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Pellet B Practice Test Free Prep – Sample Questions & Study Guide

The Pelletb test or pellet b test is an aptitude test designed to check the language skills of a person and determine whether he is capable of becoming a peace officer or not. The test contains different sections, which include reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary, and grammar. These sections are specially designed to determine the level of command a candidate has over the English language.

The test is not rocket science, and if you appear in it with little preparation, your chances of getting a good score are high. The first and most important aspect of getting a good score in the pellet b exam is to understand the structure of the test, once you are familiar with the structure, you can start preparing yourself with the help of sample questions, and that is where this article is going to help you out.

All the sections of the  pellet b test and sample questions will be discussed in this article; make sure to check on every section so that you do not miss any information that might help you get a good score.

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Components of the PELLETB Test

Mainly there are three components of the PELLETB Test. These sections are:

  • Writing Ability
  • Reading ability
  • Reasoning Ability

We will discuss each of these sections in detail to see what sort of questions you should expect in each of these sections.

Writing Ability section

The writing ability section is designed for the writing skills of a candidate. The questions in this section will be focused on checking the proper English writing ability of a candidate.

There three Subsections of the writing Ability section.

First Subsection –Two sentences will be given in this section, and the candidate will have to identify the errors in them. Most common errors you will find in these questions are grammatical errors, structural problems, and sentence fragmentation.

Second Subsection–The Second Subsection will be based on checking the grip of a candidate over spelling. Typically, a word from a sentence will be missing, you will be given four options, and you will have to choose a word that has correct spellings.

Third Subsection –This section tests the English Vocabulary of the candidates, a word from a sentence will be missing along with four options. You will have to choose the words that fits in to complete the sentence. Make sure to choose the word that fits in the blank according to the meaning of the sentence.

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Reading Ability Section

The reading section of the test is designed to test the reading ability of the candidate. There are two subsections of this section, and the answers to each section will be based on your understanding of the material you are going to read.

First Subsection –This section will include comprehension question, you will be given a text to read, and at the end of the reading, there will be several multiple-choice questions based on the information from the text. The total number of questions in this section will be 20. Make sure to read the text thoroughly to choose the correct answers at the end of it.

Second Subsection –This section is a bit tricky and called the pellet b cloze test, you will be given several sentences, and every 7th word in the sentence will be missing. The missing part of the sentences will include dashes equals to the alphabets of the words. For example, if the correct word is inserted in the blank space includes five alphabets, the number of dashes in the sentence will be five. After reading the sentences, you will have to guess the most appropriate word used in the space. More than one word could often be included in the blank, and each of them is considered correct.

Reasoning Ability Section

In this section of the pelletb exam, you will be given 16 multiple-choice questions MCQ , you will have to answer them after reading the text, and the questions of this section will be focused on evaluating your reasoning skills. The answers to this section’s questions will be mostly in the given text. You will have to choose the most appropriate one based on your reasoning skills. Stick to the information given in the text and avoid answering the questions out of your general knowledge. This way, you will be able to score higher marks.

Marking Scheme of PELLETB Test

The PELLETB Test is based on T-score, and the 50 marks are considered as an average. A candidate who scores below 40 marks is considered below average and automatically fails the test, while if the score is above 60, the candidate is considered above average.

The good news is that there is no negative marking for the wrong answers so, if you are unsure about any of the answers, you are advised to attempt them anyway and guess the option you think is most appropriate instead of leaving it blank.

The validity of pellet b is a lifetime. Therefore, put your best efforts into the preparation of the test. Unfortunately, if you have failed the test, you can give a re-take, but you will have to wait for thirty days before you can appear in the next exam.

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In this section of the article, we will discuss the sample questions and useful tips for answering them. 

Writing Ability section –Sample Questions.

As discussed earlier, there are three sections of the writing ability test; let’s discuss the sample questions accordingly. In this section, you will be given two sentences in each question, and based on the structure of the sentence, you will have to choose the most appropriate one. 

For example:

  • Officers gathered · Gunpowder in Bags.
  • Gunpowder was gathered in bags by officers

From the above two sentences, which one do you think is correct?

The second sentence is the correct option because the modifier is used correctly; the structure of the first sentence doesn’t give meaning and implies that the officers were themselves in the bags.

The second section of the writing ability test will include an underlined word, and you will be given four options to choose the most appropriate word that can replace it.

For example:

The police sequestered the suspect.

  • Caught
  • Isolated
  • Arrested
  • Released

Based on your knowledge, which one of the above do you consider correct?

Well, according to the meanings of all these four words, the correct answer is “Isolated.”

