TOP 15 Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy

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TOP 15 Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy

The first association people make when they hear of “Criminal Justice” is with the more prominent career choices, such as Law enforcement officers. However, there are many ways to make a difference in society without police academy training. At the heart of Criminal Justice is the idea of administering justice to those who have been accused or convicted of various crimes.

There are three branches of criminal justice:

  • The police force includes officers, detectives, and other law enforcement agents.
  • The courts and their judges, juries, and clerks.
  • Corrections at all stages – from incarceration to rehabilitation.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, one important thing to consider is which area of criminal justice you would like to work in. There are many different options within the field, including working as a police officer in your community, a probation officer who works with offenders and victims, or a court clerk who processes paperwork for criminal cases. No matter what you choose to do, many opportunities can be both rewarding and exciting.

Another important consideration for criminal justice jobs is education and training requirements. Many positions in this field require formal schooling or professional training in a specific area, such as law enforcement or corrections, to be eligible for employment. Many employers will also look for certain qualifications, such as good communication skills or the ability to work under pressure.

Attending the Police Training Academy is not necessary for a wide variety of other careers in the criminal justice field at the; local, state, and even federal levels. A range of jobs can offer an alternative route to working in the justice system, from positions behind the scenes, such as crime scene investigators, lab analysts, and paralegals, to those who work directly with offenders and victims, such as probation officers.

What can you do with a criminal justice degree besides be a cop?

Getting a degree in criminal justice will open up a number of doors leading to exciting and purposeful career choices. A criminal justice degree can prepare you for a variety of careers in the field of law enforcement and criminal justice. Some common careers that people with a criminal justice degree may pursue include working as a:

  1. Probation officer
  2. Parole officer
  3. FBI agent
  4. Border patrol agent
  5. DEA agent
  6. ATF agent
  7. US marshal
  8. Crime scene investigator
  9. Forensic scientist
  10. A private detective or investigator
  11. Legal assistant or paralegal
  12. Court Clerk

Additionally, a criminal justice degree can be helpful in other careers that involve working with law enforcement agencies or the justice system, such as:

  1. Victim advocate
  2. Social worker
  3. Counselor or therapist
  4. Policy Analyst
  5. Government administrator
  6. Lawyer or judge

Overall, the skills and knowledge gained from a criminal justice degree can be applied to a wide range of careers in law enforcement and criminal justice, as well as other fields that involve working with the justice system or dealing with legal issues.

Below we have detailed 15 Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy.

A degree in criminal justice can earn you number of exciting career choices. Criminal justice degree gives you knowledge of  how the whole law system works?
It is a common misconception that “judiciary” has always something to do with “police”.

People think where there is judiciary involved, there is police. Even studying criminal justice means you will go through police academies and all that training.

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Well the good news is we have listed Top 15  criminal justice jobs that don’t require police academy

Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy

No!  Not every job in justice field requires police academy. We have listed TOP 15 Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy unusual  jobs but they pay quite well. And you don’t join police only after having a degree in criminal justice. There are quiet other appealing jobs after having a degree in criminal justice.

Here are Top 15 Criminal Justice Jobs That Don’t Require Police Academy

  • Background Screen Analyst

Background-Screen-AnalystThe educational requirements for the post of background screening analysts is a bachelor’s degree in any field related to criminal justice however if you have done your bachelor’s in criminology it would be a great plus for you. The courses of a criminology degree are designed in a way that it helps the professional associated with the criminal justice system. During the course work, you will be learning different principles of psychology, laws and human psychology. All these three areas of study will help you in performing your job of background screening.

Bachelor’s degree is not a pre-requisite for the position of a background screening analyst. The requirement may vary depending upon the employer. Some employers prefer the experience you have over the educational degree while others require you meet their educational requirement.

If you are applying for an entry level position, you do not have to worry about the experience because you will receive a training session before you officially start doing your job however, if you are applying for a senior position, you must have an experience of at least three to four months prior to applying for the job.

