Top 30 Jobs In Homeland Security

Top 30 Jobs In Homeland Security With Salary & Degree Requirement

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Top 30 Jobs in Homeland Security With Salary Details And Minimum Degree Requirement

Just like the department of defence is charged with military actions abroad, homeland security department provides for security within civilian sphere to protect united states from both inside and outside. There are a number of opportunities in homeland security in terms of careers. Their pay scale also vary according to job nature but one can always choose what suits them best. This article will answer the question what can you do with a homeland security degree.

Since 2001, the need for people in the homeland security sector of criminal justice has increased tremendously. If considering a career in criminal justice but have not yet honed in on any speciality, you may want to think about specializing in homeland security; there is a great need for people willing to protect our country.

Homeland security jobs are in high demand due to the increasing number of terrorist threats worldwide. These jobs require special skills and knowledge to protect our country from attacks.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) protects our nation from terrorism and other serious threats. DHS employs a variety of professionals who work in homeland security jobs, including emergency responders, intelligence analysts, and cybersecurity experts. Homeland security jobs are important and challenging positions that require specialized training and experience. If you are interested in a career in homeland security, you can pursue many different paths.

One way to get started in homeland security is to join the military. The Department of Defense (DoD) operates a number of programs that train service members for homeland security jobs. DoD also employs a number of civilians who work in homeland security positions.

Another way to get started in homeland security is to pursue a degree in homeland security or a related field. Many colleges and universities offer degrees in homeland security. These programs will give you the skills and knowledge to work in this field.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for protecting the United States from terrorist attacks and other threats. The DHS oversees a number of agencies, including the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). These agencies are responsible for securing our borders, enforcing immigration laws, and ensuring the safety of transportation systems.

Once you have obtained the necessary training and experience, you can apply for jobs at DHS or other government agencies. DHS is always looking for qualified candidates to fill homeland security jobs. The agency offers several career paths, including emergency response, intelligence, and cybersecurity.

If you are interested in working in homeland security, many opportunities are available to you. The Department of Homeland Security is always looking for qualified candidates to fill homeland security jobs. The agency offers several career paths, including emergency response, intelligence, and cybersecurity. So if you are interested in protecting our nation from terrorism and other serious threats, a career in homeland security may be right for you.

Career Diversity with Homeland Security

One of the best things about homeland security is that there are so many different options to choose from, and if you have a degree in criminal justice, you increase your choices. Some of the jobs you can choose from include:

And these are to name a few.

Private Sector VS Public Sector

When someone thinks about homeland security, the first thing that comes to mind is the government and working for the state or the country but is not necessarily right anymore. Homeland security has expanded to include even the smallest businesses, especially when it comes to computer security. For example, when someone creates a computer virus, this is something that is going to affect everyone. It might start someplace small and inconsequential, but it has the potential to spread rapidly and cause whole systems to shut down.

The department of homeland security also often brings in private contractors and consultants for jobs, so even though you are working for a small company, you are still very much a part of the larger picture.

What are the Requirements?

To join homeland security, you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years old. You must also have a high school diploma or equivalent, pass a background check, and complete medical and fitness exams. If you are interested in a career in homeland security, you may also want to consider completing a degree in criminal justice or another related field.

So, the question is, do you need a college degree to get a job in homeland security? The answer is no. There are several entry-level positions you can apply for with just a high school diploma. However, having a certificate showing you have an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree will undoubtedly give you a competitive edge against your peers. In addition to improving your possibility of getting selected into more prestigious firms, a degree also increases your possibility of earning higher wages as well as your likelihood of climbing up the promotion ladder faster.

Finding a Job

Finally, chances are you are wondering where you can find a job in homeland security. The first place you can check is the Department of Homeland Security website will have a list of the job openings available. Be aware, not all of the jobs available in homeland security will specifically mention it. Another place that you can find a job is through the college’s career office. But of course, you have to attend college to have this option.

