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Top 5 Work From Home Criminal Justice Jobs Links

Work from home is a new normal in 2020. There was a time when people used to get up from their beds and get ready to go to their offices, but the situation is no more the same. Since its inception, the COVID-19 has changed the landscape of the corporate world. Some are left with no jobs, while others have to work from home to meet their financial ends.

This development has forced us to change our mindset regarding the concepts of jobs in corporate culture. One might think that what has online jobs has to do with the criminal justice system where you have to raid and investigate the criminals’ every day.

Still, in reality, that’s not the case, like many other fields, the criminal justice system also has many employment opportunities that can be availed while being at home.

Are you one of those who are wondering about criminal justice jobs that can be done from home? If so, You are at the right place. We have enlisted the top 5 work from home criminal justice jobs for you!

Work From Home Criminal Justice Jobs

Online criminal Justice Teaching Jobs

You will be glad to know that there are many remote criminal justice jobs in the field of teaching for those who have the right qualifications and skills. A background study of the criminal justice system and the basic knowledge of conducting online classes will be enough for you to be employed as a remote teacher.

With the increase in popularity of online learning during the pandemic, the demand for virtual teachers is constantly increasing.

These are the essential responsibilities of an online Teacher in the field of criminal justice:

  • Carryout online classes and communicate with the students
  • Conduct quizzes for the students and assess their progress
  • Conduct online office hours so that students can inquire about anything they have to
  • Correspond with parents/guardians of the students
  • Support the struggling students

The online teaching job is not very difficult; all you have to do is to maintain basic decorum of the class and educate the students as much as you can. When it comes to the criminal justice system, you will have to work on building the concepts of the students regarding the necessary operating procedures of the students.

The requirements for remote criminal justice teaching jobs may vary depending upon the employer, but generally, these are the requirements from the majority of the employers.

· Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice

· State teaching certificate in criminal justice

· Teaching experience (The more experience you have, the higher are the chances of your employment)

· Excellent oral and written communication skills.

If you meet all these requirements, congratulations, you are a perfect fit for the job of online teaching. Now you must be wondering where to find these remote Jobs. If that is the case, do not worry, we have brought you the ways through which you can find these jobs.

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How To Find Remote Criminal Justice Teaching Jobs

You can easily find these remote jobs by searching the job boards such as

1. Edmentum

These are other job boards which you can use to find remote teaching jobs.

2. Higher Education Jobs 

3. Flex Jobs 

We have provided the links of the websites from where you can find the best suitable criminal justice jobs for you; however, using the right keywords is essential for finding the right jobs for you. These are the suggested keywords for you.

·         Remote criminal justice teaching jobs

·         Virtual criminal justice teachings jobs

·         Criminal Justice educator

Apart from these, it would be best if you looked into your local schools and colleges for the jobs of remote teaching.

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Remote Criminal Justice Transcription Jobs

Transcribing is another excellent way of making money while being at home; many law enforcement agencies are outsourcing their audio and videos to the companies for transcribing them. Think of it as an audio or video that the agency wants in the written form, you will be assigned with the task to see the video carefully and write whatever you hear.

The outsourcing is done in two ways: The first one is through the companies, and the second one is through the individual freelancers. So, it is your choice to choose any of the two. Working for a company will get you a fixed salary and secure financial position while being a freelancer transcriber, your financial income will be uncertain.

Nonetheless, we have brought you the name of companies along with their websites that offer remote transcription jobs.

Net Transcript

Net transcription is a company that specializes in criminal justice and law enforcement transcription. The company gets the transcription projects directly from the law enforcement agencies and outsources it to its employees. 

These are the requirements of the company which a person must fulfil to get hired.

· A candidate must be able to write at least 80 words per minute in Microsoft word

· The candidate must have an excellent grip over grammar and Spellings.

· He/she must have a computer or laptop with good internet speed

· Must have a firm grip on search engines such as google and yahoo.

· Prior experience in court reporting or transcription will be a huge plus.


Rev is another company that offers similar services to law enforcement agencies. Along with many other industries, Rev offers its services in the criminal justice system for transcription writing. The good news for those who are new in this field is that they do not require any sort of experience and you can begin working for gaining the experience which will be helpful for you in getting to the higher ranks in the criminal justice system.

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Background Investigator Jobs From Home

The background investigators are the backbone of the criminal justice system. They are primarily responsible for conducting the research, reporting and tracking the case files. The background investigators usually work with the law enforcement agencies to check the background of a person and determine whether he is a habitual criminal or one timer.

Being a background investigator, you will work in the following areas:

  • Investigating background for government agencies
  • Tracking the record of money laundering
  • And investigative work.

For remote positions of background investigator, you will need to following specialties:

  • Two years of analytical experience
  •  And a background of investigative work.#


Available Jobs of background investigator jobs work from home.

We have found several available online jobs for background investigators; make sure to go through the description and requirements of the job before you apply for any of these Positions.

Anti-Money Laundering Investigator (AMI)

· The job is fully remote

· You must have 1-3 years of prior experience in investigative work

· During the career, you will be working on preparing reports of money laundering.

AML Investigator 

· The Job is fully remote and is a full-time position

· During the job, you will be working in a team to identify suspicious activity in terms of money laundering.

· one year of experience in the relevant field is required.

CACI International Background Investigator 

· Full and partial remote jobs are available

· You will be responsible for running background checks for governmental agencies

· Complete interviews and check the authenticity of the documents

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Criminal Justice Course Writer

Do you have experience of writing and want to get a job in the criminal justice system? If so, the criminal justice course writer can be the best profession for you. Being a course writer, you will be responsible for deciding the curriculum that is going to be followed in Academia. For example, suppose a criminal justice college hires you as a course writer. In that case, you will be responsible for arranging the academic curriculum so that all the concepts of the relevant field are studied.

The job is quite a tricky job, and you will have to continuously monitor the progress of the course work that you have designed. Moreover, you will also be responsible for checking the classes and ensuring that all the faculty members are following the schedule which you made for academic activity.

The position of remote course writer for criminal justice demands from you to be up to date in accordance with the emerging theories and ideas, only then you will be able to ensure that the right curriculum is being followed in the school.

Here are some websites which you can search and find the most suitable remote job for a criminal justice course writer.

Claims Investigator

The prime responsibility of a claim investigator is to monitor the records and examine the claims made by the parties. The claim investigator then decides who is right and gives a decision in his/her favour. For example, if you are working as a claim investigator and a person comes up with the claim that his health was ensured and the insurance company must bear all the medical expenses, you will have to probe his claims by checking all the documents and decide whether the person is right or not.

Generally speaking, the claims investigators will have to deal in the following areas:

  • Property claims
  • Bodily injury or health issues
  • Liability
  • Work Compensation
  • Other types of insurances

We have found a couple of remote claim investigator jobs for you so that you can work from home as per your convenience.

Claims Professional

During this job you will be responsible for;

· Analyzing coverage

· Investigating all the claims

· Attend trials whenever necessary

· Complete the settlements

Claims Examiner 

· The job is a remote position

· During the career, you will have to examine the claims thoroughly and make settlements between both the parties.

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