HRT FBI – FBI Hostage Rescue Team HRT Salary And Career Guide

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HRT FBI – FBI Hostage Rescue Team Career And Salary Information

HRT FBI Hostage Rescue Team was created in 1983 as a part of the FBI’s bigger unit that is, Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) that provides rapid assistance in emergencies like crisis management, hostage negotiations, abduction, or mysterious disappearance of children, criminal investigative analysis, and special weapons and tactics. The Hostage Rescue Team is the USA’s premium law enforcement tactical unit based at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. The FBI HRT’s motto is to servare vitas “to save lives” by providing professional manpower, training, and resources to deal with emergencies.

The HRT is the government’s non-Department of Defence full-time counterterrorist tactical team that has deployed more than 850 high-risk missions involving terrorism, violent crimes, foreign counter-intelligence, and other investigations. Other than that it also dealt with hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, undercover operations, high-risk arrests, and surveillance operations. The FBI HRT members are always on their toes to fight with any emergency situation to maintain national security and protect the citizens.

To have a better understanding of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team or someone planning to join the team, then keep on reading the article because we will share all the insights on the HRT and how you pursue it as a career.

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How to Join HRT FBI Hostage Rescue Team 

If you are interested in joining the FBI’s special Hostage Rescue Team, you must know that it is a high-risk job requiring a lot of training and strength. The HRT is very secretive and does not openly share the requirements for joining the unit. However, there are some of the basic things that you must have if you want to join the FBI Hostage Rescue Team.

Firstly you need to become a special agent at the FBI. We have a whole blog written on it already. Click on the link provided below.

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After becoming a special agent, you have to serve in the field for three years before applying for HRT. The FBI HRT selection happens only once a year. FBI special agents from all over the States join Quantico, Virginia to successfully meet the strict demands to earn a spot in the United States’ one of the top tactical units. Besides the strict FBI HRT requirements, the seats available are also very limited.

For the selection of HRT

For the selection of HRT, the members have to pass a two-week challenging selection process in which the members have to go through physical and mental stress. The instructors observe each candidate and their abilities to cope with the situations when they are exhausted and sleepless. The physical fitness tests typically include long-distance runs, obstacle courses, timed pushups and pull-ups, sprints.

Each candidate is given a number rather than his/her original name and no feedback is given in the entire selection process. There is no 100% guarantee that the Special Agent will be able to pass the selection process. Agents who have mental and physical capability to carry out missions in extreme conditions are only selected.

FBI HRT training program

Candidates who successfully pass the selection process and are approved for HRT jobs have to complete a 32- week FBI HRT training program the’ New Operator Training School’ which is an FBI Academy. In this program, the members are trained when to use tactics, firearms, and teamwork. Sometimes the operators work alongside Special Forces personnel like Delta and Navy Seals. In the training program, the members learn different hostage rescue tactics like fast roping, scuba diving, tactical driving, live-fire CQB exercises, and working in extreme weather conditions.

They also learn the process of raid, search, arrest, assault, snipe, or rescue and how to successfully close their missions. The training these Special Agents receive makes them the most deadly militants. The training process is practiced to polish the skills of agents and enhance their tactical and analytical expertise.

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FBI Hostage Rescue Team Job Description

fbi-hostage-rescue-team-salaryThe HRT members are the primary response units for counterterrorism operations; therefore, they are deployed in all parts of the US or abroad. Unlike other SWAT units, HRT operators are full-time tactical personnel, and they should be prepared for any emergency situation. This is the reason that the members of HRT have to train consistently throughout their careers.

Some of the responsibilities of the HRT include

  • Neutralize terrorist operations
  • Chase and arrest criminals
  • Pursue and apprehend criminals or escapee
  • Secretively cross barriers and rescue hostages
  • Provide protection to FBI and US government officials at events
  • Enter situations by rappelling from a helicopter

FBI Hostage Rescue Team Salary

All the members who work with the FBI are paid on the government General Schedule (GS) table. The FBI HRT members are classified as Supervisors which means that their salaries start from either a GS-14 or GS-15 pay level.

General Schedule For 2020

GS-14 Yearly Pay: $92,977.00 – $120,868.00

GS-15 Yearly Pay: $109,366.00 – $142,180.00

These are the base salary. They are often subject to change according to the local cost of living of the HRT operative. In addition to this, the HRT supervisor also receives Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) pay is compensation for the extra hours these operatives give for the States’ national security. This AUO is usually 25% of the base salary, which in my opinion is worth all the time and energy these operatives give.

There are other benefits also which are general for all the law enforcement officers. These include a health insurance plan, Thrift Savings Plan (401k), optional vision and dental insurance, and a full retirement after 20 to 25 years of service.

If you successfully become a part of an FBI Hostage Rescue Team, you must protect and safeguard the citizens and secure the US’s land. You will be responsible for preventing all the possible threats and rescuing the ones who are hostage by the criminals and terrorists. Although this career path is exhausting, indeed it is rewarding.

If you have more questions, feel free to comment down below, and we’ll get back to you.

Hostage Rescue Team – Organization

Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the FBI’s bigger Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) responsible to provide immediate assistance in a crisis. Hostage Rescue Team has a systematic organizational structure. It is comprised of three tactical units; Red, Blue, and Gold, including the maritime forces. Each of these tactical units is further divided into two teams which rotate after 60 days of operations, training, and support. The teams are: Assault Team & Snipers / Observation Team

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The Tactical Unit is vast and it includes more than 100 FBI’s Special- Trained agents. The units use specialized vehicles and platforms that support their operations. The Tactical Helicopter Unit and The tactical Mobility Team help the HRT to carry out missions and operations effectively with help of advanced technology.

The Tactical Helicopter Unit uses a fleet of helicopters such as Black Hawks which plays an important role in achieving their target, such as rescue operation. These helicopters enable them to each emergency area easily. The Tactical Mobility Team operates military vehicles including Chevy dual-axle pickup trucks, Chevy Suburban 4X4 SUVs, HMMWVs, and DDGMC LAV-APC Bison. These teams are specialized in carrying out missions in any environment.

Hostage Rescue Team – Weapons

The HRT is one of the quickest response unit teams in the world. The Tactical Unit has proved that its working structure is deeply organized and the soldiers it trains are the best of the best. Therefore, the Team is highly advanced in using technology, gear, and weaponry. They use a variety of equipment from SMGs to the Carbines as well as M4/Mk 18 rifles for better performance.

FBI-Hostage-Rescue-Team-weaponsMany weapon analysts worry that the weaponry used by the Tactical unit can over-penetrate a human body. However, the FBI conducted testing and said that a 5.56mm is the best of operations. Apart from that, the agents use

  • 1911 .45 pistol
  • MP510A3
  • MP5SD6 –
  • Remington 870 Shotguns
  • Remington M40a1 sniper rifles
  • HK PSG-1 Sniper Rifles

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