As mentioned before, homeland security is still is a growing field. If you are interested in protecting your country, consider a career in homeland security!

  • Bio Defense Researchers

Countries use biological weapon to effect population and economy of rival countries. Although the use of biological weapons is outlawed by the 1925 Geneva protocol , but leading nations have pursued biological weapons through out the last century.
Biological weapon technologies have become widely accessible all over the world so economies need to deal with them seriously. Expenditures in biodefense has increased enormously in recent years in US. In 2014, agencies watched doe deadly Ebola virus on US shores. Bio defense researchers are in demand since last century.
Education requirements 
Minimum Master degree in Bio defense can earn you job. PhD degree will earn you additional benefits and job growth.
Average salary range for bio defense researcher is $79,000. You need minimum bachelor degree in sciences to get this job.

Civil engineers designs , build and maintain infrastructures like buildings, nation’s tunnels, airports, water supply system and roads. Their job includes both office and field work. Civil engineers are hired at various government posts and can also be employed in private sector. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) civil engineer job requirements matches with Home land security job requirements. FEMA post for job vacancy and hire civil engineers.
Education Requirements:
You need bachelor’s level degree in civil engineering for entry level homeland security job. Graduate and higher degree will earn you senior positions and additional licensing.
Civil engineers earn quiet good and their salary depends on education,  post and experience. In new York,  civil engineers earn $86,600 annually and can go up to $121,000.

A fraud investigator hired by FEMA is responsible for the investigation of frauds or possible frauds that may happen. These fraud investigators work within Chief Security office, of homeland security jobs. Fraud investigators gather information, look for possibility of fraud, collect evidences and make reports in support of conclusion of ongoing investigation. Fraud investigation job needs frequent travelling.
Education requirements:
Fraud investigator hired by FEMA must have minimum of 7-10 years experience as a federal or local level investigator.
Salary for fraud investigators is $97,000 and can reach $111,000 annually
A federal law enforcement training advisor provides training to homeland security employees. They also guide government agencies to adopt training methods and trends that ensures that entry level homeland security jobs are ready for task at hand. The training officer must be US citizen and possess clean background. He must be able to pass regular drug screening tests.
Education Requirements:
Despite of having homeland security job degree, a Federal Law enforcement training advisor must have ability to pass certification courses of Federal Law enforcement Training Centers. Federal law enforcement training advisor must hold GS -13 level or have held an 1801 series federal civilian position.
The annual salary of federal law enforcement training advisor is $100,000 per year approximately.
  • Crime Prevention Specialist

As mentioned in name,  a crime prevention specialist works to prevent crimes. They respond to threats received to institutions that hold public data. They keep record of facilities managed by National Archives and record Administration. The job belongs to security management division of homeland security. Crime prevention specialist runs backgrounds checks to ensure that the individual meets the qualifications set by NARA. They need to serve probationary period of 12 months. A crime prevention specialist must be US citizen with clean criminal record.
Education requirements:
There are no specific educational requirements for crime prevention specialist.
They earn average salary of $84,400.
  • Chief Information Security Officers

Handling information is tough job now a days. It is no easy duty to communicate , connect and protect the information.
Chief information security officer must possess excellent communication skills and rational process oriented thinking.
Their job is risky and they efficiently need to connect legal, regulatory and local organizational requirements. They also have to handle and work within financial constraints.
Technological adoption and providing creative direction to influence overall security of organization is their part of job.
These people work while collaborating with different professionals like physical security, IT, even the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.
Education requirements 
Minimum bachelor degree is required to become chief information security officer. Degree in IT or law related field is preferred.
They earn $177,266 annually
  • Coast guard search and rescue Operation Specialist

