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Top 15 Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

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Top 15 Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

If there’s any place more dangerous than the prisons, it is the world outside it. Humans have taken it their due right to harm others physically, and this behavior has made society more violent. Of course, not all but most humans in the society feel it a not only compulsion but embrace it willingly. This increasing tendency to harm others has forced the states to make the criminal justice system an essential practice in the state affairs

The essential part of the criminal justice system is prisons, where the criminals are kept so that society can be peaceful. At the same time, work is being done to improve criminals’ mental health. So, we can say that prisons are the homes of criminals where they learn the ethics of behaving in a society.

The Criminal Mindset can vary from person to person. For example, a person might have a more damaging criminal mindset, while others might have a less harmful mindset for society; therefore, the prisons are designed differently.

The humans falling in the category of possessing more criminal mindset are kept in such places where the environment is more conservative than other prisons so that their behavior and mental health can be improved. Such prisons are called dangerous jails of the world

This article will give you essential information about the prisons and enlighten you about the top 15 most dangerous prisons globally.

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List of 15 Most Dangerous Prisons In The World

It is for sure that prisons are not an ideal place to spend time. Inmates are facing many problems, but there are standards among the prisons too. Some are considered organized and well-managed prisons, while others might have issues of overcrowding, gang rapes, physical abuse, and disease.

The list is based on different factors such as the law and order situation in the prisons, the inmates’ behavior, facilities being provided in prison, and the behavior of administration of the prisons.

15- Sabaneta prison Venezuela

Venezuela is among the countries with the highest homicide rate, and therefore the situation of the prisons there is worse. The prisons’ situation in Venezuela can be assessed from a statement made by the director of prisons who said in a public gathering that armed inmates run 80 percent of the Venezuelan prisons.

More than 3,700 of the most dangerous prisoners are being kept in Sabaneta prison, which has a capacity of 700 people. One can easily imagine the situation of law and order, hygiene, and over-crowdedness in such prisons. There is only one guard for 150 people in the mentioned prison, which makes the situation worse.

Gang culture is promoted in such prisons because there is no higher authority to control the inmates; therefore, they are their own lords in the prisons. There are powerful gangs in the Sabaneta prison whose members oppress the weaker prisoners. The situation is so worse that often the more vulnerable prisoners are not even allowed to drink water, so the only way left for them is to drink it through the washroom pipes.


14- Tadmor Prison, Syria

The Tadmor prison in Syria gives goosebumps to every citizen of Syria because of the JailJail’s terror. The Syrians usually reflect on this prison with words such as torture cell, horror, and madness.

The Jail is famous for keeping the country’s political dissidents for a long time; for this reason, Tadmor prison was the first thing ISIS blew up when they captured Palmyra. Thousands of political dissidents were kept there for years and were tortured to death; for this reason, the Jail is known as the country’s most notorious Jail, and everyone fears going into it.

world most dangerous prisons

13- Bang Kwang Prison, Bangkok, Thailand

 The prison is made for international and domestic criminals, but there have been many complaints of less funding and overcrowdedness. Due to foreign criminals, most of the Prison budget is being spent on security, and the prisoners inside the prison are left helpless.

The prison is internationally famous for unfair sentencing and inmates abuses.

The prison was built in 1930 with an original capacity of holding 3,500 prisoners, but currently, more than 8,000 prisoners are being held. Most of the prisoners kept in this facility are waiting for their death sentence, and a tradition of wearing a shackle for the first three months in prison is being followed for every prisoner.

The prisoners are kept in such poor conditions that only a bowl of soup and a plate of rice is being served every day, and if a prisoner feels the need to himself, he can buy the items from the canteen. The lack of enough drinking water and a weak sewerage system is constantly harming the prisoners’ health.

world most dangerous prisons

12- Petak Island Prison, Vologda, Russia

Petak Island is often referred to as “Alcatraz of Russia,” and the most dangerous criminals are being brought to this correctional facility. The prisoners who are being transferred to this Jail could face physical torture 23 hours a day. Apart from this, most of the criminals are only allowed to meet two visitors in a year.

You might be thinking that prisoners would try to escape from such prisons, and that feeling is so real, I believe many would have even tried. Still, the Island prison is inescapable because a frozen lake surrounds it from all sides.

A prison psychologist, Svetlana Kiselyova, said that this place destroyed people. There is no way a person can spend twenty-five years in such a place without being psychologically destroyed. According to her observation, in the first nine to ten months, a person tries to adapt to the environment. Still, after spending a year or so, his personality starts to deteriorate.

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11- La Santé Prison, France

The prison is located in France under the operation of the Ministry of Justice. The prison is divided into two wings; one of the wings is for VIPs while the other is for ordinary criminals with high security. The prisoners’ Meeting scenes with their families have been captured in camera and been telecasted in the Bollywood movies.

The prison environment and torture are so extensive that many inmates had tried to poison themselves through Rat poison and drain cleaners. Skin diseases are shared among the prison inmates because of the lack of shower facilities in the prison. The prisoners are only allowed to take a bath twice a week.

