most popular guns used by law enforcement professionals

Most Popular Guns Used By Law Enforcement Professionals?

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What Are The Most Popular Guns Used By Law Enforcement Professionals?

Weapons and law enforcement go hand in hand. No law enforcement can work effectively without a weapon. Different weapons act as protective shield for law enforcement officers and can be used against violent criminals.  Weapons are paramount for the safety of the officer especially when dealing with dangerous criminals.  Things can go bad beyond imagination.  To prevent disastrous situations it is important for all law enforcement officers to carry a firearm. Their use may depend on the situation but carrying them is necessary. Here are some most important guns that are used by law enforcement officers.
It is difficult to determine the most popular handgun among law enforcement agencies, as different agencies may have different preferences and requirements for their firearms. Some of the most commonly used handguns by law enforcement agencies in the United States include the Glock 17 and 22, the Smith & Wesson M&P, and the SIG Sauer P226 and P229. These handguns are known for their reliability, accuracy, and durability, making them well-suited for use by law enforcement officers.


Smith & Wesson M&P 9

This lightweight, extremely durable and inexpensive pistol is Smith and Wesson’s answer to the very popular Glock series. Smith & Wesson is an American company and their guns are supplied all over the world. The company is making the guns from past century and is well known for its reputation as a maker of reliable firearms. This gun has been supplied to American troops as sidearm in every war since it was first made. In 2013, Los Angeles Police department switched to M&P 9. It is one of the most popular issued firearm for Military and police. The gun is also a good choice for law enforcement officers because of its customizability, which  allows law enforcement officers to install custom accessories like laser sights and flashlights.  M&P also serves left- handed police officers with its changeable grip and also offers upgrades like loaded chamber indicator.

Beretta model 92

This gun is made by Italian company which is famous for oldest manufacturing of fine firearms. This Beretta model was introduced in 1975 and has open side design. The gun is made with light weight aluminum alloy which is also used in making of aircraft’s. Beretta themselves describe the model 92 as “military and state police” pistols.

Glock 19

This gun made by Austrian manufacturer is best known for its highest quality. Glock 19 was introduced in 1988 and instantly gained the fame because of its light weight design. This design was a toned down version of Glock 17. On demand of officers, it was re launched with smaller version that was easy to handle.This new version had a barrel which was 4 inches shorter than the Glock 17.  This gun is extremely lightweight, a loaded Glock 19 weighs around 30 ounces.  Overall, the Glock 19 is famous for its high quality,  durability,  and accuracy with a relatively simple design. The gun is easy to clean and can work in a range of temperatures. . Law enforcement officers also claim its high accuracy rate. Glock 19 is used as undercover weapon and is the favorite of many officers.


Glock 22

This gun looks similar to Glock 19 and is next in line after it. The Glock 22 is the go to for military personnel as well as law enforcement officers. It was launched in 1990 and became hot seller by 2006. This gun is very powerful with a high stopping power. an issue, most officers have preferred Glock 22 over glock 19. Glock 22 has unique feature. It has capability to shoot both. 9mm and. 40 caliber ammunition, with just the swap of a barrel. This feature had not been introduced in any glock before. The gun combines the power of. 45 caliber with flexibility and size of 9mm weapon. This gun is the weapon of choice of many enforcement officers world wide.

Heckler and Koch HK45

Heckler and Koch is German gun manufacturer company and making guns since 1948. This gun is best known for its superb quality and Continuum deliverance of excellence. Officers love this weapon because of it versatility and power. The gun is especially designed for military usage and has been tested rigorously for durability and accuracy and prevailed. HK45 also has several customization options . The design allow users to add laser sights and silencers. Due to this feature, this gun is optimized for covert operations.

Sig sauer P226

The gun is an upgrade of the P220. It was originally made for military use , its design was especially made to handle more than 15 rounds.  This swiss made beauty was manufactured in 1985 when the original SIG company partnered with German company,  Sauer and Sohn. This gun has been a world wide favorite since. This gun also provides duplicitous controls which makes it a catch for left handed people also. P226 also provides a decocking mechanism to lower the hammer and a manual safety. Agents from many famous institutions like FBI , Navy seals and Us coast guards favor the sig sauer P226 over any other firearm available.

Ruger LC9

Since 1949, Ruger is a specialized American company. The company is best known for its pistols, rifles and revolvers. LC9 is known mainly as an off duty weapon among law enforcement officers. This is a relatively small gun that weighs about 17 ounces and is only six inches long. The gun is an update of its predecessor and is chambered in 9mm.

Colt M1911

Originally made in 1911, the gun was standard sidearm of US military till 1986. Till this date over 3 million M1911 have been made. Colt M1911 is semi automatic gun and offers. 45 caliber which makes it best suited for law enforcement officers, due to its high stopping power. Despite other options such as the:Beretta M9 the Colt M1911 is still favored by law enforcement agencies.

Remington 870 shotgun

Remington Arms are one of the oldest American gun manufacturers. The company was founded in 1816. They are the country largest producers of rifles and shotguns that is why they are still in business and their shotguns are in demand. Remington 870 is the most desired shotgun because of its high quality. These shotguns and rifles are assembled by the a certain group of employees in a separate section of factory and has to undergo 23 station checks to ensure its quality and standard.

Colt M4 carbine 

One of the fine and prestigious gun manufacturers are Colt’s manufacturing company and their master piece is Colt M4 carbine. They were one of main suppliers of American forces in times of world war 1.
As much poise as the name shows,  the Colt M4 Carbine is not a common everyday use weapon of law enforcement institutions. This gun is for SWAT divisions. Colt M4 Carbine is shorter and lighter version of the famous M16 rifle. This weapon was mainly designed for soldiers in combat situations. Colt M4 Carbine offers both automatic and single shot fire options and can be customized with add on capabilities like lasers, night vision scopes as well as many other sights. The gun was made to handle tough situations and difficult scenarios. The Colt M4 carbine is great option for large scale assault missions.

AR-15/M-4 series

Many police departments use AR-15 rifles. The basic pattern of M-16 still remains the same in M-4A1 carbine , M-16A4 rifles and M110 sniper rifle. These AR rifles are affordable by police departments as they are low cost rifles. The AR 15 is very versatile weapon and a great option for SWAT teams. Its thirty round magazine can be used for multiple shooter situations with ease.

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