Top 15 Best FBI Colleges in USA to Become an FBI Agent

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Top 15 Best FBI Colleges in America to Become an FBI Agent

To become an FBI agent is a dream and career goal for many, but How To Become An FBI Agent? Well, we are going to discuss that in detail along with that, other useful information about the best colleges for FBI or educational programs that you need to attend to become an FBI agent.

The first and essential requirement for becoming an FBI agent is to have a college degree, different educational institutions are offering academic degrees that might help you become an FBI agent, but a top-rated college will increase your chances of success in this field, it is for this reason that we have brought the best colleges for FBI profiling for you that will include a list of top 15 best colleges in America to become an FBI agent.

I’m sure you must be aware of what is FBI but to recall, the FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of investigation. It is an agency that is primarily responsible for protecting the US homeland from any threat to its existence, boundaries, and people. So, what do FBI agents do to protect their nation or homeland? Well, let’s discuss that.

To begin with, one needs to understand that the Job duties for FBI agent are different from regular employees of the agency, the agents work in the field and perform surveillance to gather information against suspected criminals. Their job is to observe the criminals and gather evidence against them. Once they have gathered the information, they develop the cases against them so that they can be executed and in doing so, the agents also collaborate with the local law enforcement agencies.

The FBI agents do work alone in the field. Instead, the agency provides them with all necessary support in their efforts against the criminals. There are different departments within the federal bureau of investigation such as the technical support department or the IT departments which are the backbones of a field agent, the people working in these departments are directed to extend all the necessary support to the field agents and undercover agents so that their missions can be executed appropriately.

“The agents are a workforce that do forward-facing our investigative missions” said Peter Sursi, an FBI senior executive who oversees the agencies recruiting and hiring process.

Now that we have walked you through the responsibilities of an FBI agent, it is essential to also enlighten you about the efforts that you need to put to become an FBI agent so, without any further due let’s discuss what it takes to become an FBI agent.

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Requirements to become an FBI Agent?

People dream of becoming an FBI Agent, but a heavy burden is put on the shoulders of FBI agents, therefore, before hiring agents, it is ensured by the recruiting department that the person they select must have the muscles to bear the burden of becoming an FBI agent.

There are several pre-employment requirements from the candidates who are willing to become an FBI agent; these requirements are discussed below.

  • The candidate must be a US citizen
  • He/she must be a bachelor’s degree holder. Post-college work experience can be a great plus for the aspiring candidate.
  • The candidate must be able to clear top-secret security clearance. This is to ensure that the candidate will not share the secrets of agency and national security with unauthorized people
  • The candidate must be able to clear to the drug test.
  • The candidate will also have to take a medical certificate from the agency’s chief medical officer. This certificate is to ensure that the candidate is in a position to withstand the challenging physical routine during the job.

We have discussed the requirements that you need to clear to become an FBI agent, let’s now Jump to the job responsibilities of an FBI agent so that you can better understand the demands of the career path that you are going to choose for yourself.

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Job Responsibilities Of An FBI Agent

The Job of FBI agents is demanding; the agents will have to give up on their regular routines to become an FBI agent. You wonder what does this mean, well, you will not have a definite work schedule and you can expect to work in irregular hours. In other words, the agents will have to surrender some control of their lives to the agencies, and the aspiring candidates must be Okay with that.

Persistence is another crucial factor when it comes to becoming an FBI Agent; the aspiring candidate must be willing to dig in more and more in search of information. The agents stationed at the remote stations will have to face more challenging tasks as compared to the agents who are stationed in metropolitan cities. The natures of investigations also vary depending on the stations of FBI Agents.

One thing that aspires many people to join the FBI is the variations is the Job nature of the FBI agents, for example, your one posting might be very peaceful in which you have to go through documents and proofread them. In contrast, the other posting might demand you to deal with hardcore criminals. This diversity like job compels many young students to join the FBI as an agent.

But how do you become one? First of all, you need to be good at your studies so that you can get a college degree from a reputed institution. Once you have acquired academic knowledge, you can apply for any of the announced posts and get selected as an FBI agent but fulfilling all the requirements.

Now we have come to the section for which I’m sure you must have waited, the top 15 best colleges to become an FBI Agent.

In this section, we shall explore the best FBI colleges in us. Getting a degree from these colleges will not only give you immense knowledge, but it will also increase the chances of your employment at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So without any further due, here is our complete list of the top 15 best colleges to become an FBI Agent

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Top 15 Best Colleges To Become An FBI Agent

Each of these institutions has a long history of training successful FBI agents. They offer rigorous coursework and hands-on experience that is sure to prepare students for a career in federal law enforcement. In addition, they have close ties to the FBI itself, which can help students get ahead when it comes time to apply for jobs. If you’re interested in becoming an FBI agent, be sure to check out one of these schools!

