Criminal Psychology Full Education And Career Guide 2020

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Criminal Psychology Full Education And Career Guide 2020

The study of thought process and behavior of criminals are defined as Criminal Psychology. The Criminal psychologist defines it as a science as it has its methodology, which helps in better understanding the subject. Psychologist examines the offender then perform an investigation on why the person has acted in a certain way, what could be his motives and what made him do so.

Let’s look at the Criminal Psychology Career:

A criminal psychologist is supposed to solve the mysteries behind the crime with the help of psychological principles. Criminal psychologist studies the case deeply by examining the crime scene by looking through the photos of the crime scene and working with law enforcement officials. Providing expert testimonies is the primary and most essential area of the criminal psychologist.

They also advise the lawyers for legal documentations. They also offer their expertise to the attorneys to help them select the juror for the specific case. The psychologist helps the prosecutors and defense lawyers to conduct the case in a persuasive manner. These psychologists usually do not offer therapy sessions.

Criminal Psychology Degree

To professionally join this field, you first need to have a bachelor’s/undergraduate degree in criminal psychology. It prepares you to work in the field of various environments. It is preferred if you pick the courses which are related to your degree, such as, human behavior, psychoanalysis, crime detection, forensic science, and criminology; it will help you further in your career.

Most schools offer these courses while others offer programs related to this like clinical psychology; both will help you get the license for practicing. A master’s degree or Doctor of Philosophy or Doctor of Psychology is required once you are done with your undergrad to get the high profile jobs. It is better to gain some experience before applying for my job.

You can do this by volunteering or working as an intern in related firms. To apply for a license, you are required to pass a state exam in order to get the certification. The whole process required approximately six to seven years to become a professional criminal psychologist.

How To Become A Criminal Psychologist : Step By Step Career Guide


Criminal Psychology Salary

Though there are jobs in the forensic field, there are thousands of people who are already working in the sector. According to the ZipRecruiter, the average salary of a criminal psychologist is approximately $80,610/year.

This varies from person to person. The psychologist who has more experience in the field and lives in a large city will earn more than the one who has the same experience but lives in a remote area.


Criminal Justice And Psychology

It is a course provided by universities in which they teach students the interdisciplinary science of psychology, including the biological and psycho social bases of behavior, learning, personality, and cognition.

Whereas, the criminal justice course provides them with a deeper understanding of systematic aspects of criminology and criminal elements. It helps students in understanding the relationship between both fields, which broadens the perspectives.


Criminal Psychology VS Forensic Psychology

There is a big misconception between criminal psychology and forensic psychology due to the Television shows which are becoming popular these days. Criminal psychology studies criminal behavior, thoughts, ideas, intentions and cognition.

They examine the people are studies why the person performed such an act. They frequently step into the courtroom to provide expert testimony. However, forensic psychology used the teaching and principles of psychology and applied them to the criminal and justice system.

It consults with law enforcement to integrate psychology into both criminal and civil legal matters. They work in selecting juries, evaluating witnesses, and conducting mental health evaluations.

Masters In Criminal Psychology

This program is designed to help you earn a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) in criminal psychology. To practice criminal psychology, it is essential for you to have a master degree. It provides you with an in-depth study of the field.

It will help you make reasoned arguments with rational decisions and a more comprehensive understanding of criminology theories and helps in applying them appropriately.

Criminal Psychology Courses

The courses in universities vary from one another, but the primary focus of the whole degree is towards criminal psychology. Some of the most popular courses which are taught are:

Biological criminal psychology: students learn genetics and the social environment, and their effect on criminal behavior. They also study other factors like culture, economic, social, geographical and family, and how they affect the behavior criminals.

Criminal behavior: in this course, students learn about the psychological factors which influence the criminal conduct. They also learn about criminal profiling, which teaches how to look at a psychological evaluation and how to check if the person has tendencies of a criminal.

Forensic psychology: it teaches students to apply the psychological findings in legal settings. Course topics include testifying at criminal trials, presenting a profile, predicting behavior and attesting to mental competency.

Psychological testing course: it is offered in masters or doctorate programs in which the whole methodology is taught. They learn about administering tests, checking the validity of a test, measuring test results and creating a prediction based on testing. They also learn how to deal with the criminal diagnosis and prepare court testimony.

Criminal Psychology Requirements

To become a criminal psychologist, you are required

To have a degree in Graduate, Ph.D., or Psy.D. Your degree should be in the field related to criminal psychology or forensic psychology and clinical psychology.

To practice in the practical field, it is necessary for you to have licensure and certification by the state, and for that, you first need to pass the state exam.

To start the job, you will need the experience to peruse the career.

Experience can be gained through clinical practicums, internships, or residencies. Universities assist students in finding institutions to obtain the necessary work experience.


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