbol of the thin blue line; the thin blue line represents the law enforcement personnel and law-abiding citizens, while the black background represents the criminal elements of the society. The blue line flag symbolizes that the law enforcement personnel will undermine the criminal elements of the society, and they will be curbed so that peace can prevail in the society.

Thin Blue Line Flag

The modern thin line flag consists of a thin blue line present on the black and white flag of the United States. The flag was designed by a college student in 2014, and the name of the student was Andrew Jacob. The student-designed the flag as an appreciation of the services of law enforcement personnel. The stars in the flag represent the citizenry, and they are a sign of justice and order.

american-flag-with-blue-stripeThe American flag blue line has recently attracted the people’s attention, and they have started wondering about the meaning of the thin blue line flag. Many people out there have also misunderstood the sign as some sort of disgrace for law enforcement personnel, but it isn’t true. The creator of the USA flag blue line has said that the misinterpretations of the flag are entirely wrong, and it doesn’t have any association with any sort of racism and hate; the flag symbolizes justice and commitment of the law enforcement personnel.

The people who understand the blue line American flag have also asked if they can use it as a sign of support to the law enforcement personnel or not. The next section of the article will answer if us flag with a blue stripe can be used by common citizens.

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Can Civilians Fly the thin blue line flag to show their support for police?

The flag represents courage, bravery, justice, and freedom. Although the flag has much to do with the police department and represents their courage and bravery, it isn’t reserved for their use only. The normal citizens with the ambition of supporting the law enforcement agencies can also fly with the black and blue American flag.

The stars represent the citizens in the left corner of the flag, and they are a significant part of the blue and black American flag. All the citizens who are willing to use the flag as a gesture of support for the law enforcement personnel are entitled to fly with it. The only thing that the citizens have to care about is using the police blue flag. They have to act responsibly if they have the police blue flag not to bring shame to the flag. The activities of the citizens with the blue police flag shall be within the perimeters of the law, and they should know that they have more responsibility compared to other citizens. 

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