Penologist Career Guide – What Does A Penologist Do ?

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Penologist Career Guide – What Does A Penologist Do ?

Prison management and criminal rehabilitation come under the umbrella of a professional name, Penology. Penology is a sub branch of criminology and deals with the management of prisons and punishments of crimes.

As humans, we are more punishments driven. We will restrain ourselves from doing something if and only if we know that there would be a penalty for doing that crime. So basically, Penology is the prevention of crimes by setting the standard bar of punishment for crimes. For example, there are specific set punishments for a particular crime, and a person charged for doing that crime will face the set punishments so that he can be restrained from doing that crime in the future.

Penology is also used to look after the criminal mental health when in prison because it is essential to punish people for what they have done and rehabilitate them so that they can be brought back to everyday life.

In simple words, Penology is the prevention of crimes by setting the standard bar of punishment for crimes. For example, anyone found guilty of a certain crime will get punishment set against that crime.

Penology is also used to look after the criminal mental health when in prison to avoid further crimes. Because it is essential to punish people for what they have done, institutions also need to guide their thinking towards positivity to avoid crimes in the future.

 If you Have an Interest in the Way the Jail System and Rehabilitation Works, Study as a Penologist

Penologists are law enforcement professionals who specialize in the study, analysis and management of criminal behavior and the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. They work in various settings, from correctional facilities to research centers and universities. Penologists combine their knowledge of criminology with their understanding of the criminal justice system to assess inmate behavior, develop treatment plans, and create rehabilitation programs. Penologists must have excellent communication skills, an understanding of the criminal justice process, and a commitment to helping individuals successfully reintegrate into society.

Penologists often use their expertise to contribute to policy development and the wider implementation of evidence-based practices in criminal justice. They also work with families of offenders, victims’ families and community organizations to ensure the successful reintegration of individuals released from correctional facilities. Ultimately, penologists aim to reduce recidivism rates and improve public safety by providing meaningful rehabilitation options for offenders.

Not many people know what a penologist is, so it is essential to clarify the role before learning more. Penology has to do with the penal system, so it is involved with how the prison system openologistperates, how people are rehabilitated by it, and the theories that tie them together. In this field, you will be working directly in the environment to see it all happen, so you need to be mentally equipped to spend your days in prisons and with inmates. Your job is to interview and evaluate the system, interact with the guards and the inmates, and assess the system’s efficiency, so it is vital to stay ahead of the game in criminal justice and keep finding new, innovative, and effective ways to help convicts. Going to jail shouldn’t only be about punishment but also about change and redemption so that inmates can one day be released back into society. A penologist is concerned with making this happen.

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Educational Requirements

In general, getting a job as a penologist will require you to have a 4-year bachelor’s criminal justice degree, which you can pursue online if you choose to, at schools like the University of Phoenix Online or Liberty University Online. Popular degree choices include psychology, criminal justice, or justice administration.You will study American prisons’ history, the penal system’s objectives, types of punishments, reasons and reactions of going to prison, and what life is like there. You will also cover different issues that the prison system is faced with, like budgets, being too crowded, and the controversial issue of the death penalty. Having this type of background will help you further understand the problems that need to be corrected and the reality of the situation, which will help you manage your expectations and prepare to enter the system and see it firsthand.

Job Duties

A penologist has many different prison system duties, all working closely with inmates, correctional officers, parole, and probation officers. They will be involved in how the prison is set up and the facility’s architecture. They will help develop management policies, and they will help run self-help programs for prisoners. Additionally, they will study and analyze the way prisoners are treated and the entire road to their rehabilitation. what-does-a-penologist-do

With more and more crimes being committed and prisons becoming overcrowded, the outlook for this job compared to other careers in criminal justice is suitable according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, with expected rises in the industry, and a typical penologist will earn about $26,000-$40,000 a year. The penal system needs to be addressed because it will no longer be effective if it isn’t constantly evolving and developing. Hence, a penologist is a person who is qualified and involved enough to do it.

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What does a penologist do?

