National Police Officer Selection Test NPOST How To Pass It Successfully

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National Police Officer Selection Test NPOST How To Pass It Successfully

You must have heard of the term Npost and wondered what does it mean? The abbreviation of NPOST stands for the National police officers selection test. The national police officer selection test is the law enforcement post test which you have to pass for becoming a police officer. Before hiring the candidates for any position, the police department has to ensure that they are selecting the right candidate who can execute the tasks assigned to him.

Different agencies across the United States accept different tests, but npost test is the only one that has much popularity and acceptance at this broad level. If we talk of the figures, almost 25 States across the state are accepting this test which means that if you score well in NPOST, you are suitable to apply for police officer positions at 25 different states.

This leads us to another query, “how can I score well in national police officer selection test? “Well, the most elementary answer to this question would be, through hard work and dedication, but if you are looking for detailed information, you will have to go through the whole article for that. The information you will find here will help you improve your score in the NPOST as well as educate you about the components of NPOST.

What Is the NPOST National Police Officers Selection test?

National police officers selection test is a basic level entry-test through which you have to demonstrate the knowledge that you have got during your previous educational degrees. The test is widely accepted by law enforcement agencies to check the abilities of the candidates who are willing to join these agencies. Through this basic level test, it is ensured that the candidate hired have the capability to execute the tasks that will be assigned to them.

Be it a municipal law enforcement agency, state-level, or federal level. The test is acceptable for most of the law enforcement positions. Three states, Iowa, Utah, and Wyoming have mandated it as a statewide test which means that NPOST is mandatory to get the position of a police officer in all three states.

The test was particularly designed for the law enforcement jobs to test the abilities of the applying candidates and to keep its purpose in mind. The test is divided into four sub-categories.

1. Arithmetic

2. Reading Comprehension

3. Grammar

4. And Incident Report Writing.

An important point to note here is that all the four sections are based on the necessary skills and do not require previous knowledge of the law enforcement agencies, therefore, if you are thinking of applying to the position. Still, you do not have prior experience. There is nothing to worry about. All you have to do is to work on these basics, and you will eventually pass the test.

Let’s now discuss the components of the NPOST so that you have you can have a police officer selection test study guide which will help you prepare yourself for good scores in the test.


Components Of NPOST

As discussed earlier, the NPOST has four sections through which the necessary skills of an applicant are tested. To successfully pass the test, the candidate must score at least 70 per cent in all the four sections.

These are the four components of NPOST

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Reading Comprehension
  3. Grammar
  4. And Incident Report Writing.

The first three components are based on multiple questions, while the last one is based on written English in which you will have to write complete incidents to demonstrate your writing skills. We shall discuss each section in detail so that you can have a better understanding and npost study guide.

No of componentName of componentNumber of questionsTime allocated
1Arithmetic2020 Minutes
2Reading comprehension2525 Minutes
3Grammar2015 Minutes
4Incident report writing1015 Minutes

NPOST-Arithmetic Section

equations which he will have to solve and match the result with the options that are offered. The candidates are not allowed to use calculators, but a scratch paper is given to them on which they can solve their questions.

In total there will be 20 questions in the arithmetic section of the NPOST, and you will have to answer them in 20 minutes

Now you might be wondering how to pass a math test by guessing? Well, there is no penalty for guessing the answers which means that there is no negative marking even if you answer wrong, so you are advised to attempt all the questions even if you do not know the answers.

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NPOST – Reading Comprehension Section

This section will assess your ability to read and understand the written text. You will be provided with a paragraph related to the operations of the police, and in the end, several questions will be given which you will have to answer. Don’t worry, the questions won’t be technical, and all the necessary information for answering the questions will be included in the paragraph.

You will have to answer three different types of questions:

1.       Ture/false question: We all have answered them in our schools, you will be given a statement and based on the reading, you will have to assess whether it is correct or not.

2.       Multiple choice questions: In these types of question, you will be given a statement with four options, based on the information from the passage, you will have to choose the most appropriate answer.

3.       Filling the blanks question: A missing statement will be given to you along with options, based on the reading, you will have to complete the sentence.

NPOST – Grammar Section

The grammar section will test your grammatical understanding of English. The section will include questions in which you will have to identify grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors in the text.

