Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree-Top 15 Jobs

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Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require A College DegreeTop 15 Jobs

Everyone has his circumstances; some might have an opportunity to pursue higher education levels while others might be willing to start their professional life without a college degree. You might have heard people saying that it is impossible to find a job without a college degree, but that has nothing to do in reality.

The good news is that you can find several jobs without a college degree in criminal justice. When it comes to criminal justice, there are hundreds of jobs that do not require a college degree, and in this reading, you will get to know about the Top 15 of Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree.

We have done our part by bringing you the best possible jobs without a college degree. You have to use these as a model and search for these jobs in your relevant criminal justice department. Keep a close eye on them, and whenever you get to know that positions are vacant, straight away apply for them, and you will start earning money for your livelihood.

So, without any further a due, let’s get started with Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree


Corrections facilities are the places where the criminals are kept, and a corrections officer is someone responsible for regulating the affairs of corrections facilities. In other words, the correction officer is the bridge between the court and Jail.

As a correctional officer, your job is to oversee those arrested and awaiting trial in the court or those convicted of a crime and are serving their time in a reformatory, jail, or penitentiary. To ensure all of the inmates you are overseeing, you must implement preventative measures to reduce disturbances and assaults while also monitoring the inmates and facilities to prevent escapes from occurring.

It is very important to note that, while you are responsible for enforcing the law while in the facility, correctional officers have no law enforcement responsibilities outside of the facility.

In most of the states, a high school diploma is sufficient to land in the correction facilities. 

Being a corrections officer, you might have to work in odd hours and night shifts, and most of your time will be spent with the criminals. If you are willing to join the criminal justice system without a college degree, this might be the first step of the ladder; the experience you will gain here will help you achieve the higher rank positions of the criminal justice system.

Criminal justice standard certification and extensive academy training are required to start working jails or prisons.

A corrections officer’s average annual salary is $20,000 to 35,000 depending upon the state in which you are employed.

The police officer is one of the criminal justice jobs without a degree. On paper, most police departments do not require you to have a college degree; instead, they require minimum work experience and have an age limit.

If you have prior work experience or you have been working in the military services, there are high chances that you can get employed as a police officer. The proper combination of high college scores and prior employment experience will help you land in the police department.

Do you know the responsibilities of a police officer? They are typically responsible for responding to the general public’s calls, investigating crimes, providing law enforcement services to the citizens and conducting raids.

When the police department employs you, you will have to undergo training for a couple of months, during the training program, you will acquire all those skills which will help you

If you want to be directly involved with arresting individuals who are breaking the law, you will want to pursue a career as a police officer or detective. There are many different areas of law enforcement that fall within this umbrella. Some of these include:

  • Sheriffs and deputy sheriffs – enforce laws at the county level and are usually elected into their positions.
  • State police officers – patrol highways and arrest criminals on a state wide level.
  • Detectives and investigators – gather facts and evidence for criminal cases.
  • Fish and game wardens – enforce hunting, fishing, and boating laws by patrolling fishing and hunting areas, investigating complaints, and conducting search and rescue operations.

The average annual salary of an entry-level police officer is $40,000 to $55,000.

Criminal investigators are highly trained professionals of the police department, and often they are called to investigate the significant and complex crimes. Think of a situation in which a crime happened. The complexity of crime is so much that it is beyond regular police officers’ capacity to investigate it. This is where the criminal investigators are being called.

Detectives and criminal investigators are not entry-level positions, and you will have to gain experience for becoming a criminal investigator. The path you can follow is to join a police department and obtain field experience and professional courses. After serving for two or more years in the police department, you can get promoted to a criminal investigator’s rank.

The average annual salary of a criminal investigator is $80,000 to $ 135,000, depending on the state in which you are employed.

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  • Loss Prevention Specialist

Retail theft is a big problem across the United States. The thieves enter a store and take away all the cash and valuables from the stores, and the owners of the stores are left with tremendous loss. Therefore, the loss prevention specialists are hired so that they can avoid theft by ensuring the proper security measures.

If you have a high school diploma or GED, you can start working as a loss prevention officer. The experience you will gain by working as a loss prevention specialist will help you get to the higher ranks of criminology or the criminal justice system.

The average annual salary of a beginner loss prevention officer is just above the minimum wage, but you can earn up to $ 50,000 per year as you move to the higher ranks.

The police dispatchers are the first line of contact for the people. Primarily they act as a bridge between the police department and the general public. Whenever a common man calls the police department for reporting a crime, the police dispatchers take the details from him and forward them to relevant authorities. The nature of police dispatchers’ jobs is such that their demand in law enforcement agencies is never going to end.

Typically, an individual with a high school diploma can get employed as police dispatchers. However, if you have experience of public dealing along with a good score in high school, it would be a massive plus for you. 

The average annual salary of a Police dispatcher is $22,000 to $ 54,000

The border patrol agents are responsible for protecting the United States’ borders from illegal immigrants, drugs, and weapons. Through proper patrolling and monitoring, the border patrol agents ensure that none of them enters the United States territory.

The border patrol agents do not require a college degree; all they need to have is a high school diploma. They undergo a tuff training program and background screening before they can begin working.

If you have fluency over any international language, mainly Spanish, it would be a massive plus for you to get employed as a border patrol agent.

The average annual salary of a border patrol agent is $ 55,000

The uniformed service officers are responsible for protecting the president, vice president, foreign dignitaries and other influential personalities. Primarily the secret service officers are responsible for protecting the president and vice president whenever they are out for some visitors.