As we have discussed in-depth about the term Penology, now it is time to discuss the person responsible for regulating all these processes in the jail. The person responsible for taking prison management is called a penologist.

A penologist is a person who is in direct contact with the prisoners and is responsible for managing the prisoners in such a way that their triumphant return to society is ensured.

You might have the question in mind: what does a penologist do, penologist salary, job opportunities for a penologist, and penologist career growth?

penologist-definationThe answer is simple, a person working in the prison system and having direct contact with criminals is penologist. A penologist also has the responsibility of peacefully regulating the affairs of jail. He has to ensure that there is no drug trafficking in the jail through proper security checks. Apart from this, he also has to ensure that the prisoners are in peaceful settlement with each other, and there are no chances that they can provide fatal harm to each other.

Penologist is a person who is in direct contact with the prisoners, security guards, and other law enforcing agencies; therefore, he needs to have to multi-dimensional personality and exceptional communication skills. The multi-dimensional personality will enable him to deal with every situation accordingly. For example, it requires a person to deal differently with the prisoners and the officers from law enforcement agencies; therefore, multi-dimensional personality will be a handy skill if you plan to become a penologist.

Secondly, the penologist is responsible for the successful induction of these criminals into society. This requires a penologist to have accommodative behavior and effective communication skills. The penologist is responsible for shaping these inmates’ behavior in such a way that they become normal citizens of society and become beneficial for themselves and their families.

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Penologist Job Description & Penologist Salary 

As discussed earlier, a penologist is a person responsible for regulating jail affairs. The job of a penologist revolves around certain factors. The first aspect of his job is to work on the prisoners’ mental rehabilitation so that they can become normal and law-abiding citizens. For this purpose, a penologist will have to show them the perks of being law-abiding citizens. He/she can showcase to them the peaceful lives of the people who have been law-abiding citizens.

A penologist’s job can be a tricky one because a penologist will have to accommodate the prisoners, and at the same time, he will have to ensure the peaceful regulations of the Jail affairs. So, a penologist will have to adopt the method of sticks and carrots where he will have to punish them for their crimes while at other times, he will have towhat-is-penologist accommodate them to work on their mental rehabilitation.

Apart from the criminals, a penologist will also work with individuals from law enforcement agencies. The penologist will have a close working relationship with the correctional officers, probation officer, parole officer, and criminologist. Moreover, a penologist might also be asked about the progress of criminals by the court. So, this requires a penologist to have accurate information about all of the prisoners under his custody.

Through the process of punishments and rehabilitation of the prisoners, a penologist will contribute towards reducing crimes from society. So, apart from being a reputable profession, the job of penologist is an excellent opportunity for the people who are willing to contribute to their society and country positively.

Penologist Salary 

According to the bureau of labor statistics, a penologist’s average annual salary in 2017 was 67,000.

The crime rate is expected to grow with the increase in population, making the prisons crowded; therefore, the law enforcement agencies will need more and more penologists for handling the jail affairs and working on the rehab of the criminals. So, the job prospects for penologists are bright in the coming future.

Step By Step Guide How To Become Penologist?

If you plan to become a penologist and do not have a basic understanding of correction, do not worry. Once you are selected for the job of penologist, you will be receiving a formal training program during which you will be educated on all these skills required for the job of penologist.

Penologist requirements

  • A person with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, psychology, or justice administration can become a penologist.
  • A person who has studied the courses on punishment techniques and criminal psychology during his educational degree.
  • A penologist must have a sound understanding of crimes and punishment, how US prisons work, how to manage prisons and their budget? Etc.
  • A penologist must also have self-defense techniques, the technique of handling firearms, and the legalities involved.

By following these steps, individuals interested in becoming a penologist can gain the knowledge and experience needed to be successful in this field. With hard work and dedication, they can pursue a rewarding career devoted to helping make society safer.  

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree: Penologists need at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology, criminal justice, psychology, social work or another related field to practice in the field of penology.

Step 2: Attend Graduate School: Most penologists choose to pursue their graduate studies and obtain a Master’s degree in corrections, criminal justice, sociology or psychology.