You can expect 2 types of questions in this section:

1.       Choose the right alternative questions: these questions will include a blank statement, and you will be given four options. You will have to pick the most suitable word that can be used to fill the blank.

2.       Misspelt word questions: these types of questions will give you a misspelled word, and from the given options, you will choose the correct question.

NPOST – Incident Report Writing Section

This section is aimed at testing the writing skills of the applicants. In this part, you will be provided with a sample incident report from which you will have to answer questions. The answers to the questions will be complete sentences so that your writing abilities can be tested. A sentence that has no grammatical mistakes and no spelling errors will be considered correct.

The incident report writing section will have ten questions for which you will be given 15 minutes. Note that each answer must be in complete sentences with minimum grammatical and spelling errors.

Which States Uses NPOST?

Standard and associates, inc designs the NPOST. Which is a Chicago based private company. For the design and formulation of the test, the company conducted extensive research and asked for recommendations from different law enforcement agencies about their requirements from a candidate willing to join law enforcement agencies.

The extensive research about the requirements of the agencies enabled the Standard associates to design the NPOST which is by far the only test that checks the abilities of the candidates in this wide range, from writing ability to critical thinking ability to punctuation and grammatical understanding, all these aspects are not covered in any other test except for the NPOST. It is for this reason that the NPOST is being accepted by many of the law enforcement agencies.

There are 25 state associates chiefs of the police that are using NPOST for their hiring procedures.

The names of the state are:

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Tennessee 
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

While applying for any of the states as mentioned above, make sure to check their test requirements so that you can prepare accordingly.

Utah npost, Iowa post test, and Wyoming post-tests are mandatory for the candidates who are applying for law enforcement positions across all three states. So, in case you are aspiring to join law enforcement agencies of these states, make sure to prepare according to npost study guide so that you can get high scores.

Why Law Enforcement Agencies Prefer NPOST?

NPOST has many Features which makes it more efficient to be used for the selection of candidates for law enforcement positions. The test is being preferred because it is the only test that can test the students at this wide range. Secondly, the test is similar to that of college tests, so it is convenient for the students to use it.

Here are some other essential features of the NPOST, which makes it more preferable to be used.

·         The test is compliant with the ADA requirements

·         The test follows the guidelines provided by the equal employment opportunity commission (EEOC)

·         The test is according to all the professional requirements

·         The test was designed after extensive research, so it carries all the necessary questions for the entry-level test in the law enforcement agencies

·         The Test comes with the possibility of self-assessment

·         The price of the test is affordable

·         Easy to administer its tools

These are some of the essential features for NPOST, the most crucial section of the test is incident reporting writing section, and a candidate who has scored well in this section has automatically increased his/her chances of employment for the given position.

How To Prepare For NPOST And Pass It Successfully

The truth of the matter is that NPOST is an entry-level test that requires basic knowledge for passing but to score good and get employed for a position in law enforcement agencies, you need to work hard and prepare for it. In this final section of the article, we will be given a complete police officer selection test study guide that will help you increase the chances of your employment.

There are four general areas on which you should work and try to bring as many improvements as much possible

1. General knowledge

2. English Vocabulary and Grammar

3. Basic mathematics

4. Critical thinking and memory

If we go in detail, there are two ways through which you can prepare for NPOST and pass it successfully. The first one is through paid Npost study guide and npost practice test while the other one is through online preparation course. We shall discuss them each.

NPOST Study Guide And Practice Tests

The paid NPOST study guide will give you guidelines on which you must prepare yourself. The study guide will be followed by sample practice tests which you can use to assess yourself. You will begin by studying according to the guidelines, and once you are done with it, you can assess yourself through the practice tests.

There will be a limited time to complete these tests, and once you are done with it, you will be given the accurate answers so that you can compare your choices with them. This self-assessment the model has proved to be very result-oriented for many candidates who are working as police officers today in different law enforcement agencies.

Online Preparation Courses

In this type of preparation, you can buy a complete course which will include all the lectures which will cover the majority of the areas of the test. This test is best for those candidates who have zero knowledge about the subjects and want to learn from scratch.

These online preparation courses also give guidelines about the ways of searching for a job in law enforcement agencies and the application process for it, besides the written test, it also trains you for other areas such as physical examination, background, etc. These are one time paid courses through which you can ensure that you have access to information round the clock.

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