Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs: Quality & Accreditation?

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Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs: Quality & Accreditation?

Is an Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs valid? It is a question many ask, not only about an online degree in criminal justice, but other degree programs offered through distance learning, specifically via the internet.

Technology and education

Computer technology has indeed bridged the gap in many aspects of our life. Getting an education is one aspect that has benefited from it. The cost has always been a significant consideration when high school graduates mull about pursuing higher education.

Traditional criminal justice education, meaning attending classes in schools, colleges or university campuses, carried a premium, primarily criminal justice bachelor degree programs that generally take four years to complete. This concern would be later addressed by offering criminal justice certificate programs or associate degrees that could be completed in 2 years or less while providing entry-level skills for many careers.

Enter the internet technology, and suddenly, here was another avenue for conducting criminal justice classes and eventually completing advanced training and education.

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Online vs. On-campus Facilities

An online degree in criminal justice is not heavily dependent on actual, hands-on training. It focuses more on theories, principles and policies, and case studies. A criminal justice degree online program is ideal for distance learning. Nevertheless, even with computers and the internet pervading our lives, many are still dubious about the quality of education they will receive through an online program. 

The significant differences between online degree programs and courses taught through traditional classroom instruction are the schedules and the actual physical interaction between students and instructors.

With an online degree in criminal justice, you set the hours for your studies and complete them at your own pace or whenever you have available time. You are freed from setting fixed hours because there is no schedule to follow, unlike campus learning. 

Does this method of learning make it less effective? The truth is that it requires more discipline and dedication to complete an online criminal justice degree program. You are only answerable to yourself, and your accomplishments are proportionate to the amount of effort you exert.

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Criminal Justice Accreditation is key.

The key to ensuring your online education will be acceptable and valid is accreditation, whether through a specific accreditation body for the particular field of study or a general education agency that accredits courses and programs offered online.

Most schools offering criminal justice degree programs on campus also have an online version. They have realized its value, especially when people are thinking of shifting careers or advancing careers while still holding down jobs.

If you think where to get quality online education for criminal justice, check out the following schools:

  • American Intercontinental University
  • Ashford University
  • Colorado Technical University
  • Everest University
  • Keiser University E-campus
  • Lincoln College
  • Salem University
  • University of Phoenix
  • US Career Institute
  • Virginia College

 All of them offer a variety of online degree programs in criminal justice.

Please Check Our List Of Top 10 online criminal justice schools and colleges at the end of this Article.

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Why a Criminal Justice Online Degree?

Part of why a Criminal Justice Online Degree is in high demand is because of the growing interest that the federal governments have put into United States security precautions ever since the terrorist attack in 2001. Realizing the need to increase the standards of protection for U.S. citizens the government has demanded an increase in the level of difficulty involved in completing a Criminal Justice Degree and the colleges and learning institutions, as a result, have taken on a more formalistic approach to education. These demands on the industry have caused the bar to be raised, and for those who qualify for a career in criminal justice, the field is finding many job opportunities available.

In the past, only the fortunate or wealthy individuals were able to afford or have the time to complete a degree in criminal justice. Thankfully for those who are not well to do there is now an option to complete an online criminal justice degree for a fraction of the cost and significantly shorter period. Distance education has changed the way people feel about going back to school. It has dramatically reduced the financial burdens on young students, has eliminated the need for expensive transportation costs and allows people to learn at their own pace. Just because a degree is offered online does not necessarily mean that it is not a reputable program.

Many overnight online colleges have given distance learning a lousy reputation. Some don’t realize that many university programs are available to take online. Obtaining a Criminal Justice Degree opens many doors in various occupations such as working for a legal firm, Law Enforcement, Sherriff’s Office or becoming a Public or Private Investigator. 

Depending on the curriculum taken and the student’s degree level, the expected salary can vary between $35,000 and $100,000. For those who go on to more advanced studies and become part of the Treasury Management Association, the wages can increase by a substantial amount.

Is Criminal Justice Right For You?

To study for a Criminal Justice Online Degree requires students to have a firm understanding of how the judicial system works in their country of origin. The study materials are meant to cover various applications such as detection, adjudication, release and rehab of those convicted or accused of criminal acts. 

These online courses often require excellent reading skills and the ability to memorize basic guiding principles for the foundation of the Criminal Justice program. Although not needed many potential employers favour those with related skills or education such as criminology or sociology. Working within the Criminal Justice system is not for everyone, and it is an undeniable passion for those who work in the industry.

There are various levels and programs that one can follow, such as Associate, Bachelors or even a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. There is a high level of difficulty associated with the Criminal Justice field, and although there are lot of risks, there are also many rewards. Involving yourself in your community and helping those who have fallen into a Criminal life can be very fulfilling. If you were looking for an exciting criminal justice career and making a difference in your world, then perhaps doing a college search and taking a Criminal Justice Online Degree would suit you.

If you have kids or a hectic life and don’t often have time to finish large projects, getting your Criminal Justice Degree online may be the more straightforward answer. Work at your own pace and develop skills you never knew you possessed. It is surprising how many resources available online for those seeking degrees. You can join in discussion groups or forums strictly related to those studying for their Criminal Justice Degree. Also, many students have taken to the Internet to seek out tutors. Tutors often have advanced knowledge about the courses offered and better understand the topics covered.

Starting a new career can seem a little daunting to most, but it is essential for redundancy to have a second occupation to fall back on in this day in age. The Criminal Justice Degree’s available online can give you an extra edge in a very competitive workforce. 

Interested in a career in criminal justice, one of the options you have when choosing a program to enrol for is an online school. These schools are convenient, especially if you are working or have a family to take care of. 

The top 10 online criminal justice schools and colleges include:

Liberty University

This university has an extensive criminal justice curriculum to help you achieve your goals. They offer associate and bachelor’s degrees and follow a Christian approach.

Lincoln College

This college has a Criminal Justice program and the Study of the Criminal Mind, and it offers students online associate and bachelor’s degree programs. CJ programs are designed to prepare you for entry level jobs in the public and private law enforcement offices. Some of the courses they offer include ethics, human relations and informed decision making.

Colorado Technical University

At this university, you will take a bachelor’s or associate degree in Criminal Justice and a master’s with a bias in management in the criminal justice field.

U.S. Career Institute

This school offers online certificates in criminal justice to prepare you for a career in law enforcement, corrections, court systems, criminal investigation and homeland security.

University of Phoenix

This university offers reputable degrees in criminal justice, and some of the courses include forensics, juvenile justice and corrections.

Everest University

They offer both associate and bachelor’s degree programs in the criminal justice field, and an associate degree is adequate to find employment in corrections and security.

Ashford University

They have a bachelor’s degree program in social and criminal justice, focusing on forensics, law, psychology, corrections and the U.S. constitution.

American Intercontinental University

They offer a BS Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice that makes you ready for a middle level position in law enforcement offices.

Keiser University

They offer several introductory courses plus some advanced ones that will help you get ahead in your career.

Virginia College

If you seek an entry-level job in criminal justice, this is one of the best places to enrol for a degree program.


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