TN Criminal Justice Portal Log In- All You Need To Know

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TN Criminal Justice Portal Log In- All You Need To Know

TNCRIM Criminal Justice Portal

Tennessee’s Integrated Criminal Justice Portal is a web based online system that helps the criminal justice agencies to get the required information without logging into multiple systems. The system is highly secured and the information it provides is accurate. It also provides a large database making it suitable for the investigations of crime. The system allows access only to individuals from criminal justice agencies or statutorily authorized agencies; they need to have an official account on the system to get the access to their portal. There are six different levels of access to TNCRIM, based on the agenda of the agency respective access is provided.

In this article we are going to guide you about the working process of TN integrated Criminal justice portal and the browser requirements that you have to fulfil for successful login to your portal. Along with we shall also discuss the login process on the portal.

TN integrated criminal justice portal

Integrated criminal justice portal is only limited to state authorized agencies or individuals. The access is only refined to investigate crimes, criminals or criminal activities. The high security access makes it more reliable as well. The features of the portal make it easier for the investigations to run smoothly. The search engine allows a vast access from driver’s license to arrest events.

 You can work on the portal simultaneously; using the search bar you can look for multiple databases. The portal also has the option of adding filters to the database to get the precise results e.g. Last name search can give you first name, middle name, last name, race, gender, date of birth and nationality. In the same way vehicle license can also provide the detail information about the object.

TN criminal justice portal login

In the beginning when you get access to your portal, the agency administrator will help you read and understand the usage agreement Once you have read the agreement you will be required to agree to it, after agreeing to the terms and conditions you will now have to abide by the rules of the system. When you sign-in to your portal the agreement will appear on your screen after reading the document you can click on the “ I agree” option to move further.

When creating the account on TNCRIM, the portal administrator gives you the user-name and password. Make sure that the password is strong enough to conceal your data. To gain accesses to the system please visit the link given below.

Requirements for TNCRIM

There are pre-requisites which you need to fulfil before you can login to the portal. These pre requirements are:

First of all you must have these soft wares installed in your computer

  • Netscape browsers 4.5 and higher
  • Microsoft browsers 4.01 and higher

Secondly your browsers settings must allow

  • Cookies
  • Java

There are toll free numbers to facilitate the individuals who are facing problems while accessing their portals. These toll free numbers are:




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