FBI Requirements – FBI Special Agent Requirements Full Guide

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FBI Requirements – FBI Special Agent Requirements All You Need To Know

Becoming a part of the FBI is the daydream of many, but a few are willing to put in the hard work required to become an agent. The Federal Bureau of Intelligence is a prestigious intelligence agency whose aim is to protect the national interests of the United States. Therefore, the agents hired in the agency need to be very efficient in their duties. A special agent selection system (SASS) is a system through which the candidates are selected to become a part of the FBI. The SASS compromises of several parts and only the ones who successfully qualify in all these parts are selected to perform duties in the FBI.

You must be curious about those different parts, but Wait! We will first discuss the duties of the FBI Agent and then discuss those different parts of the FBI selection test.

Major duties of FBI Agent

The Job of an FBI special agent requires strong commitment and dedication. The ones willing to join the agency must have a firm commitment towards their duties. They must be willing to sacrifice the leisure of personal life for serving their country.

An FBI agent must:

  • Be honest and loyal to the United States and must adhere to the highest of standards. This makes the agents well-disciplined. Thus, they are efficient in their duties.
  • Be willing to fly abroad for different missions. Usually, the missions of the FBI are offshore, and the agents have to travel to different parts of the world. So, a candidate willing to become part of the agency must have the courage to leave his/her family behind and travel to different parts of the world.
  • Be available 24/7. Usually, the work hours are 50 per week and but one cannot be sure about the timings and can be called anytime. Therefore, the people willing to join the agency must not be rigid in their routines.
  • Be physically sound to perform different tasks of a training academy. The candidate’s fitness is usually tested in the selection test, and it is a significant part of FBI eligibility.
  • Be able to carry firearms. The aspiring candidates must keep in mind that they will have to use deadly force at times. Therefore, the ones with soft-hearted are advised to stay away from this Job. However, if you have a strong heart and are willing to put in the effort for your country, you should join the agency to perform the challenging tasks.



Employment requirements for FBI

fbi-job-requirementsThere are two different types of positions within the FBI, the first requirement is that for all the positions except for special agents, and the second type of requirement is specifically for special agents. In this section, we are going to discuss FBI requirements and FBI special agent job requirements. So depending on which position you are aspiring for, you can review and work on them.

FBI requirements for all the positions

The requirements for the FBI in general are:

  • The candidate must be a US citizen
  • The candidate must be able to obtain a top-secret clearance. Sensitive Compartment Information (SCI) test is being conducted. A candidate’s ability to keep the secret is tested, and the ones who are successful in this test are shortlisted for selection.
  • The candidate must also pass the drug test. In this test, the agency tests if the candidate is habitual of taking drugs or not.
  • The candidate must be able to clear background checks.
  • A valid driving license is also a prerequisite for becoming a part of the Federal Bureau of Intelligence.

These are some general FBI employment requirements. To become part of the agency as an agent, the requirements are more strict and comprehensive. In the upcoming section of the article, those requirements will be discussed.


FBI SWAT TEAM REQUIREMENTSfbi-swat-requirements

Employment requirements for the position of the special agent

fbi-employment-requirementsStandard FBI hiring requirements are different from that of special agent requirements. In this section of the article, we are going to discuss the FBI special agent requirements:       

  • FBI AGE LIMIT -The candidate must be between 23 to 36 years of age. The agents will have to retire at the age of 57. Therefore, a candidate must not be older than 37 years of age when joining the agency. The federal bureau of Intelligence might disqualify the candidates if it is revealed that they will reach thirty-seven before joining the agency.
  • The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university or college. Educational FBI agent requirements are not very complex, but the courses you will take during your degree will help you a lot during your selection tests.
  • The candidate with a bachelor’s degree must have at least two years of experience. However, the FBI work experience waiver is given to those who advanced degrees such as masters.
  • The candidate needs to have a valid driving license and six months of driving license. Having no major traffic violation during this time period is always a plus. Having a driving license is a vital FBI detective requirement.
  • The candidate must meet the physical fitness requirements of the FBI. Physical fitness requirements for the FBI are something on which there is no compromise within the agency. The agency looks for candidates who are in outstanding physical condition. The physical fitness requirements will be discussed in the upcoming sections.
  • The candidate must make available for several interviews before the field officer. If you are abroad or in a different state, you must plan accordingly. One important thing to keep in your mind is that you will have to travel on your own and the agency will not be compensating you financially.
  • If you are already in any services within the military or any other law enforcement agency, make sure that one year has passed before you submit an application for a special agent position within the FBI.