 The third section of the paper is designed to check the spellings. In the question, a word from a sentence will be missing, and there will be four options in which you have to choose the one that spells most accurate as per your knowledge.

For example:

It was not _____________ who committed the crime.

  • Apparent
  • Apperant
  • Aparent
  • Aperant

Which one do you think is spelled correctly?

The answer to this question is simple; let us know your choice in the comment box below.

There are no specific questions that you can expect in the vocabulary and spelling sub-sections of the pellet b practice test. One can expect the most common words in these subsections are the words related to law enforcement agencies. Therefore, you are advised to look for the common words related to law enforcement jobs and get and have a strong grip on them.

Pellet b practice tests are the most helpful thing to score good marks in the exam. The sample questions that we are discussing will give you an idea about the types of questions you can expect. You are advised to study every section in detail so that you have an affirmed grip on every subsection, which increases the chances of your good scores.

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Reading Ability section –Sample questions

There are two subsections of the reading ability section, the first section is reading comprehension and the second one is the Cloze test. Here are the questions for each section.


In this section of the test, you will be given a text to read, and at the end of the test, there will be 20 multiple-choice questions that you will have to answer.

For example:

Entrapment is defined as the government’s officers provoking a person to commit a crime that he did not originally contemplate to prosecute him. The goal of law enforcement is not to encourage or create an offense but to prevent people from committing crimes and/or arrest people when they commit offenses.

Based on the passage, which of the following statements describes an instance of entrapment?

a. Property that has been marked by police so that they can trace it at a later time.

b. A victim, learning that a person intends to rob him, does nothing to stop the crime but instead allows the robber to carry through with the crime so that police will catch him in the act.

Police purposely leave open c. A door to a warehouse containing valuable merchandise.

d. An undercover officer approaches a known drug dealer and tries, unsuccessfully, to purchase drugs.

The correct answer to this is option C “A door to a warehouse containing valuable merchandise is purposely left open by police.” Why? Because this is the only act done by the police to provoke crime.

It is important to carefully read each paragraph or passage and choose the statement which best answers the question. Do not answer the questions based on your own opinion and knowledge. It is recommended that you read the alternatives before reading the passage. It will help you look for answers more easily.


In this part of the reading test, you will be asked to complete the missing blanks. You will have to choose a word that fits in the sentence. The dashes will tell you how many letters the missing word comprises. The word should make sense with the passage. No list of words is provided, which is why the pellet b cloze test is considered the most difficult part of the test. It would be best if you used contextual clues to determine which word will logically fit in.

For Example:

The ability to write clear, well-developed reports is a necessary prerequisite to being a good law enforcement officer. Writing good 1)_ _ _ _ _ _ _, however, has been and continues to 2)_ _ one of the primary weaknesses of 3)_ _ _ _ officers. Writing skills can be improved 4)_ _ _ _ _ _ through raising entrance standards, improving training, 5)_ _ a combination of the two. Accepting 6)_ _ _ _ there are limits on how high 7)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ standards be set, one is realistically 8)_ _ _ _ with training as a means of 9)_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ writing skills.

The Correct Answers are: 1) reports 2) be 3) many 4) either 5) or 6) that 7) entrance 8) left 9) improving.

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Reasoning Ability section –Sample questions

In this section, you will be asked to solve multiple-choice questions, each involving a sequence of numbers, letters, words, or facts.

For Example:

1. Ordering Information

Witness A stayed outside the bar for several minutes more than Witness B. Witness C stayed outside the bar for several minutes less than Witness B. Which witness stayed outside the bar for the longest time interval?

  • (A) Witness A
  • (B) Witness B
  • (C) Witness C
  • (D) Can’t tell

Correct answer: (A)

Explanation: It is clear that witness A stayed the longest because it stayed longer than witness B, and witness C stayed less than witness C, which makes witnessing A stayed the longest.

2. Grouping Information

Three of the words below share a similarity; one does not.

Select the odd one out:

  • (A) Ford
  • (B) Mercedes
  • (C) Alaska
  • (D) Audi

Correct answer: (C)

Explanation: Ford, Mercedes, and Audi are all vehicle manufacturers; Alaska is a state, so it is the odd one out.

3. Pattern Recognition

What is the correct number to continue the following series? 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, ___

  • (A) 13
  • (B) 15
  • (C) 14

Correct answer: (B)

Explanation: The sequence counts down from 20, so the correct next entry would be number 15.

How To Prepare For The PELLETB

There are two ways in which you can prepare yourself for a test. You can either do it by yourself with the help of free sample tests and by learning grammar rules or enrolling in an online course. You need to practice your time management skills. As the test is long and requires quick answers, you must learn processes quickly that are only achievable through loads of practice and patience.

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