Can You Become A Dea Agent With A Felony

Can you become a DEA agent with A felony? 

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Can you become a DEA agent with a felony? 

Before knowing If you can become a DEA agent with a felony? You must know what you are dealing with here? A Felony is a crime more severe than a misdemeanor.

misdemeanor is defined as wrongdoing in US law, and people can get suspended for misdemeanor behavior.

On the other hand, A Felony is a severe crime, and felony charges are made against a person for those crimes. These crimes include fraud, theft, or even murder.

What are Felony crimes? 

dea-agent-falonyFelony crimes are more than just misdemeanors. Furthermore, the punishment for felony crimes can result in the seizure of a convicted person’s land or goods.

Violent crimes like murder, rape, assault, animal cruelty, and other serious crimes like drug abuse, theft of property or goods, burglary, larceny, driving under the influence, fraud, and public drunkenness comes under felony.

Punishment of felony crimes varies from a death sentence to a minimum of one year of jail, depending upon the crime’s nature.

Impacts of felony charges

A person with felony charges can face severe consequences for a lifetime. He will lose his right to vote, civil rights, and the right to sit on a jury. Any person convicted of felony charges cannot possess firearms either and may lose his job and property.

A person with felony charges will always be treated “differently.” These people will no longer remain “trusted.” Government can not trust them any more for employment in institutions that involve direct exposure to society, such as law enforcement institutions, schools, and hospitals.

What is the type of jobs that Felons are restricted to do? 

Impacts of felony chargesFelons are restricted from doing many jobs. Most government jobs will come with a notice that a clean criminal record is needed. A felon is prohibited from serving in law enforcement, hospitals, and schools. If someone is charged with drug abuse, they may be restricted to driving for a certain number of years, which can significantly affect their employment.

Felony will be a significant hurdle in the professional career of a person. He will not be able to receive any financial aid or admission to specific institutions.

A person already doing a job will lose his job and may even be prohibited from working further in that work environment.

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Can you become a DEA agent with a felony?

We are sorry to say that a person convicted of a felony cannot be a DEA agent.

The reasons for this rejection are simple and straightforward

  1. DEA agent job requires a clean background check, and a felon will never get a chance to qualify for this.
  2. A Felon can not possess a firearm. Furthermore, a DEA agent does not only possess firearms but may also use them when needed.
  3. A felon needs rehabilitation, and the process can be extended. Sometimes even after release from jail, they have to stay in touch for a long time with correction officers.
  4. As they do not get financial aid, they may not be able to get admission to the university to earn the desired degree to become DEA agents. Universities also demand backgrounds check before giving admission.
  5. DEA job requires the strength to handle physical and emotional shifts, and a felon may not be able to bear the pressure of the job
  6. A Felon person in law enforcement may raise questions in people’s minds. As when his reputation is at stake, no one else will believe what he is saying.
  7. Unlike a DEA agent, a felony cannot testify in court regarding the investigation.
  8. Although a felon may go through rehab, their instincts can not be trusted again.
  9. A felon can not get a job in government institutions that involves public dealing due to risk factor. The chances of emotional shift or criminal courage are always high than ordinary people.

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Duties and role of DEA agent

Drug enforcement administration special agents deal with investigations involving dealing drugs, illegal drugs, and drug abuse. DEA agents’ primary duty is to control drugs and stop the source before it could spread the evil of drugs in society.

DEA terminates any illegal operation of drugs and destroys the institutions involving it.

Their job demands lots of documentation. Sometimes they have to do surveillance and may have physical encounters with criminals as well. So physical fitness is a must for them.


Job outlook and tasks

A DEA agent deals with drug crimes. Their tasks involve preparing for the case, collecting evidence, doing surveillance, and preparing the report. A DEA may also testify in court about fact findings.

How to become a DEA agent? 

To become a DEA agent, you need a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement or criminal justice studies. A person must be a US citizen. Keeping in view about DEA job outlook, a person must have good health and physical fitness.

The age requirement is between 21-36 yrs.

First, you need to earn a degree and then apply to a drug enforcement agency for a job or internship to become a DEA agent. After the written test and interview, they will take complete health tests and run background checks. After passing all that, you will be hired as a DEA agent, and you can receive on-the-job training.

Extra skills for DEA

Some extra skills can earn you this job sooner than expected. If you already have law enforcement experience, technical expertise, or know foreign languages, it will be a plus point for a DEA job.

Expected salary and growth rate

DEA agents earn up to $58,000 per annum.

More than 5000 DEA agents are currently working in the USA, and many vacancies are still open for hire. A DEA agent has a promising career and can earn more according to their degree, extra certifications, and experience.

A rise in crime rates needs individuals to stop them. A drug-free society is a healthy society overall. A DEA agent is like a vacuum cleaner who cleans all the unhealthy evil from society.

Possible job titles and Related careers

A DEA agent may also be known as

DEA special agent

intelligence research specialist or

diversion investigator

 The DEA agent has related careers like

FBI Agent

Border Patrol Agent

CIA Agent 

Criminal Investigator

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Can you become a DEA agent with a felony? 
Can you become a DEA agent with a felony? 
Before knowing If you can become a DEA agent with felony?  You must know what you are dealing with here? A Felony is a crime more serious than misdemeanor. Misdemeanor is defined as wrong doing in US law and people can get suspended for misdemeanor behavior. On the other hand, A Felony is serious crime and felony charges are made against a person for those crimes. These crimes include fraud, theft or even murder.
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