They also protect the White House and vice president’s residence at the naval observatory. Apart from these, whenever a foreign country delegate visits to the United States, the secret service is given the responsibility to ensure that they return to their homeland safe and sound.

The officers are mainly stationed in Washington DC and work in rotating shifts of day and night. They might also be called to visit other cities and states whenever the president or vice president is expected to go there.

The average annual salary of uniformed secret service officer is $ 60,000



The bailiffs are employees of the court who are responsible for regulating the affairs of court. Primarily they are responsible for protecting the jury and ensuring that the court proceedings are being conducted peacefully.

The bailiffs also provide administrative assistance to the judges, from giving the evidence to the judges to writing the statements, to proving papers for courtroom proceedings to arresting the offenders, all these are done by the court bailiffs.

A high school diploma is sufficient for becoming the court bailiff. If you have prior administrative experience, it would be a massive plus for you.

The average annual salary of a court bailiff is $33,000 to $50,000


  • Probation Officers and Parole Officers

If you are interested in helping individuals become rehabilitated after being arrested or have gone to prison, you might want to consider a career as a probation officer or parole officer. As a probation officer, you will work with youth or adults who have been arrested but are not being sent to prison.

As a probation officer, your job is to supervise individuals who have been placed on probation after being released from jail or prison. In both cases, your primary objective is to help rehabilitate individuals while also monitoring their activities to ensure they do not get further trouble

The paralegals are responsible for assisting the lawyers in the courtroom. We all see lawyers presenting their cases in the courtrooms. Many of us might think that they are doing this alone without any help; however, this is not the case. The paralegals are assisting the lawyers in preparing them.

Many reputable firms hire paralegals for assisting them in legal proceedings. The high school degree is sufficient for you to get employed in any reputable firm as a paralegal. The only requirement that these firms have is to work with them for two years.

The average annual salary of a criminal defense paralegal is $50,000 to $60,000

  • Fish And Fame Warden

The fish and game wardens are responsible for protecting wildlife and nature, so, in a way, the game wardens are serving the greater good of society. The Game wardens are responsible for ensuring that the laws of hunting and fishing are being followed.

The people who are wanderers and like to spend most of their time surrounding nature will be very much attracted to this job, and the good news is that entry-level positions do not require you to have a college degree.

The average annual salary of fish and game warden is $ 40,000.

  • Child Protective Services Worker

Child protective services workers strive to protect the children from abuse. These workers ensure that the environment of a home is comfortable for the children. The job is socially inclined in which the workers will be serving society as a whole.

Child protective workers ensure that the children are safe at home and outside the home, through proper guidance and counselling. The children are taught about dealing with specific situations to ensure their safety. Moreover, these workers are also responsible for rescuing children from places where they are in danger.

The value of child protective workers is much in family courts, where they are called to testify their statements and provide evidence for any abuse in the home. The advancement opportunities are much as these workers can choose to work at higher positions in the Juvenile Justice System after gaining the relevant experience.

The average annual salary of a child protective worker is $35,000

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The customs and immigration officers are responsible for enforcing federal immigration laws. Their duty is to protect the homeland from a foreign threat. The employer of these officers is immigration customs enforcement (ICE), which is the primary agency for ensuring the homeland’s safety and security.

The good news is that the entry-level and lower rank positions do not require you to have a college degree, and for promotion to the higher ranks, you can continue your education while working at this position.

The customs immigration officers have two responsibilities; the first one is to ensure that the USA’s borders are intact and safe so that no illegal immigrant can enter the homeland. The second aspect of their job is to provide the custom laws and regulate the trade that is taking place through the border.

The average annual salary of a customs and immigration enforcement officer is $ 40,000

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  • Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors are responsible for investigating a fire incident in a public place or government property. Once the event of a fire is reported, the firefighting teams’ immediately go to the place and try to minimize the damage by controlling the fire.

Once the fire is controlled, the fire inspectors visit the site and collect the evidence; based on this evidence, they try to determine fire causes. The first question that they have to answer is whether it was a mishap or a planned activity? If it is a planned activity, a legal case is being launched against the suspects.

The fire inspectors do not need to have a college degree; you can become a fire inspector with a high school diploma if you have prior experience working as a firefighter.

The average annual salary of a fire inspector is $48,000

With the emerging crime in society, the demand for a security guard is continuously increasing. A security guard’s job is to protect the property or a client from any kind of attack. The security guards might protect the client through physical security and surveillance and sit on a chair and monitor a property through the Cameras.

Most of the time, the security guards are being hired by a security company, and that company, later on, deploys them at different sites. To become a security guard, you do not need to have a college degree. With proper physical health and basic knowledge of security, you can quickly join any security company and become a security guard. If you have prior experience working in military or police services, your chances of employment are much higher.

The average annual salary of a security guard is $26,520.


  • Evidence Technician

The evidence technician is responsible for collecting the evidence, organizing and documenting it. Whenever a crime is being reported, the evidence technician is called to collect the evidence. Through proper techniques that are being taught to him, the evidence technician collects the evidence and makes arrangements for transporting it to the laboratory.

Apart from this, the evidence technician has to document the evidence that has been collected from a crime scene so that the record of evidence is kept and the chances of vanishing it are reduced.

Although many employers prefer a candidate with a bachelor’s degree, there are still employment chances for those who have a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications.

The average annual salary of an evidence technician is $38,000

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