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How Much Do CIA Agents Make Complete Salary Details

Central Intelligence Agency CIA is an independent foreign intelligence and counterintelligence agency that provides national security intelligence to the policymakers in the United States. The CIA collects and analyzes foreign intelligence for safeguarding the national security of the U.S. Their main aim is to stop foreign threats before they even touch U.S soil. The agency does not make any decisions itself; instead, it works as an independent source of information for those who are in authority.

People often confuse the CIA with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and assume that both organizations have similar functionalities, which is not the case. Though both the agencies report to the Director of National Intelligence, and sometimes their work also overlaps, overall, both agencies’ mission and structure differ a fair amount. The easiest way to sum up the difference between the two agencies is to understand what the ‘I’ and what it stands for in their names. As the name suggests, the FBI focuses on investigating the crime while the CIA focuses on gathering intelligence.

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CIA Agent Salary And Career Guide 2021 All You Need To Know

In this article, we will share the salary for a CIA agent based on the ranks in the CIA. To understand CIA income, we first have to look at the agency’s structure. Only then we will be able to understand the CIA pay scale.

CIA Organizational Structure

The CIA rank structure divided into five major branches, each responsible for different duties. The organizational structure makes the working of the agency a lot easier and efficient. All five departments are working under the supervision of the Director of the National Security.

The five units are as follows:

  • National Clandestine Service
  • Directorate of Science & Technology
  • Directorate of Intelligence
  • Directorate of Support
  • Offices of the Director

National Clandestine Service

The National Clandestine Service (NCS) is an undercover department of the CIA that operates worldwide to collect foreign intelligence on all clandestine operations. The agents receive special training before going on any covert operations. They accomplish the CIA’s mission by providing human intelligence, which is then used by the president and senior policymakers of the United States. The department is formally called the directorate of Operations, and it was established in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They take care of the counterterrorism and counter-narcotics, track nuclear proliferation, supervise parliamentary operations, and work as a Special Operations Group to deal with the highly skilled weaponry.

Directorate of Science & Technology

The science and technology team members are responsible for collecting and exploiting the information needed to fulfil the agency’s mission. This unit has members from a vast array of disciplines, and the information they contain can be from different sources like the information that appears on TV, radio, magazines, or in newspapers. It also includes data that is collected through satellite photography.

Directorate of Intelligence

The intelligence gathered by the first two teams is handed over to the Directorate of Intelligence, who are responsible for interpreting the information and presenting it insightfully. Their interpretation of the information influences the policymaking of the U.S; therefore, they need to have strong writing and analytic skills.

Directorate of Support

The Support unit handles the rest of the work that the CIA performs internally; it supports its mission by performing several duties. Their work includes the hiring and training process, financial management, medical services, facilities services, logistics, and many others.

Offices of the Director

The Director of the CIA supervises serval programs that are running within the units. The Director deals with acquisitions, communications, human resources, strategic resource management, and internal oversight. Under the office of the Director, there is Deputy Director, Executive Director, Deputy Executive Director, Chiefs of Staff who are all answerable to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

How Much Money Does a CIA Agent Make?

Like the FBI, the CIA also follows the General Schedule (GS) as a CIA pay grade system. There are 15 GS – levels, and the CIA salary chart starts from GS-10. Apart from the educational and experience requirement, a CIA agent’s starting salary depends upon the expertise level. Therefore, the salaries of the CIA agents do not always depend upon the CIA ranks. The table shows the General Schedule (GS) 2021 with the 10 steps.

GS GradeStep 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Step 5Step 6Step 7Step 8Step 9Step 10

Apart from the GS-scale the salaries may vary, but it is estimated that the CIA officers make between $50,000 and $95,000 a year.

The average salary of CIA Agents in varies Units

The average CIA agent salary varies based on the level of expertise and rank in the unit. The risk and dangers the CIA officer’s face in the field is beyond the money they receive. However, the spy salary is just a small reward for the risks these agents take. Below mentioned are some of the common career paths amongst many that many CIA officers take.  These are the salary of CIA agents based on the CIA ranks list and organizational structure.

National Clandestine

CIA Clandestine Service salary ranges from $59,000 – $110-, 000

  • Collection Management Officer

Starting salary: $59,426 – $90,461

  • Operations Officer

Starting salary: $59,426 – $90,461

  • Specialized Skills Officer

Starting salary: $65,442 – $90,461

  • CIA operations officer salary

Starting salary: $59,426 – $90,461

  • Special Agent (CIA)

Starting Salary: $65,000 – $191,000

  • Directorate of Operations Language Officer

Starting salary: $65,442 – $108,422

Directorate of Science & Technology

CIA Cyber and information officers’ salary starts from $49,000 – $155,000

  • Cyber Exploitation Officer

Starting Salary: $68,968 – $109,943

  • CIA Cyber Security Salary

Minimum Salary: $81,785 – $144,538

  • Technical Operations Officer

Starting Salary: $57,510 – $152,352

  • CIA data scientist salary

Starting Salary: $49,000 – $89,000

  • CIA computer science salary

Starting Salary: $52,000 – $106,000

Directorate of Intelligence

CIA intelligence officer salary ranges from- $45,000 – $140,000

  • CIA analyst salary

Starting Salary:$48,000 – $105,000

  • Intelligence Officer

Starting Salary: $54,000 – $134,000

  • Intelligence Specialist

Starting Salary: $78,000 – $138,000

Directorate of Support

CIA support and maintenance salary start from $50,000 – $110,000

  • Multi-Discipline Security Officer

Starting Salary: $53,285 – $108,422

  • Support Integration Officer (Deployed Support Officer)

Starting Salary: $62,481 – $82,326

Offices of the Director

CIA director salary starts from $18,817 to $504,331, it the highest paying CIA jobs with the maximum number of responsibilities

Other directorates that work under the CIA Director salary is:

  • Director of the CIA Salary

Starting Salary: $90,626

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