Certificate In Criminal Justice – What Jobs Can You Get With?

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Certificate In Criminal Justice – What Jobs Can You Get With A Certificate?

A Certificate In Criminal JusticeWhat Jobs Can You Get With A Certificate? can be your stepping stone to establish a career as a law enforcer or in the field of law without necessarily becoming a legal counsel.

Unlike an associate or bachelor degree, which requires more intensive studies, a criminal justice certificate will equip you with the knowledge and skills for specific fields in criminal justice at a faster pace.

The criminal justice certificate is different from a criminal justice degree and usually only provides an overview of the justice system, security and the juvenile justice system.

When law enforcement was not as complicated as it is today, there was only a general criminal justice program that once completed, enabled you to work as a:

Even without prior experience or training in law enforcement or corrections, this criminal justice certificate would provide you with the necessary skills to find a job, or to be upgraded to specific positions.

For those who have completed other degrees, you may want to pursue a certificate if you have a strong background in psychology, sociology and other behavioral sciences.

Before the 9/11 terrorist attacks, there was a somewhat limited view of law enforcement, especially from the public’s perspective. Now, it has encompassed a broader field, and consequently, certificate programs were developed under criminal justice to train individuals in each specific field.

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Graduates with a criminal justice  learn skills in police work, criminal investigations, and security. This is under a general program. Over the years, other certificate programs under criminal justice were developed for:

  • Paralegals – this criminal justice  program is for legal specialist training that takes anywhere between four to five months and two years to complete. The coursework concentrations are in litigation, estate planning and administration, real estate and corporations.
  • Legal nurse consulting – this certificate program is for registered nurses, whose experience and expertise are incorporated with legal knowledge to analyze health care issues and their outcomes as it relates to the legal profession.
  • Crime Scene Technician – one of the more popular criminal justice courses, it provides specialized skills for students in the area of forensics such as analyzing/preserving crime scenes, including proper recovery, collection and storage of evidence to be used in court.

Today, with terrorism a genuine threat, there is demand more focused skills and knowledge for those wanting to serve the country either on a community, local, state or federal level which requires special training offered as specialized courses or as electives are terrorism and national security management.

Among the criminal justice degree programs, certificate courses can be completed online, and with this education on hand, you may start a career in law enforcement.

If you think law enforcement and justice is something you are passionate about and want to start a career without intensive studies, then a certificate is a good start.

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