How To Become A Gaming Surveillance Officer Guide With Salary Details

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How To Become A Gaming Surveillance Officer

Also known as a gaming surveillance officer or gambling surveillance officer or a Surveillance Agent, casinos or other places where gambling takes place are where you will generally find a surveillance officer. They are also sometimes hired by the federal government to keep an eye on the casinos themselves to ensure legitimate practice.

The role of a surveillance officer is essential, because in a gambling environment, temptation runs rampant and people are more likely to try to cheat the system, and with more states legalizing gambling and adding more casinos, there is an expected increase in the demand for these officers compared to other careers in criminal justice.

The Us Bureau of Labor Statistics also reports that a gaming officer’s average salary is about $29700, but that can be higher at the more prestigious casinos where there is more competition.

Quick Facts: Security Guards and Gambling Surveillance Officers
2019 Median Pay$29,710 per year
Typical Entry-Level EducationHigh school diploma or equivalent
Number of Jobs, 20191,164,600
Job Outlook, 2019-293% (As fast as average)
Employment Change, 2019-2933,300
Per Hour Salary$14.29 per hour
Employers : Local government, excluding education and hospitals56%


To be considered for the best jobs, be sure to obtain as much relevant training as possible.

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Training Recommendations

There aren’t many educational requirements to work in this field, but having a high school diploma or GED is mandatory. With higher competition for the best jobs, obtaining a 2-year associates degree in criminal justice is also recommended to be offered more opportunities.

Your criminal justice degree can be obtained online at the University of Phoenix Online, or Liberty University Online offer associates degree or even bachelors degree programs, which can be useful for career advancement and management opportunities.

In some cases, it would also be essential to have at least a year of surveillance experience to gain access to the higher paying jobs. The more training you get, the better your chances are, so prepare ahead.

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Gaming Surveillance Officers

Percent change in employment, projected 2019-29


Job Duties

Maintaining a safe and fair gambling environment is the primary role of a surveillance officer. They will observe players and practices to ensure no cheating, stealing, and complete adherence to the casino rules.

They may also watch the casinos to see that they meet state laws. To do this, they use a lot of high tech equipment, like facial recognition software, surveillance equipment, and audio recording.

They may also have catwalks above the casinos to observe the action, and two way mirrors to have more access. Some surveillance officers also act as security guards to keep a closer watch on things without being too obvious, and others will need to be situated at the tables themselves to have first hand exposure.

Being a surveillance officer means being quick, paying attention to details and always having your hand on the heart of the action.

Work Environment

gaming surveillance officers

Security guards and gambling surveillance officers may need to monitor activity on multiple cameras.

Gambling surveillance officers and gambling investigators held about 10,500 jobs in 2019.

The largest employers of gaming surveillance officers and gambling investigators were as follows:


Local government, excluding education and hospitals56%
Casino hotels18
Gambling industries (except casino hotels)16
State government, excluding education and hospitals6
Spectator sports3


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