These are some of the FBI requirements for employment. Make sure to meet all these requirements in order to get selected for a position within the agency. The FBI degree requirements were also discussed. Make sure to focus on the core subjects of criminal justice because they will help you a lot in the selection test and the interview with the selection officer.

Physical Fitness Test Of FBI

Physical fitness is an essential aspect of our lives, and when it comes to the FBI, it is of more importance because the agents will be performing tasks that require them to be fit and physically sound. There are different parts of the Physical fitness test (PFT), and a candidate who performs well in all these parts is selected for a position within the agency.

The physical fitness test comprises five different components, and the successful candidates have to score 12 accumulative points. Five minutes of rest is allowed between all the five components.

The five components of physical fitness test are:

  • Sit-ups: The candidates are required to perform a maximum number of pushups during the time period of one minute.
  • Sprint: The sprint is 300 meters within the given time period
  • Pushups: The candidates are required to do the maximum number of pushups, and there is no time allocated for the FBI physical fitness test component.
  • Running: The candidates are required to run for 1.5 miles within a given period of time.
  • Pull-ups: The candidates must do a maximum number of pull-ups, and there is no time allocated for the component.

Core competencies for FBI Special Agents

The position of FBI special agent is challenging, and in order to perform the challenging tasks of this duty, a candidate needs to have some competencies. These competencies will help you perform well in the tests and interviews, but they are also going to help you perform your tasks efficiently.

We have listed a few competencies. Make sure to go through them all and see if you already have them. If you have, it is perfectly fine, but if you do not, start working on yourself and inculcate these competencies into your personality.

  • Collaboration: An FBI agent needs to have the capability to work in teams and collaborate to perform the challenging tasks of Intelligence.
  • Communication: This skill will not only help you in effective communication during the interview, but it will also help you communicate effectively while you are in the field performing your duties.
  • Adaptability: The FBI agents work in different environments, one day, they might be sitting in front of a computer desk analyzing the information, and the second day, they might be performing their duties in the hottest of areas. Therefore, adaptability is that one skill that will help the agents is performing duties of different nature.
  • Initiative: An agent must always be willing to initiate things. This might include initiating the tasks or any operations.
  • Leadership: The leadership skills will help an agent lead subordinates and excel in the field.
  • Problem-solving: The nature of the Job of FBI agents is such that they need a problem-solving mindset. No one will be there to guide them on every single step. Therefore, the ability of problems solving is a must for all the people willing to join the FBI as an agent.

What Kinds Of Grades Do I Need To Apply To The FBI?

The FBI does not require applicants to have earned a specific GPA, major, or degree.

What Is The FBI Field Office Location Applicants Are Assigned To After Completing Their Background Investigation?

Applicants who successfully complete the FBI’s hiring process may be assigned to any FBI office geographically convenient for their assignment. FBI applicants are not assigned based on geographic preference during the hiring process but rather based upon available space and FBI needs at the time of appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Process An FBI Applicant?

The fbi conducts a thorough background investigation prior to final job offer consideration. The length of this phase varies depending upon the fbi’s current workload and the volume of applicants at any given time. The fbi currently anticipates a processing time between six (6) and nine (9) months after receipt of an fbi application. fbi personnel will advise you of their progress during your background investigation as appropriate.

What is an 1811 Special Agent?

1811 Agents are special agents in plain clothes, and they are also referred to as special agents. These 1811 special agents have the permission to carry firearms, conduct searches, and seize properties. The special agents work with different departments of the intelligence agencies, and their primary objective is to gather information without being detected.

The special agents work with the drug enforcement administration, bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, homeland security investigation, and the federal bureau of investigation. No matter which department they work for, the special agents are always in the role of investigation, and they gather information from different mediums to conduct the investigation.





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