These incidents have been reported in famous newspapers of the world, which caused massive damage to the French government’s reputation as they portray themselves as the most prominent advocates of human rights.

10- Guantanamo Bay Cuba

The prison is located on the eastern tip of Cuba and is being operated by the United States. The prison was opened post 9/11 for the sole purpose of Keeping the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders. Despite the claims made by President Obama to close the prison, it is still operational and functional.

 The total numbers of inmates in prison are 150, and they are kept in two different camps of the prison.

 The two camps of the prison are:

· Camp Delta

· Camp Iguana

9- San Quentin State Prison US

San Quentin is considered among the most violent prisons globally, and it’s the oldest Prison in California. The prison has been home to many infamous prisoners, such as Sirhan. Sihran assassinated US president John F Kennedy.

The prison only has a death facility for male inmates and is considered the largest death facility in the United States. There have been many reported incidents of financial corruption and other irregularities in the prison.

8- Terre Haute, USA

The prison complex is located in Indiana and consists of three different units. Maximum security, medium security, and low-security are three of its units, and the prisoners are kept in these units according to their criminal profile.

The prison is nicknamed Guantanamo North and is home to the federal government’s execution chamber. The inmates who are sentenced for death are kept in small cells in this prison and are only allowed to go to the exercise cage thrice a week.

7- La Sabaneta Prison, Venezuela

The prison is heavily crowded and is home to 3,700 criminals. The prison was initially designed for 700 people but has been overly crowded, resulting in disease and incidents of violence among the inmates.

The prison facility is governed by corruption where the guards are facilitating the influential people, but the weaker suffer; moreover, many incidents of financial corruption have been reported. The guards are charging money for serving the prisoners.

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6- Diyarbakir Prison, Turkey

The prison is known for having the most number of human rights violations per inmate. The violence in prison, both physical and mental, has been so brutal that it has compelled many inmates to take their own lives in the prisons.

The facility is built for 700 people, both men and women, but is often overcrowded, causing severe administrative problems. When the families of the inmates visit them, they don’t dare to speak a word of complaint because these words can be used against the inmates for torturing them more.

5- Mendoza Prison, Argentina

The Mendoza prison is considered among the most crowded prisons in the world. According to an estimate, five inmates are living in a cell that measures only four square meters. There have been several complaints of inadequate drainage systems in prison.

The condition is so poor that the prisoners are forced to use plastic bags and bottles as their toilets. Necessary medical facilities also lack in prison, and the prisoners only see the doctor when they have died.

4- Rikers Island Prison, USA

The Jail facility in Rikers Island is the third-largest jail facility in the world. The prison is made for either short sentences for less than a year or those who are awaiting trial and transfers.

It is hard to imagine that a prison in which the prisoners are being kept for so less time will be poorly managed. The main issues being faced by the inmates are gang violence and the abusive behavior of the correctional officers.

The New York Times has reported several cases of violence in the Jail. In one of their famous stories, they mentioned that almost nine lawsuits had been filed against the correctional facility for the guard suctioned violence and inmates’ violence.

In one such violence case, the guard in prison ordered six prisoners to beat an inmate who was hospitalized, and his lungs had collapsed.

3- United States Penitentiary, Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX), USA

USP Florence ADMAX is home to the most violent criminals in the United States; therefore, foolproof security measures are taken for this prison. The prisoners kept in this prison are considered too dangerous to be held in any other prison facility; therefore, this prison has the most security personnel deployed.

The prison has been impenetrable due to the emphasis on its security and higher spending on it. Notorious gang leaders, domestic and international terrorists, and other wanted criminals have spent their time in Florence.

The prisoners in this facility also faced the physical torture of up to 23 hours a day and isolated from other inmates for torturing them mentally. The prison is designed in such a way that the prisoners themselves do not know their whereabouts in the correctional facility.

Due to these conditions of the prison, it’s considered the worst prisons in the world. A former warden of the Prison Robert Hood gave the title of “Cleaner version of hell” to the prison.


2- Camp 22, North Korea

Camp 22 in North Korea was kept secret by the government of North Korea until the Satellite images of the prison facility were released. The laws for criminals in North Korea are strange for the rest of the world; a person’s crime can result in the arrest of his whole family. Due to this law, Camp 22 is overcrowded, and many believe that 50,000 criminals are being kept in this facility.

The prisoners are not provided with basic food due to which they malnourished. Secondly, the prisoners are subject to physical violence and mental torture in the camp 22.

1- Gitarama Prison, Rwanda

The Gitarama prison was built only for 400 people, but there are currently 7,000 prisoners. This makes Prison one of the most crowded prisons in the world. Rwanda genocide took place in 1994, and most of the prisoners kept in the facility are the culprits of genocide.

Due to overcrowding, the men and women in the Jail are forced to stand barefoot for long hours, which is causing their feet to rot. The prisoners are not given necessary medical facilities due to which half a dozen people die every day. 

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