The job of coast guard is saving people’s lives. The job is risky and dangerous too as coast guards face harsh environments and difficult situations such as sea rescues, night rescues and natural disasters.
Operation specialist are people who perform important role in the execution of all coast guards operations. Operation specialist perform duties ranging from rescue or law enforcement case execution to combat information center operations or collection of intelligence. They use advance tactical computer systems which may include satellite communications , global position navigation,  electronic charting,  shipboard navigation systems and real-time target acquisition tracking and identification systems.
Education requirements :
High school diploma or college degree along with 54 points on armed services vocational aptitude battery test is required for the job.
Enlisted men and women may begin at approximately $1,416 a month whereas commissioned officers may begin at approximately $36000 a year.
  • Intelligence Analyst

Intelligence security analyst work for national security agency. The career is quiet challenging. Some intelligence analyst work for the central security service to secure United states and its citizens. Their job is to collect information from different sources,  gather intelligence and present the data to institutions responsible for counter action and implementation action. The job is challenging as well as rewarding.
Education requirements:
Intelligence analyst must hold bachelor degree in political science,  intelligence studies or national security. A NSA intelligence analyst have to pass written examination and interview along with polygraph test and security clearance.
They have average salary of $82,000
  • US Customs Agent

These agents work for customs and border protection of US. US custom and border protection agency includes Air and Marine. The task of custom agent is to enforce law regarding agriculture,  customs and immigration. They must have excellent observation skills as they have to check border crossing check-points, shipping ports and Air ports.
Education requirements:
Custom agent must have bachelor degree  in law enforcement or criminal justice.
They earn $80,000 annually.
  • Quantum Cryptographers

Agencies and different sensitive institutions communicate through discipline of using codes and cyphers which are unreadable unless the recipient knows the secret to decrypt it. It is considered as secure mode of information.
These secret messages are sent through random bit sequence called a key.
Quantum cryptographers ensures that key is safe and detect any possible threat that can interfere and steal the message.
Education requirements :
Minimum bachelor degree in computer science, IT,  engineering,  maths or similar field is required but masters degree holders will be preferred
Expected salary of quantum cryptographers in $128,000 per annum.
These people analyze and look for possibility if any intruder has breached the infrastructure. A person need proficient forensic,  response and reverse engineering skills to become an information security crime investigator. These professionals find the traces left by criminals and make sure that bad guys go to jail.
Education requirements :
A bachelor degree with volunteer certification can earn you career of information security crime investigator.
Per annum expected salary for information security crime investigator is  approximately $69,000.
  • Vulnerability Assessor

IT always have risks of cyber attacks and thefts. A vulnerability assessor is an expert who identity vulnerabilities of IT system and application softwares. They also work to ensure cargo security, nuclear safeguards, look for possible intrusion detection and tamper and human factors associated with security.
These professionals work closely with different teams and track any vulnerability on system that store or display citizens data.
Education requirements :
Bachelor degree with high level computer skills are required for this job.
They earn approximately $63,000 annually.
  • Virus Technician

Virus technician discover computer viruses and design softwares to protect the systems.
The job requires skills to remove virus or any malicious programs from operating systems. It is constantly changing field due to advancement in technology.  Large number of new viruses come out and only skilled person know how to get rid of it permanently without damaging actual data.
Education requirements :
Bachelor in IT,  computer sciences or related studies can earn you career of virus technician.
Expected salary for virus technician is $46,000 annually.
  • Source Code Auditors

Technology has touched new heights and so the people who are always there to exploit it. Source code auditors review software source code to look for possible doorways that hackers can use to enter or exploit system. They also look for any third party intervention that may cause data leakage or theft.
Source code investigators report their findings to engineering and legal teams. They have to bring continuous improvement to existing audit tools and processes to ensure safety and security of system.
Education requirements :
A bachelor degree in computer science, cyber security or related field is required.
Their salary is Average $53,000 per annum.

