Computer Forensic Specialist Complete Career Guide

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Computer Forensic Specialist Complete Career Guide

A science that identifies, monitors, evaluates and proves such cyber-crimes in front of the court with legal fundamentals is known as computer forensic. A computer forensic specialist is a person who cautiously collects digital data, evaluates it thoroughly, ensures proper storage, and presents evidence in the court of law we can call it Online Police. It is a sensitive matter of criminal offense and criminal justice. Digital data is recognized as legal evidence in the rule book of the court.

Nowadays, the internet has become the spinal cord of every human being living. From professional to personnel, all data are shared through the internet. The era of computers has blessed human life with enormous advantages. However, it has cursed human life with intense crimes as well.

cyber-forensicsMany often think of identity theft, data breaches, child exploitation, and online sexual predators when thinking about cybercrime. Nevertheless, there are many other cybercrime types, including the spreading of malicious computer codes and engaging in Internet fraud.

For the first case listed above, “Four Indicted in $25 Million Scheme Defrauding and Hacking Ticketmaster,, and Other Ticket Vendors”, the perpetrators used fraud, deceit, and computer hacking to make more than $25 million by acquiring and reselling more than 1.5 million of the most coveted tickets to concerts, sporting events, and live theatre productions.


computer-forensic-and-investigation-specialistUsing technology to disrupt E-Commerce is a significant offense with conviction leading to some severe imprisonment time for wire fraud, damage to computers in interstate commerce, gaining unauthorized access and exceeding authorized access to computers, and conspiracy.

Leading the national effort to investigate and prosecute cybercrime is the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice. Combining law and technology, the field has seen a marked increase in cybercrime statistics, therefore requiring the need of individuals who identify, preserve, and analyse digital evidence to prosecute cybercriminals.

Here are few general criminal justice jobs in the forensic department that one can pursue to start a promising career ahead.

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Hi-tech crime is a relatively new field that has opened the door to careers in other public sector divisions, including the Department of Homeland Security and state and local police departments. In the private sector, jobs detecting computer crime against a company include internal security departments of corporations, outside private investigative firms, and e-discovery firms.

Career As A Forensic Serologist Full Career Guide

From identifying theft to computer hacking, cybercrime creates an increasing need for professionals to investigate and prosecute cybercriminals. The requisite skills for those working in the field include a basic what does a computer forensic specialist dounderstanding of the criminal investigative process and accepted court procedures related to evidence collection and preservation. Besides, by virtue of the computer’s role in the illegal activity, law enforcement investigators must not only understand the fundamentals of computer hardware, but they must also be trained in the current trends, tools, and protocols in place to mine and retrieve computer data.

Today, earning a degree in the criminal justice field can lead to a personally-satisfying career option. Tasked with protecting the public, these career options are expected to increase in number in the years ahead, offering excellent stability and the opportunity for advancement for those seeking more fantastic pay and responsibilities.

Computers are used like a weapon to target or hamper an enemy or opponent.Criminals have become too technically knowledgeable. They can sit on a computer and dare to commit critical crimes.  COnline hacking, data theft, money scams, Income tax fraud, murders, and many more are adverse consequences of computers’ vices.


To track and grab such crimes and criminals, a unique computer forensic department came into the picture. Investigations and evidence collected under the study of computer forensic are legally applicable in court. Any offense concealed or committed on the platform of the internet is termed as cyber-crime.

An individual linked directly or indirectly to a computer forensic streamline has a great future ahead. Most of the requirement of computer forensic expert is in the government sector. Several departments related to computer forensic studies like Anti-terrorist squad, Income Tax department, National Data security. Many private firms have also started recruiting computer forensic specialization.

Computer forensic experts‘ most common tasks are data extraction, retrieval of lost or deleted data, hard disk image building, password breakage, etc. Many private and government organizations have hidden or secret special cybersecurity team which comprises of computer forensic specialists. It is a highly demanding and recession-free carrier option. The salary and increment rates are high in comparison with other departments.

The performance of every individual is independently and non-comparability judged. The Salary of these varies from country to country. Those working in big cities may earn between $50,000 to $70,000. With increasing experience and qualification, their Salary can even double. Overall, it is a perfect field in which one can pursue a career.

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