Florida Police Academy Requirements All You Need To Know

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Florida Police Academy Requirements All You Need To Know

Many people wish to become police officers in Florida. You might be one of them. Nevertheless, do you know what it takes to become a police officer in the Florida police department? If you are among the ones who do not have any idea about the police academy Florida requirements, you are at the right place.

If you are 19 years old with a valid driving license in Florida and you have completed high school, you are eligible to become an officer in the police department of Florida. The police academy Florida requirements are not demanding, and they require the candidates who have completed their education and possess a good moral character. Sound physical health and clean background are also essential requirements of the Florida police academy. If you think you have all these, you are a good fit for the police academy in Florida.

This article will provide you helpful information on the requirements of the police academy in Florida; the article will begin by discussing how to become a police officer in Florida. You have a choice to choose one of the three ways discussed in the first section of the article.

The next section of the article will discuss the police academy requirements in detail. Try to read that section carefully so that you can get all the requirements for becoming an officer. The article will also discuss specific requirements of the Southwest police academy.

Police Academy Requirements

Ways to become a police officer in Florida.

police-academy-florida-requirementsWhen it comes to becoming a police officer in Florida, you have three choices or three ways to choose. The best thing about all three of them is that they all will make you become a certified law enforcement officer in the state of New York. You must be curious about those ways, aren’t you? So, without any further due, let us discuss those three ways to help you become a police officer in Florida.

1. The first way is to complete the basic recruitment training program for law enforcement officers. Upon completion of the recruitment program, you will be entitled to a police officer in the state of Florida.

2. The second way is to get a certification in the state of Florida as a correctional officer. Once you have completed the certification for the correctional officer, you will have to complete a crossover program from corrections to law enforcement. This crossover program will help you shift from corrections to law enforcement.

3. The third option is for candidates already hired as law enforcement officers in any of the other states of the United States. Such officers can apply for an equivalency of training program and get themselves transferred to Florida.

To become a police officer in Florida, the candidate needs to: 

·         Take part in the training program and get through it successfully.

·         Clear the certification exam in the State of Florida.

A certified agency employs · as a law enforcement officer.

Requirements for becoming a law enforcement officer in Florida

Florida-academyTo become a law enforcement officer in Florida, specific requirements need to be met by the aspiring candidate for a law enforcement position. First of all, the candidate needs to be at least 19 years old with a valid driving license. The US citizens are only allowed to serve the police department in Florida, so if you are a US citizen, you are a good fit for a job in law enforcement. Otherwise, you have to explore other options for your professional life.

The police department of Florida makes sure that the candidate they are hiring for the Florida police academy are honest and are not involved in any unlawful practices. A background check is conducted to check the records of the potential candidates. During the background check, the candidates who are convicted of a felony or have a misdemeanor involving perjury are permanently disqualified for any of the positions within the police department. Another essential thing is false statements. The people who have previously given false statements in the court are also disqualified from any positions within the police department of Florida. Therefore, you must be very courteous about the statements you give before the court so that they do not become problematic for you in the fourth coming time.

An essential requirement for becoming a police officer in the United States is that the candidate shall not be dishonorably discharged from any of the arm forces within the United States. A dishonorable discharge means that the individual has been involved in extreme unlawful practices, and it is for sure that the police department does not want to hire a candidate who has such a lousy track record.

Having harsh physical conditions is also an essential requirement for becoming a police officer in Florida. The department requires the aspiring candidates to get themselves examined by a certified physician. The physician will physically examine the candidates and determine if they are physically sound or not. You do not have to stress a lot about it because it will be a general examination, and if you do not have a physical disability, it will be a smooth process for you.

Along with physical fitness, the candidates should also have a sound moral character so that he/she can perform the tasks required by the police department of Florida. The police academy in Florida has an application form known as CJSTC-68. All the aspiring candidates need to fill the form and apply for an announced position within the police department of Florida. Once the application has been filled, the background and drug tests are conducted, which must also be passed.

Upon completing the admission criteria, the candidates will have to complete the training programs required by the Florida police department. There are three different choices when it comes to training programs of police academies in Florida. The candidates will either have to go through a law enforcement officer basic recruit program or choose a crossover or not training program.

Southwest Florida police academy

Police-FloridaOne of its kind, Southwest Florida police academy is an extension of Ft. Myers Technical College, and it has two different academies. The first is the Southwest Florida criminal justice academy, and the second is the southwest Florida fire academy. The South West Florida criminal justice academy is certified by the Florida Department of law enforcement’s standard and training commission to train the cadets so that they can become officers in the Florida police department.

If you are living in Florida, you must be already aware of the standards in the southwest Police academy. The institution is one of its kind, and the aspiring candidates for the police department of Florida have always wished to join the academy to become officers.

Do you also wish to join the Southwest Florida police academy and become an officer in the Florida police department? Well, in that case, we have brought you the requirements of the southwest Florida police academy so that you can have a look at them and act accordingly.

Requirements for Southwest Florida Police academy

The aspiring candidates need to complete CJBAT or FBAT. This is a basic abilities test to determine your skills. The second primary requirement is to meet all the general requirements for becoming a police officer. This includes a background check, physical test, written examination, and interview. A detailed list of the requirements is provided below.

·         The candidate must be 19 years old and a citizen of the United States.

·         The candidate should have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate

·         The candidate must have a valid driving license in Florida with no DL suspension within the time frame of the last three years.

·         The candidate must not have a dishonorable discharge from any of the arm forces within the United States. 

·         The candidate should not have been convicted of any felony

·         The candidate should have zero DUI convictions within the last five years.

·         The candidate shall not have consumed drugs for the last five years.

Steps for becoming a police officer in Florida

1. Appear in CJBAT and pass it.

The first step for becoming a police officer in Florida is to appear in the CJBAT test and clear it. Passing the test will enable you to move to the following steps to join the law enforcement academy in Florida. You have two choices for appearing on the CJBAT exam, the first choice is to appear in the test through the academy, and the second choice is to appear on the test from any other platform and demonstrate the results to the academy staff.

2. Submit the Application form

The next step after clearing a CJBAT test is to submit your application form. At the start, you will have to share the results of your tests, and an academy staff member will verify your results to ensure that the result is correct. Once the verification has been done, you must submit your application form with all the required documents. During this step, you will have to submit the results of the drug test, your fingerprints, and your physical agility test.

3. Appear in the interview after passing the physical agility test

Once you have submitted the form and the deadline for submitting the form has passed, you will be given the dates for your interview. During the interview, you can expect questions related to your studies and the areas of your interest. Depending on your performance during the interview, you will be given your results within 48 hours.

4. Orientation for the short-listed candidates.

At this step, the successful candidates are called for orientation if you are among the lucky ones called to the orientation session. Congratulations, you are just a step away from becoming a cop in Florida. During the orientation, you will be measured for uniforms and shoes. The academy staff will brief you about your routine at the academy. 

Ability portion involves:

Completing the tasks below in repetition during an allotted time frame:


1.5 Mile Run11:5812:2413:1214:23


1.5 Mile Run14:0414:3415:3417:19

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