Step 3: Earn Certification from Professional Organizations: Several organizations offer professional certifications for penologists, including the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.

Step 4: Consider a Doctoral Degree: Penologists looking to advance their career may pursue a doctoral degree in criminal justice, corrections, criminology or a related field.

Step 5:Apply for Jobs: Penologists can look for job opportunities at prisons, jails and other correctional facilities. They may also be able to find employment with government agencies, private companies or consulting firms.

Step 6: Stay Updated on Professional Trends: To stay current in the field, penologists should regularly attend conferences and seminars and read relevant publications. They should also become familiar with new legislation and regulations related to the criminal justice system.

Step 7: Pursue Further Education or Training: Penologists may pursue further education or training in a specialized area of corrections, such as juvenile justice, drug rehabilitation or offender reentry. Learning new skills and staying up to date on the latest trends can help them advance in their career.

Step 8: Participate in Professional Organizations: Joining a professional organization such as the American Correctional Association or the Society of Correctional Physicians can help penologists make valuable contacts and stay informed about the field.

Step 9: Maintain Your License or Certification: To maintain their credential, penologists must adhere to any licensing and certification requirements for their particular state or jurisdiction. They may need to complete continuing education courses or exams regularly.

Step 10: Advance Your Career: As you gain experience in the field of penology, you may pursue additional certifications or advanced degrees. Doing so could open up new job opportunities and boost your salary. Additionally, consider joining professional organizations related to penology to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field and network with other professionals. With hard work and dedication, you can make a successful career in penology.



What Skills Must A Penologist Have? 

The first and most important skill for a penologist is to have excellent verbal and written communication skills. During the duty, a penologist will have to interact with the prisoners; therefore, a person willing to become a penologist must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Secondly, the penologist will also have to prepare reports on the prisoners’ progress; therefore, his writing skills must be supportive for conducting his job.

Though physical fitness does not count as a skill for a penologist’s job, it is an essential factor that can be counted as a skill for effectively performing the job. Criminals will always surround a penologist, and anything can be expected from habitual criminals; therefore, he/she must be in the sound physical condition so that any mishap happening with the prison premises can be handled.

During the rehabilitation process of the criminals, a penologist will have to play with the criminals’ minds, for which he needs to have command over the subject of human psychology. Moreover, a penologist must have a sound understanding of the rules and regulations of the correction. Having the knowledge of corrections will make bring ease in doing his job.

Career Requirements

Degree  Level             Bachelor’s degree
Degree FieldsCriminal justice, criminology, psychology, sociology
ExperienceRequirements vary by job setting; some jobs are entry-level
Key SkillsExcellent written and oral communication, strong listening and decision making abilities, understanding of criminal behavior causes and an understanding of the different ways to rehabilitate criminals
Salary (2015)$73,760 yearly (median for all sociologists, which includes penologists)

 Job out Look 

According to the bureau of labor statistics, there is continuous growth expected for a penologist’s job. This growth is simple, the crimes in society are not going to finish, and so do the punishments for those crimes. So, as long as there are punishments for the crime, the demand for the penologist will increase.

Apart from the punishments, the penologists are also in demand for the rehabilitation process of the criminals. The demand for penologists for the rehabilitation of criminals will increase in the upcoming future because of the constant growth in the population and the increase in the crime rate.

So, if you are planning to pursue your career as a penologist, you need to know that the demand for this job will never vanish, and as a penologist, you will always be in demand. Numerous criminal justice agencies across the US seek penologists, so you can apply to your desired agency once you meet the criteria for a criminal penologist.

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How to Get a Penologist Job?  

 So, if you plan to become a penologist, you will need an educational degree in any field that includes courses on criminal psychology and the criminal justice system. Once you have the degree, you will have to apply for the announced positions.

You will be called for an interview upon successfully passing the test. After the interview, you will have to go through the background check, during which your previous record will be checked. Once you have cleared all these things, you will be trained for the job. The training will not end once you have joined the job. You will constantly need to improve your skills in order to climb to the higher positions further.

Emphasize learning and job satisfaction are guaranteed! Good luck!






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