How To Become A Prison Warden Full Guide

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How To Become A Prison Warden Full Guide

Take Charge of Prison Security by Establishing Yourself as a Prison Warden

Working in the corrections system is demanding and gruelling, and as a prison warden, even more so. Not only do you have to wear your law enforcement belt, but you also have to take charge of administration and organization as well.

It can be ideal for someone who likes to diversify their role and play a pivotal part in the administration structure, but it can be a heavy workload, so manage your expectations. You will have to balance different duties in one description, from a counsellor or therapist to administrator, to authoritative figure to negotiator. The job may never call for the same thing twice in a row, so be prepared to adapt to your situations and face whatever may arise.

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Job Responsibilities

Although a prison warden has the highest level of authority within the prison, they carry no law enforcement power outside of it. First and foremost, they are responsible for enforcing all the prison rules and ensuring that no inmate steps out of line.

Safety for the prisoners inside the prison and society outside the prison is the biggest concern. They must also focus on the facility’s long-term growth, so they work on developing rehabilitation programs, procuring financing, and overseeing the day-to-day activities.

They confirm that all the prisoners’ needs are met and that all the correctional staff is adequately trained. Finally, they face the prison, so they may make announcements, make speeches, or speak to the media about any pressing matters.

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The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the range for a prison warden’s salary can go from $35,000-$100,000 a year, and part of that high variation compared to other careers in criminal justice is due to the amount of experience and the kind of criminal justice degree the warden brings to the table.

A 4-year bachelor’s degree is essential, so look into subjects like law enforcement, criminal justice or corrections and look into the possibility of doing them online. Eastern Kentucky University Online and the University of Phoenix have reputable programs to look into. This education will grant you eligibility to become a corrections officer, which you must do before becoming a warden.

It would be best if you then pursued further education offered by The National Institute of Corrections to prepare you for a warden’s duties. You will have many training levels to go through, starting with a supervisor’s course, then moving on to a bachelor’s degree or 100 hours in management and finally followed by a masters degree in administration.

It is critical to know all the courses you are required to take to become certified to become a prison warden and the additional 40 hours per year you need to continue to take after becoming one. Staying on top of the game and knowing the latest developments and changes to the system are crucial to maintaining this position.

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