FBI BAU – FBI Behavioral Analyst Jobs And Salary

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FBI BAU – FBI Behavioral Analyst Jobs And Salary

Behavioral analysis is an important aspect of crime prevention, human tends to act in similar ways which means that human psychology is somewhat the same. The law enforcement agencies use this information in their favor, they analyze the behavior of violent criminals and the pattern of crimes so that they can be prevented in the future. The analysis of behavior gives the law enforcement agencies an edge over the criminals, the information that is extracted from the analysis of the behavior is used for crime prevention by taking precautionary measures.

FBI behavioral analysis FBI BAU job is to study analyze the pattern of crime through the incoming information, the information comes from two sides, the law enforcement agencies provide the information regarding different crimes, and the psychologists also give their input about the psychology of criminals. This information is then analyzed so that precautionary measures can be taken.

This article will give you all the necessary information for choosing a career in the FBI BAU, The path to getting in BAU is not straight and you will have to follow through the curves. Make sure to read each and every section of the article so that you don’t miss any necessary information.

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Structure of FBI National Center

The FBI has established a national center for the analysis of violent crimes (NCAVC), and the prime duty of the NCAVC is to analyze the violent crimes through different perspectives. The NCAVC has established a unit called as behavioral analysis unit which primarily focuses on the behavior of violent criminals. The FBI BAU is further divided into three sub-categories.

  • Behavioral analysis unit –Counter terrorism/threat assessment
  • Behavioral Analysis unit –Crimes against adults
  • Behavioral analysis Unit –Crimes against children.

As a behavioral analyst, you might be working in one of these units. The next section of the article focuses on the job description o behavioral analyst, stick to the article so that you can get to know how to work for the behavioral analysis unit.

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Behavioral Analyst Job Description

FBI-BAU-FBIThe personnel of the FBI BAU behavioral analysis unit of the FBI works in close coordination with the law enforcement agencies. The agencies provide them information about the violent incidents and the experts analyze the information. The physical characteristics of a crime are analyzed by highly expert individuals at the bau FBI, the charecterstics includes, the weapon used, the methods used to penetrate a premises, and planning behind a criminal incident.

After the FBI behavioral analysis, a report is submitted to the law enforcement agencies which helps them precautionary measures to prevent similar incidents in the upcoming coming time. On numerous occasions, the reports of BAU have helped the law enforcement agencies in apprehending a criminal incident.

The behavioral analysis unit FBI makes profiles of different criminals, the FBI behavioral analysis job is somewhat similar to that of the profilers, they make profiles of several violent criminals and conduct an analysis on the crime that they did. This analysis then helps them in understanding the criminal mindset so that similar criminal incidents can be prevented. A criminal behavior analyst would study the ways of committing the crime, based on the analysis, the law enforcement officials will be briefed so that necessary precautionary measures can be taken.

The fbi behavioral science unit makes profiles of different criminals through analysis of the crime that they committed, the findings of the analysis are uploaded on a web-based system that is accessible to the local and federal law enforcement agencies. The law enforcement agencies can take access the necessary information from the web-based system.

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Career information about Behavioral Analyst Jobs at FBI

There are three ways through which you can serve at the BAU FBI, the first is to serve as an agent. If you choose this career path, you will first need to have work experience, after completing this prerequisite, you can apply for BAU department and Join it.

fbi-bau-behavioral-analysis-unitThe second career path is to join as a scientist, for this you need to have a higher education degree such as masters and relevant field experience. Any sort of experience in which you have dealt with violent crimes will be enough for you to serve in BAU as an analyst.

The third option that you have is to join the BAU as supporting staff, for this you need to have a bachelor’s degree and some sort of academic research. Sometimes the supporting staff might also be required to have law enforcement experience.

Keep looking for the announced positions of the BAU FBI, once you identify one, you shall apply to it along with supporting documents. The supporting documents for the position of supporting staff include educational degrees, Resume, driving license, and other documents if required. After you have uploaded the documents successfully, you can submit your application.

The FBI human resource department will shortlist the candidates and calls them for an interview, if you perform well in the interview, you will be selected, and after that, you will be undergoing several tests including the polygraph test, background test, and drug test. If you pass them successfully, congratulations to you, you have got a job as analyst at BAU.

If you are applying as an agent, you need to contact your supervisor for inquiring about the dates for the interview. During the interview, you can expect more technical questions related to the behavioral analysis unit jobs. Try to stick to your knowledge that you have acquired during the course of your job as an agent.

Once the candidates are selected for FBI behavioral analysis unit jobs, they are sent to the FBI training academy where they receive training on professional matters to handle their duties at BAU. After completing the training, the analysts are sent to their respective units in the BAU.

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Steps for becoming FBI Behavior Analyst

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in any of the fields related to criminal justice
  2. Participate in an internship program.
  3. Gain work experience
  4. Apply for an announced position
  5. Complete FBI training
  6. Gain experience as a special agent
  7. Get assigned to the BAU

Duties of Officers and scientists at Behavioral Analysis Unit

If you are reading the article, you must be an interested candidate to become a behavioral analyst FBI, well, to land there, you need to have certain skill sets that are going to help you out.

Some of the essential skills for the technical analyst of the behavioral analysis unit are discussed below:

  • The scientist shall be able to reconstruct a crime based on the available evidence.
  • Create a profile of the perpetrator along with psychological traits of the individual.
  • Collaborate with other law enforcement agencies and provide them support for their investigation.
  • Shall be able to connect with criminals and terrorist in order to understand their motives behind the crime.
  • Shall be able to provide insights about the serial killers so that their future actions can be apprehended.
  • Develop a threat assessment report about various individuals. This report will help the law enforcement agencies in assessing the threat posed by different individuals.

Salary of Behavioral Analyst FBI

The FBI behavioral analysis salary is something unknown to many, people wonder about the wages offered to the behavioral analyst but hardly do they find anything authentic, don’t worry,

we are going to answer all your salary-related questions along with how much do FBI bau agents make.

The bau agents are highly trained officials who know what they are doing, through the experience of years, they reach a position where they are able to perform the duties of behavioral analyst.

For this reason, the salary packages offered to the behavioral analysts are good.

The behavior analyst FBI salary depends on the scale of the officer or scientist which means that the salary is offered on the basis of the pay scale. Usually, the analyst serves on the scale of GS-10 to GS-12, however, they can also reach up to GS-15 depending on their position in the BAU.

The average annual criminal behavior analyst salary for an individual working at the GS-10 scale is $50,246, the salary can increase depending on the experience of the individual has his/her overall performance.

The average annual FBI behavioral analysis unit salary for an individual working at GS-11 Scale is $55,204.

The average annual behavioral analysis unit salary for an individual working at GS-12 is $66,167

Fbi Behavioral Analyst Salary

ScaleAverage Annual Salary


The FBI behavioral science unit also gives various other incentives including the living announce, an agent working in BAU might also receive the cost of living adjustment (COLA)which might be 12.5 to 28.7 percent of the base salary.

Although the researchers working in BAU might not be qualified as special agents but the salary incentives for them are same as of special agents. Since the individuals working in FBI BAU have high credentials, therefore, they are being accommodated much in terms of finances as well as other facilities.

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