  • Industrial Security Specialist

They establish criteria for each contractor and subcontractor to handle matters of foreign owner ship or influence,  clearance and classification , need for restricted nuclear data and access to communications security , intelligence or international organization information. They conduct surveys to determine organization ability to work and store sensitive information and determine the actual ownership of organization.
Education requirements :
A bachelor degree in computer science or information security is required.
They can earn $66,000 approximately.
  • Director Of Privacy

Director of privacy develop goals,  policies and procedures of the organization’s privacy programs in accordance with security laws. They also plan training programs and activities.
The director of privacy keeps check on all activities related to development,  implementation,  maintaining and adherence to organizational policies covering privacy in compliance of federal and state laws.
Education requirements :
Degree in computer science,  computer engineering, information technology, business or other related field is required to become security director.
Expected salary of director of privacy is $135,147 per annum.
  • Intergovernmental Affairs

Intergovernmental affairs employees provide assistance in planning, organizing activities, brief and communicate with tribal organizations. They must be prepared for emergency operations and can be recalled anytime. It is one of the most rewarding but challenging job and it also requires irregular work hours and ability to work in challenging conditions.
Education requirements:
Intergovernmental affairs specialist require one year experience at GS-09 level, PhD or equivalent, or  LLM. Selected candidates must undergo a background investigation, and receive public trust clearance.
Their average salary is $78,200 approximately.
  • Emergency Management Specialist

Their job is to plan and coordinate emergency programs and activities. Emergency management specialist work with different community organizations to work in emergency situations and provide shelter and resources in time of crisis. They prepare reports, design plans and help in distribution of resources during an emergency. Emergency management specialist must be able to adopt changes and possess problem solving and communications skills.
Education requirements:
Emergency management specialist need 4 years degree in homeland security, emergency management or relevant field. Addition experience of 2-5 years is also required along with degree.
They earn $68,800 annually.
  • Counter Terrorism Analyst

It is one of the most challenging job in homeland security. Counter-terrorism works with CIA to prevent any terrorist activity. They evaluate different foreign terrorist groups to identity possible threats and attacks. Counter-terrorism analyst also share trust with US policy makers,  military officials and members of law enforcement to work together for reduction of terrorism. In order to get this job, one must be US citizen and willing to relocate to Washington DC. Counter terrorism analysts must have strong problem solving ability and critical thinking skills to analyze the situation. They should also have strong verbal and communication skills. Knowing foreign language is preferred in this job. A candidate must undergo physical and psychological screening tests along with background checks and drug tests to get counter terrorism analyst job.
Education requirements:
Counter-terrorism analyst requires a bachelor or master level degree in international affairs,  national security or relevant field.
They earn average income of $67,400 annually.
Police officer job is one of key jobs in homeland security. Police force is an armed force to provide protection and ensure law enforcement. They provide services like counter-terrorism support, asset protection, crime prevention, emergency help, access control, vehicle inspection, incident management and much more. Being a police officer requires loyalty towards US and back ground check. Candidates applying for this job must have good physical health and 21 year age. This job can be tough and Challenging.
Education requirements:
The entry level Homeland Security police man job  requires only a high school diploma or GED and no additional experience is needed.
A NSA police officer can earn $55,000 annually in homeland security.
These people provide professional assistance in financial crimes. They review transactions to detect potential crimes. Their job includes monitoring accounts activity, collect evidence, make reports and review complex financial situation. They look for any suspicious activity and possible fraud. Financial Crimes Specialist also helps in prevention of fraud and secure both the bank and its customers. They must possess good analytical skills and ability to make judgement with understanding of how financial crime works. Financial crime specialists must also have strong communication skills and ability to use technology.
Education requirements:
An associate degree in Criminal justice, mathematics,  finance, economics or related field is required to become financial crime specialist. Two years experience in financial services may also be required.
They earn average salary of $35،000.
  • Analytical Chemist

