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Air Force Security Forces Requirements – Complete Career Guide 2020

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Air force security forces requirements

Air force is one of five important defence armed forces in Us. They protect US through controlling air and space. Flying high can be dream of many but joining Armed forces need special requirements. So will discuss in detail Air Force Security Forces Requirements.

Age requirements for joining air force

Age requirements to join Air Force are different for different applicants
  • Applicants with non-prior service record must be in military training before 28 years of age.
  • Nurse,  physicians and Allied health applicants must be in commissioned officer training before 40 years of age.
  • Applicants from officer training schools must be less than 35 years of age.
  • Age limitations for prior service applicants can be different from above stated requirements. Applicants need to contact their local authorities to check for the age requirements.


ASVAB is an aptitude test consisting of ten individual short tests to check over all related abilities of applicant. The test includes checking word knowledge ,paragraph comprehension,  mathematics, arithmetic reasoning, General science,  mechanical comprehension,shop and auto shop information , electronics information,  numerical operations and coding speed of applicant. Taking ASVAB prior to enlisting doesn’t earn you scores individually in every test. Instead several individual tests sum up to three combined academic composite scores i.e.  maths, verbal and academic ability of candidate.

How to prepare for applying in air force

A candidate must earn bachelor’s or graduate degree with clean record. An applicant should not involve in any illegal activity or drugs during education. A clean record helps a lot while applying for air force test. Taking upper level maths ,science and english classes will also add up in opportunities later on. A person must be physically fit to join Air force.

Benefits of joining Air force

Other than satisfaction of being in defense forces, a person will enjoy other things in air force like:
  • In the Air force,  a person is paid twice a month according to pay grade and service requirements.

  • Job advancement in form of promotions based on individual performance are also benefit of joining air force. A person will be promoted according to job knowledge,  time in pay grade and service requirements .

  • In Air Force you earn 30 days per year of paid vacation. Days can extend up to 60.

  • Training provides facility and opportunity to choose career path according to your physical abilities , aptitude,  security clearance and determination. And all choices including combat roles are open for women also.

  • Job in air force also comes with a benefit of health care facility. When on duty, an individual will receive complete medical and dental care for free.

  • Armed forces job provides you with life insurance also . Individuals can select up to $200k in term life insurance.

  • An other great benefit of being in air force is allowances. If government housing and food is not available ,a person will receive basic tax free allowance for housing and basic allowance for subsistence.

  • A person may also get uniform allowance to help maintain uniform.(Although this is only for enlisted persons)

  • Individuals in air force will have tax advantage also. Only their basic monthly pay will be subjected to federal or state income tax.

  • If a person is on active duty and want to continue education than government will help in getting low cost college accredited courses.

  • GI Bill will help pay for college education or vocational training.

  • Individual in air force may also get additional benefits like moving allowance, temporary lodging expense,  travel expenses, commissary privileges , survivor benefits, veterans administration home loans and others.

Can individuals with prior service join Air force?  

Yes. Although the seats are limited but the force accepts prior service people.

What if a person is not a US citizen ?

A person must be US citizen or a legal resident foreign national with green card to apply for US air force. Applicants must be fluent in speaking , writing and reading English fluently.

What if a person lives overseas?

An overseas person can not apply for the job because it is strictly prohibited to forward the recruiting information through international mail even to US citizens residing overseas.

How long is basic military training (Boot camp)?

The basic military training in Air force is eight and a half weeks long

What is basic Military training (BMT) like?

The US air force basic military training consists of intense training of eight weeks.  It takes additional 4 to 5 days in processing. Training is provided to ensure the best potential of individual and produce best Air man possible.

Should a person prepare before going to BMT?

A person must do hard work for fitness before BMT because a fit person will be able to finish training soon and chances of avoiding injury will be more. A person needs to start from basic to intense training. An individual may start from 3 days a week to more regular training sessions. Exercises may include sit-ups,  push ups and running.

What is the Airman Education and commissioning program?

It is a program for active duty air men who already have completed at least 45 hours of college credit. A person if eligible can apply for this competitive program. Airman education and commissioning program gives opportunity to active duty airmen to attend full time course of study in most critical fields like computer engineering,  computer science, electronic engineering,  meteorology and nursing. AECP participants will receive their full Air Force pay and benefits while enrolled in school and will get money for tuition and books also.

What is US Air Force Academy?

US Air Force academy train and prepare young men and women to pursue their career in Air Force. The academy at Colorado springs recruit cadets who will complete their four years of studies leading to bachelor of science degree. The academy emphasize on individual’s academics along with military training , athletic conditioning  and ethical and spiritual development. In academics a person may take courses like basic sciences, engineering, the humanities, and the social sciences. All students have to complete 91.5 semester hours. Students have choice to specialize in any of 25 academic major.

