Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs Merging Two Professions

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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Jobs Merging Two Professions

certified legal nurse consultant uses her vast experience and knowledge in the medical field to assist in legal cases related to health care. This profession allows a certified legal nurse consultant to blend two of the most in-demand careers and find fulfilment in their work outcome.

Registered nurses who have done the rounds of hospital job, specializing in one or more particular areas of medicine and health care develop a second job by becoming a legal nurse consultant.

Who needs Certified Legal Nurse Consultants?

What exactly does a certified legal nurse consultant do? They are called upon by defence attorneys or prosecutors to shed light on medical matters that have a bearing in resolving a criminal or civil case. These include forensic or pharmacological know-how that directly impacts a case.

A certified legal nurse consultant is also needed to work on legalities about medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and other healthcare-related cases. 

Their function is to conduct interviews, review medical records, conduct research, and summarize medical literature. They are then asked to evaluate liabilities and damages, assist with depositions, prepare exhibits, and identify witnesses. 

While private attorneys or corporate counsels mostly contract a certified legal nurse consultant, they find opportunities to practice with hospitals, insurance companies, and government agencies. They can even serve to ensure quality assurance at pharmaceutical firms and chemical companies.

Although well-versed in medicine and health care, those aspiring to become a certified legal nurse consultant require training to develop another set of skills, this time in the field of law.

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Certified Legal Nurse Consultant Training

Schools offering legal nurse consultant certificates or degrees provide both online and on-campus programs. The certified legal nurse consultant training includes legal ethics, personal injury cases, forensic science, and legal writing.

You can also expect classes that focus on legal issues about medical malpractice, auto accident injury, lower back pain, and product liability. The training program offered is a sub-specialization of a criminal justice degree.

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Rewards of the job

The beauty of legal nursing consulting is that you can continue practicing your profession as a registered nurse while serving as consultants to lawyers.

Those who do work full time as consultants can earn as much as $80,000. When contacted by law firms, they charge between $125 and $150 per hour of service.

Certified legal nurse consultants rely mostly on their experience to be considered for the job. The training is simply an additional tool to familiarize them with the legal process. You don’t even need certification to be eligible for consultant jobs after completing the legal nurse consultant training.

Unlike correctional training, where you are prepared to undertake a specialized function, legal nurse consultant mostly depends on your years of service in a prior profession to be eligible to work.

Indeed, the many careers in criminal justice make it an exciting field because of the variety of job opportunities available to suit different interests and aptitudes.

Being a certified legal nurse consultant may not be as risky or physically demanding as others, but it is an area worth pursuing if you are qualified.

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