A back ground screen analyst works behind the curtains and ensures clear hiring process. A background screening analyst checks the background and detailed history of candidates and make sure no candidate with suspicious history gets hired.
Background screen analysis requires a certain amount of courage and bravery. A person also need to be confident to become background analyst as the job includes doing investigation and surveillance.
A background screen analyst can also be called in court to testify about his findings. If someone has interest in being a background screen analyst,  this challenging job can be fun and this job doesn’t require police academy.

A back ground screen analyst’s average per annum salary is $62,000.

  • Bailiff

Bailiff The prime duty of a bailiff is to assist the jury in the court room proceedings but there are several other duties that are assigned to this post. Mainly the whole career of a bailiff revolves around the court room; at times you might find a bailiff in assisting the jury in exploring the papers related to the cases while some other  you might observe a bailiff calling the witnesses in the court room.

So, this multi-dimensional job has many aspects attached to it therefore a person willing to become bailiff must have very strong characteristic of adaptability. If you are planning to become a bailiff, you will be in direct contact with the witness in a court room secondly you will be carrying out all the paper work necessary to regulate the court affairs. Another important aspect of this job is to communicate with jury and families of the defendants about the court room proceedings.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do this all alone, there will be other colleagues with you during your job and each one of you will be assigned to one single task so that you can carry it out effectively.

Bailiff helps in court proceedings.  They are responsible to maintain the order of court and to keep jury members isolated from public while hearing and trials. Bailiffs also provide reports and schedules to court.
They also accompany defendants during and after trails. Bailiff needs a mix of organizational skills and people management. A bailiff needs a high school diploma.  Certain posts need associate and bachelor’s degree.

No police academy is needed. Their average salary is $39000 per annum.



  • Conservation Officer 

Conservation-OfficerAs evident from the name, a conservation officer has the responsibility of conserving the wildlife and fisheries. A conservation officer has to deal with the hunters and ensure that they comply with the regulations of the state.

All the hunters are given licenses by their states under certain rules and regulation. The duty of a conservation officer is to ensure that these hunters are complying with these rules and are not violating the terms and conditions of their licenses.

Apart from these duties, the conservation officers are also responsible for educating the people about the preservation of wildlife, for this purpose a conservation officer might have to arrange a seminar in which he might guide the people about the preservation of wildlife, the ethics of hunting and the ways to enhance the breed of a certain species.

A conservation officer will also encounter the violators of the rules and regulations. For this purpose, he/she will have to preserve the evidence collected from the scene and present it before the court. It is then the jurisdiction of the court to decide the fate of people who are found violating the rules and regulations.

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A conservation officer is responsible for maintaining hunting and fishing areas. They also patrol parks and make sure every one follows the rule. They work for safety of both public and park animals. A conservation officer has interesting job with a mix of nature love and following the rules to ensure the safety of habitat.

Their average salary per annum is $42,000.

Computer-Forensic-SpecialistsA computer forensic specialist will need to have a bachelor’s degree in an IT related field.  The combination of IT and criminology or forensics could be the best match for this Job. The course work of IT degree will teach the person about the mechanism of the computer and how it could be used for criminal activities while a degree in forensics or criminology will teach about the areas from which the evidence can be collected for further investigations.

The requirement of experience level may vary from employer to employer; some employers might be seeking individuals with experience while others might hire individuals without any experience. If you are planning to become a part of criminal justice, you are advice to get a certification as certified forensic computer examiner. This certification will not increase your knowledge about the field but will also increase your employment opportunities.

IT has reached to new heights and it is easy to access people virtually without any physical presence. Crimes rate has increased due to information technology but people do leave virtual footprints even when they think,  their slate is clean.
A computer forensic specialists look for any evidence that can trace back to crime or criminal. Any electronic evidence is carefully examined by computer forensic specialists.
A person who has interest in IT and love to work in law environment,  is welcome to join the field.

This job requires bachelor and Masters degree and no need to join Police academy.