How can a person apply for Academy?

In order to apply for Academy,  a person must know The criteria  for applying:
  • A person need to complete candidate questionnaire and
  • Must complete the candidate kit
  • A person must secure nomination form congressman or other qualifying authorities, and complete testing.

To qualify for academy general qualifications include:

  • A person must be between 17-23 years of age by july 1 of year admitted.

  • Only US citizen can apply except students studying in foreign and overseas US citizen.

  • A person must be unmarried.

  • Pregnant woman or an individual legally obligated to support a child can not apply.

  • Person with above average high school or college academic record can apply.

  • A person must clear ACT and SAT tests.

  • Individual with good physical and mental health can apply.

  • They have to pass a medical exam.

  • Possessing above average strength and agility is required to join Air Force Academy.

  • Adequate performance on USAFA physical Aptitude exam is required.

What is officer Training school?

Officer Training schools gives training and education to selected personnel in fundamental of leadership,  teach them basic military skills and professional ethics, evaluate leadership potential and commissions those who qualify as second lieutenant in all sixteen branches of Air force.

Requirements to qualify for officer training school:

In order to qualify for officer training school individual must be:
  • college or university graduate prior to commissioning (except for enlisted soldiers on active duty)

  • A person must be trained by the Air Force to lead and manage.

  • Have ability to voluntarily leave the military if not under any officer service obligation at the time.

Officers do not “enlist” in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve in the pure sense of the word, but individuals can compete for an enlistment option to go to Officers Training School to become a commissioned officer.   To qualify you must:
  • Hold a US citizenship

  • Take AFOQT test

  • Pass physical fitness test for Air Force

  • Earn good scores in SAT or ACT.

If individual is currently enlisted,  must have fulfilled at least 90 college credits Age should be at least 18 years old and not more than 35 years.  For pilots to turn in applications, age must be less than 28 years.  Must be well examined physically six months before submitting the application.

Does the service promote Enlistees to the officer rank? 

Well the answer is simply yes.

How do a person can become a pilot in Air Force? 

The undergraduate training program trains pilots for Air Force. Pilots are officers who compete for pilot training.  For Air Force pilot,  there are strict requirements for vision. The vision requirements are 20/50 for pilots and navigators must have 20/200 vision.  Vision for both must be correctable to 20/20. Candidates who have a history of photo refractive Keratectomy,  Radial Keratotomy or laser in Situ Keratomileusis are considered ineligible for aviation duty.

Can a physician or dentist apply for Air Force Services?

Yes. Absolutely. Air Force seeks for qualified health professionals also. They hire people from medical facilities.

Reserve opportunity 

Air force also provides reserve opportunity. In order to qualify for reserve quota person  Must be between 17 and 35 years of age if he doesn’t have military services experience
A person may find relaxation in age if he has military service experience. In this case age must be less than 40 years.  Age requirements for healthcare professionals and individuals who have military experience vary. An Air Force Reserve recruiter can answer age related questions more thoroughly. Air force looks at your age and service time and get your adjusted age. A person must qualify for a 20 years retirement before an age of 60.

What is a Drill?  

Drills are periods of inactive duty training under orders. It is usually scheduled as augment training and applies to Reserve and Guard duty.  No individual can perform two drills in same day and no drill can be shorter than four hours. Mostly, units schedule multiple drills over one weekend each month i.e.  two drills Saturday and two drills Sunday.

What type of training an individual receives in Air force? 

It all depends on the program. A person may receive boot camp or technical training.  Drills on weekends are also considered as training. In air force school or with unit, a person needs 12 days of active duty for training.

What if a person is unable to fulfill military service obligations because of employer?  

By rule of law a person, as a member of reserve must be granted a leave of absence upon request to satisfy a requirement for military training.  A person must however notify their employer to take military leave and must be re-employed with dignity when returned to job.  A person will get pay raises and promotions like he never left the job. The employer must have to hold the job for 60 months if a person is volunteering for orders.

Technical training 

A person will receive special training for his chosen field. Technical training is different from boot camp training. It may involves work details and duty. The main focus of technical training is professional training . A person will get paid for training including travel allowance or temporary duty allowance.

What does a person needs to know before Joining Air Force? 

A person must be aware of all the aspects before joining special forces. Anyone who wants to join special forces must understand the contract and what goes into becoming a member:
  • Boot camp

  • Location  and length of training .

  • Special enlistment programs.

  • Films or videos about training .

  • Physical standards like haircut and grooming.

  • Long duty,  remote and overseas assignments.

  • Off-duty benefits.

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