Sr. No

Name of the Institution


1Arizona State UniversityPheonix AZ
2University of Michigan- DearbornDearborn, MI
3California State UniversityLong Bean, CA
4Indiana UniversityBloomington, IN
5University of GeorgiaAthens, GA
6Heritage UniversityToppenish, WA
7Purdue UniversityIndianapolis, IN
8Truman State UniversityKirksville, MO
9California State University – Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA
10Holy Family UniversityPhiladelphia, PA
11American UniversityMassachusetts, Washington DC
12CUNY John Jay College of Criminal JusticeNew York City
13George Mason UniversityFairfax, VA
14Northeastern UniversityBoston, MA
15Michigan State UniversityMichigan

Now that we have given you the list of top 15 best colleges to become an FBI Agent, let’s explore the universities one by one and see what makes them the best colleges for FBI agents.

  • Arizona State University


The university offers a bachelor’s and master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice, which will help you learn the subject matter related to an FBI agent’s job. The University criminal justice and criminology program is considered a leading Higher education program in the United States.

The state of the art infrastructure of the university and qualified faculty makes the program more impressive. It is for this reason that the university got was ranked in 5th position across the United States by U.S. News and World Report

  • University of Michigan- Dearborn


The University of Michigan has a state of the art infrastructure that provides the ultimate learning environment to criminal justice students. The university’s College of Arts, science, and letters has nationally recognized faculty members due to which it is considered good colleges for FBI agents.

  • California State University


California State University has a School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics, which is considered among the best schools for FBI agents. Many of the school graduates have succeeded in securing a good position at various law enforcement agencies. The university has students from diverse backgrounds, which exposes you to different cultural diversities.

  • Indiana University


Indiana University’s department of criminal justice is based on two fundamental principles, Innovation and relevance. The innovative techniques used to inculcate knowledge into the students have proved to be much efficient for the students’ learning.

The second principle is relevance, which means that the relevant knowledge of criminal justice is being given to the students, making them prepared for the market. It is for this reason that Indiana University is among the top FBI colleges.

  • University of Georgia


The criminal justice program at the university of Georgia provides interdisciplinary academic course work to the students. The course includes critical theoretical aspects and research techniques, which have proved beneficial for the students.

Not just the theory, the students are also taught about various practical aspects of the criminal justice field. During the degree program, students are appointed on different internships due to which the university is considered among the best FBI universities

  • Heritage University


The Heritage University is famous for its criminal justice program. The program aims to teach the career-oriented students to develop critical thinking, effective communication, and work ethics in their personalities.

The program doesn’t only teach knowledge but also prepares the students for the job market requirements. Among the college for FBI agents, the students of heritage university have proven themselves in various field jobs of criminal justice. 

  • Purdue University


Among the universities for FBI agents, Purdue University ranks on 7th number. The criminal justice program of the university emphasizes teaching the legal aspects of criminal justice to the students. Having a firm grip on legal matters makes the students more resilient when performing the job’s responsibilities.

  • Truman State University


Truman State University’s The School of social and cultural studies offers a criminal justice degree. The school is considered among the best FBI schools, and the graduates from the school have acquired a leadership role in various criminal justice organizations.

  • California State University – Los Angeles


The California State University: Los Angeles holds 9th position in our list. The Faculty members of the university and the state of the campus’s art infrastructure have been compelling many students to graduate from the institution.

Many students have graduated from the university and scored the right positions within the criminal justice system.

  • Holy Family University


The criminal justice program is one of the popular programs at Holy Family University. It provides students with academic knowledge in criminal justice and practical training in the fieldwork. The university offers two different programs, which include a master’s program and a bachelor’s degree.

The university is ranked among the top universities for becoming an FBI agent because of the knowledge they teach to the students.

  • American University


The American university is located in Washington, DC, just a few steps away from the power corridors. The American homeland security department is just a few steps away from the university. The prime location compels the students to land at these offices; therefore, they strive to attain any of the positions.

For this reason, many of the university graduates have got employed at different offices in Washington DC.

  • CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice


A university is known for its graduates. Many of the John Jay College alumni have suggested the aspiring candidates for becoming an FBI agent to consider the university for their higher studies. When asked why they said the university’s supporting staff and the faculty members are the main reason because they recommend this university.

  • George Mason University


The students of George Mason University acquire knowledge related to criminology in their bachelor’s degree. When supported by practical experience from the internships, it becomes much productive for carrying the field jobs. It is, for this reason, the degree of George Mason University is much valued.

  • Northeastern University


The northeastern university prepares the students for both professional and research careers so that their knowledge can contribute to the country’s policy-making. The graduates from the university have scored the right positions in various criminal justice organizations.

  • Michigan State University


Michigan University aims at preparing the students for taking the leadership role so their social problems can be addressed by those who are well equipped with knowledge. The graduates of Michigan state university have acquired many of the leadership roles in different departments.

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