Criminal Law Paralegal

Criminal-Law-ParalegalTo be more specific a criminal law paralegal works to file the cases of bails in the court, files motions for reduction of bond, gathers affidavits and arrest warrants and police reports. A criminal law paralegal might also be required to prepare documents for Plea bargain, in such cases, a criminal law paralegal has to come up with sound proof and documents that can pave the way for plea bargain.

A criminal law paralegal has to build the case for his lawyer, for this, he has to conduct several interviews with the accused, witnesses and police officers. During these interviews, a criminal law paralegal will have to look for information which can turn the case into the favor of his/her client.

If you are already having an associate degree, you are advised to get certified as a paralegal, once you are certified, you should start looking for the announced positons of Criminal law paralegal. Upon finding the position, you must apply for the positon along with other necessary documents. If you meet the requirements and your CV has weightage, you will be called for an interview.

A criminal law paralegal assists attorney in building cases and dealing with all the legal paperwork. A paralegal is usually very organised person with knowledge and understanding of how law works?
A paralegal do all the work that an attorney do except for deciding to choose case and charging fees. And a paralegal can not represent client in court. Instead,  he will assist attorney while trail and dealing with all the paper work. When not in trials, a paralegal will do other works like making wills and documentation of legal processes etc.
A person needs an associate degree to become paralegal. However,  bachelor degree is recommended for job promotion and growth.

Their average salary per annum is $47,000 approximately.

Criminal Profiler

Criminal-ProfilerAs evident from the name, a criminal profiler is responsible for profiling the criminals. The basic reason of profiling a criminal is that their actions, criminal history and the pattern of crime shall be recorded so that the next time if they commit a crime, they can be easily identified.

During his job, the criminal profiler will have to visit the crime scenes and search for any useful information that could be found there. For example, if a criminal is being identified for conducting a crime, a criminal profiler will visit the crime scene and observe the method of crime, if it was a murder, what instrument did the killer used. In office, a criminal profiler is responsible for analyzing the reports which have been produced by police.

A criminal profiler also has an employment opportunity at the academic sector. A criminal profiler might join the colleges in which criminal justice related degree programs are being offered. The best courses which can be taught by a criminal profiler are criminology, criminal psychology and human behavior.

A criminal profiler fills all the blanks in a case. They help in building the complete case profile. Any person who wants to use wit and brain can become criminal profiler. A criminal profiler requires an associate or bachelor degree in criminal justice or psychology.
A criminal profiler investigates the evidences more deeply and try to make a whole scenario about why a crime might be done and how the criminal did the crime?  He tries to make picture of why and how crime was done.

A Criminal Profiler earns average $62,000 annually.


CriminalistIf you are planning to become a criminalist you must first get yourself enrolled into an accredited college and complete the education in the relevant field. During your degree program, you are advised to attend one or more internships programs. These internships programs will educate you about the working conditions as a criminalist.

Let’s use this opportunity to describe the general working conditions as a criminalist.  A criminalist will have to examine the physical evidence to determine the questions of who, when, how and where. All these questions are important aspects for resolution of a criminal case.

Once you meet all the requirements for the job, you must start looking for the announced positons and apply for them along with the required documents. Upon successful selection, you will be called for physical examination, background check, drug test and an interview. A criminalist is scientifically trained to solve the mysteries of crime.

They carefully analyze all the scientific evidences closely like matching DNAs and reading blood samples to build up case loose holes.  A criminalist can have scientific degree ranging from bio to forensics to chemistry along with criminal justice. A criminalist examines all the evidences and make report of his findings.
A criminalist may also testify in court and also educates the jury members about their findings. A criminalist need very good verbal and writing skills.
A bachelor’s degree is required for criminalist however,  some positions requires master degree.

Their average salary is $59,000.

Court Reporter

Court-ReporterEver heard a tick tick during trails in court? This is a court reporter using stenographic machine to type all the proceeding quietly. A court reporter write all the proceedings of court word to word. The job requires a lot of effort and practice. Not even a single word should be missed.
Other than typing all the proceedings of court,  a court reporter is also responsible for the maintaining of court calendar, reading all the transcripts, answering the calls and assisting jury members.
A court reporter requires a certification as a registered court reporter. A degree in criminal justice along with certification as court reporter can earn you a job.