Analytical chemists observe the structure and nature of substances. Their job is to look for possible usage of drugs and toxicology. They play important role in forensics and help in gathering facts. Analytical chemist will make reports based on findings which can be really very helpful in investigation. Analytical chemist should also know the use of advance technology to help in forensics. And must possess good judgmental skills while investigation of different cases.
Education requirements:
Individual need bachelor degree in clinical chemistry, analytical chemistry or biochemistry to start career as analytical chemist.
They can earn up to $57,600 annually.
A firearm instructor teaches the use of firearms, ensuring safety while handling them and how to use different types of firearms. They may also provide individual training on basic home and personal safety. Many people fail to safeguard their own firearms. A firearms instructor tells about how to handle and store firearm. Firearm instructor must have full knowledge of using firearms.
Education requirements:
A bachelor degree in defensive firearms is required to join the job. Experience of using firearms like in military will also be preferred.
Salary :
Firearm instructors have average salary of $50,000 annually.
Transport security administration is agency of US homeland security to secure public travelling and transportation.  They develop policies to protect the U.S. transportation system, including highways, railroads, buses, mass transit systems, ports, and pipelines.  The duty of transport security administration employees is mostly concerned with air travel. They work as screening officers, armed Federal Air Marshals, explosive experts and dog handlers.
Education requirements: 
Applicants must have high school diploma or GED. They have to pass background check and medical examination also. One year experience as security officer or X-ray technician may also be required.
Average salary of TSA agents is $40,160 annually.
  • Secret Service Agent

One of the most promising career in homeland security is secret service agent. They serve and protect United states from any possible crime threat. They are trained professionals and their duties include in-depth investigations and protection of crimes in financial fields. A person must have clean criminal record to become secret agent.
Education requirements:
A bachelor level degree with 3.0 or 3.5 grade points in junior and senior years is required to become secret service agent.
Average Salary: 
They earn $132,000 annually along with other benefits like life insurance,  paid holidays and retirement benefits.
  • Postal Inspector

Postal inspector look for possible crime through mails. Any crime done through postal service is handled by postal inspector. They ensure the safety of millions of mails. Postal inspector must have strong language skills,  academic experience and postal experience.
Educational requirements:
Minimum bachelor degree from an accredited regional institution of higher learning is required to become postal officer.
Average Salary: 
Postal inspector earn $111,900 per annum.
  • Federal Air Marshals

Federal Air marshals handle any illegal activity in aviation system. They travel unnoticed in commercial planes to ensure safety of passengers and crew. Their job require a lot of time in plane and they can also work with other federal terrorism handling teams to protect citizens.
Education requirements :
Bachelor degree with three years of qualifying work experience is required.
They earn $95,000 annually.
  • ICE Agent

Immigration and custom enforcement agents are responsible for preventing any illegal entry in US premises. They handle law and jurisdiction matters of immigration, deportation and illegal entry. They also look for prohibited goods that are banned to enter US premises. ICE agent must have clean criminal record.
Education requirements :
You need to pass test and have at least bachelor degree to become ICE agent.
Salary :
They earn $86,000 annually .
CIA agents gather intelligence and save US for any possible terrorist threats. They are highly trained professionals capable of working both in teams and as individuals. CIA can also work on overseas assignments. The job requires high mental and physical stamina to perform tactful tasks.
Education requirements :
Bachelor degree or higher in field of international affairs, political science or related studies along with training and experience is required.
CIA agents earn according to degree,  experience and nature of project they are working on. But average salary of CIA agent is $72,000.
  • National Park Rangers

They are responsible for protection of national parks and their visitors. National park rangers also search missing persons in premises. They also conduct tours and provide law enforcement services. National park rangers patrol in parks and ensure safety of habitat.
Education requirements :
Individuals from law enforcement or military join park rangers job. Interns can also join.
They earn $42,000 annually .
Top 30 Jobs In Homeland Security With Salary & Degree Requirement
Top 30 Jobs In Homeland Security With Salary & Degree Requirement
Just like the department of defence is charged with military actions abroad, homeland security department provides for security within civilian sphere to protect united states from both inside and outside.