The Most Thrilling Crime Stories To Read

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The Most Thrilling Crime Stories To Read

What is forbidden or prohibited that draws our interest most, and this is why plays behind the popularity of the most thrilling crime stories of the history that made generations of reader dazzled with the brilliance of their storytelling manoeuvres. The thrill is what we all want irrespective of our minor differences of choices, tastes, demographics, and social and economic background.

Maybe the thrill’s expectation and the thrill’s sensory perception differ in accordance with our state of maturity, either in age or in education or inexperience. Still, considering the popularity of all types of thrillers in fictional crime stories or films among all types of people, we can confidently say that thrill matters. In many cases, it matters more than any other aspects of the entertaining literature or film.

In the past century or even through many years of literary heritage in the nineteenth century, we have seen too many great works that can be designated as a crime thriller. They presented to the readers of the subsequent generations some of the most thrilling crime stories of the history.

Here we would present some of the most thrilling crime stories of the past that have produced unforgettable thrilling experience for many people all over the world.

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie

This superb book by one of the greatest crime story writers portrays the crime from the most diverse range of angles, making the book a gem of a reading experience. This story’s speciality is an invariable choice in the list of most thrilling crime stories of history. It is the superb twist in the plot that leaves the reader dazzled with most unexpected happenings. You are in an unbelievably strained mental situation with your adrenalin gushing forth. It is a must-read for those who love to read crime thrillers.

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Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris

This excellent crime thriller is already a world-famous name thanks to a film based on its storyline. This is the thriller that tells the story of a serial killer and corresponding mind game concerning the crime in a most glaringly unique way by portraying the crime in its complete detail and simultaneously maintaining the crude distance with the absent observer eyes of the narrator that weaves the brilliant mind game to produce one of the most thrilling crime stories of the history.

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The Poet by Michael Connelly


Michel Connelly is too well-known an artist who is famous for his dramatic writing style that shocks the reader from nowhere and interweaves the reader’s consciousness into the thinking of the protagonist and thus produces his brilliance of depicting a crime from the depth of the onlooker. All his idiosyncratic style present in this piece of writing, the book is just a must pick in our list of most thrilling crime stories of the history—the story of the book centres on the following of a reporter behind a multiple killer criminal.

These crime thriller books that are mentioned above produce some unforgettable thrilling experience that made them worth remembering for so many readers for so long a time. It is the precise reason for choosing them to be the most thrilling crime stories of history.

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