Average salary of court reporter is $43,000 per annum.

Deportation Officer

Deportation-OfficerA deportation officer also reviews the cases of immigration frauds and takes actions accordingly. A deportation officer might work on the airports or on the border for examination of immigrants. If there’s any wrongdoing in the immigration papers of a person, the immigration officer has the authority to check his documents and deport the person if found guilty.

Beside the field duties, a deportation officer is also responsible for reviewing the policies regarding immigration, interacting with the local and foreign media for briefing them about the immigration policies and making strategies to protect the borders from illegal immigrants.

A deportation officer is responsible for all the people entering USA. Any illegal residents will be deported back to their countries. A deportation officer should know law and regulations according to which an “illegal” resident status is determined.
A deportation officer may also testifies in the court.
A degree in criminal justice can earn you a position as deportation officer.

Average salary for deportation officer is $54,000.

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Digital Forensics Examiner

Digital-Forensics-ExaminerA digital forensic examiner is a specialized field for people who have strong intellect and a keen interest in information technology. A person must be able to focus and work alone for long hours.
A digital forensic examiner usually retrieves lost or hidden data from damaged computers. A digital forensic examiner must also keep up with latest technologies. They are expert in uncovering hidden and retrieving lost files.
A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice , computer and digital forensics programs and certification in computer sciences can earn you a job of digital forensic examiner.

Average per annum salary of digital forensics examiner is $61,000.

Field Asset Protection Analyst

Field-Asset-Protection-AnalystThe duty of field asset protection analyst is to determine the investments and the return of these investments.  In law enforcement agencies, the duty of asset protection analyst is to analyze the threats to the assets and determine the counter measures for it.

The asset protection analysts are also hired to probe the financial irregularities in a business entity or a government organization. Whenever there is any case of financial irregularities, a protection analyst assists the law enforcing agencies for determining the actual financial data of a firm or organization.

A filed asset protection analyst looks for any financial loss in a result of any suspicious or illegal activity.  Companies hire field asset protection analyst to point out possible fraud or money laundering activities hidden in financial records.
A person who has love for numbers and can handle large statistical figures and data can become field asset protection analyst. The job requires a degree in criminal justice

There average salary per annum is approx.  $42,000.

Finger Print Specialist 

Finger-Print-SpecialistA finger print specialist is a very focused job and demands attention towards detailed analysis of finger prints left on crime scene. A finger print specialist will closely examine finger prints both on crime scene and forensic laboratory. They may also testify in court about their findings.
The job requires finesse and precision. And one must be able to carefully handle and conclude from findings. A finger print specialist needs a degree in criminal justice or forensic sciences.

Their average per annum salary is $105,000.

Fraud Investigators 

Fraud-InvestigatorsYou must have heard about people loosing their data to scams and frauds. These scams usually involves identity thefts, stealing  credit card information or other sensitive information. Fraud investigators usually do investigations on behalf of banks and companies to look for possible frauds that had happened to clients.
A fraud investigator requires a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or economic sciences.

Their average salary per annum is $59,000.

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Property Room Technician 

property-room-officerA property room technician makes the list of items and stores the assets or property untill the prisoner is released. An honest person with good management and organizational skills can become property room technician.
The job requires honesty as property room technician can add or subtract things from list that may effect the case also. He can also retain or discard certain items.
A property room technician requires an associate degree in criminal justice.

Their average per annum salary is $35,000.

Truancy Case Manager

Truancy-Case-ManagerSome kids needs an eagle eye to keep check and balance on them. A truancy case manager ensures that certain children are attending the schools regularly.  They keep contact with their parents and school administration to ensure the regular presence of kids.
They work on young generation to make sure their possibility of bright future. And keep all the record of conversations and meetings with school staff and parents of kids. A truancy manager requires a degree in criminal justice or behavioural sciences.

Their average per annum salary is $39,000.

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