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Police Academy Requirements

Becoming a police officer is the daydream of many. We all want to join the police organization to serve society and make it peaceful for the people living in it. Apart from this spirit of serving society, many people also desire to join the department because of the job security that it offers. The source of inspiration does not matter. If you have landed on this page, you must already be motivated enough to join the police force.

Joining the police force isn’t an easy job, and one has to pass through several obstacles to become a part of the police force. You have to meet specific requirements to become a part of the police academy and successfully pass it to become a police officer. When it comes to police academy requirements, there are two different types of requirements. The first type of requirements are the ones that are followed across the states, they are usually called universal police academy requirements, and the second types of requirements are the ones that vary as you move from one state to another. 

Keeping this factor in mind, your preparation should be according to the state you are applying for. This article will guide you on the police academy requirements. Initially, we are going to discuss the general requirements, and once you have read them, you can switch to the specific state for which you are applying. Make sure not to miss any portion of this article so that you can have a better understanding of police academy requirements. Educating yourself on the academy requirements is usually the first step towards becoming a police officer. Make sure that your first step is excellent.

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Universal Police Academy Requirements

prepare-for-police-academyAll right, so first thing first, let us begin by discussing the universal police academy requirements. The universal police academy requirements are the ones that are similar across the states, and every entrant willing to become a part of the police academy needs to meet these requirements in order to pass through the academy successfully. So, without any further due, let us jump straight to the universal police academy requirements.

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Educational Requirements For Police Academies

Every police academy requires a high school diploma from aspiring candidates. This means that no individual without a high school diploma would be enrolled in the police academies. The police academies also accept a GED equivalent to a high school diploma, so if you have a GED diploma and not a high school degree, there is nothing to worry about. You can still get enrolled in the academy.

Most police academies prefer candidates who have a college degree. Although the academies have not made it a necessity, candidates with a college degree have the edge over the candidates who do not.

Therefore, having a college degree is always a good idea if you aspire to join a police academy and become a police officer. When deciding the major of your college degree, you must remember that the police academy is looking for candidates who have relevant skills. Therefore, you must choose a major that is going to equip you with the relevant skills set. Having a major in a criminal justice-related field is always a good idea if you aspire to become a police officer.

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Driver License Requirements

Police-Academy-RequirementsHaving a driver’s license is another requirement of the police academy, and the candidates must possess a valid driving license that is registered in their corresponding state. So, if you already have a driving license, it is going to save you much time that would have been spent on getting a driving license, but if you do not have one, you are advised to start the process of getting the driving license so that you can get done with it as soon as possible. 

Another important thing when it comes to a driving license is to have a clean driving record; this means that you should not have committed a major offense while driving. Although a clean record is not a necessity, yet it is always a good plus. Therefore, you are advised to maintain a good record if you aspire to join a police academy.

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Training Requirements Of Police Academies

The training requirements for the police academies are challenging; the staff needs to make sure that the passing out cadets are endured enough to bear the hardships of their job, and for this reason, the training of police academies emphasizes the mental and physical endurance of the candidates. There are specific physical exams that the entrants have to go through if they are willing to join the academy. Failing these exams will result in disqualification from the entrance exam, and the cadets will not be allowed to become part of the police academies.

physical-requirements-for-police-academyThe physical exams in the entry tests check the overall health of the candidates and their physical fitness; this is done to ensure that the candidates are fit enough to endure the strict routine of the academy. 

Once the entrance exams are finished, those who have passed the exams are inducted into the academies, where the physical training begins. The instructors at the academies make sure that they train the cadets enough to bear the physical toughness of their jobs and become agile enough to perform the police tasks. When the training is completed, a test is conducted to determine whether or not the candidate has developed sufficient physical skills to perform the police tasks. According to an estimate, two-third of the recruits cannot pass the final physical exam of the academy. Thus they are not able to graduate from the police academy.

The police academy also trains the cadets on educational matters. Education is as important as physical training in the life of a police officer; therefore, the police academy trains its recruits on the educational side as well. The curriculum in the academy comprises verbal and written lectures, and regular exams are conducted to evaluate the performance of cadets. The lectures mainly cover ethics, laws, immigration laws, and various other subjects of criminal justice. In the states where the immigrant population is huge, the police training academies teach multiple languages to the cadets so that they can communicate with the immigrants effectively.

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Age Requirements For Police Academies

Most police academies across the United States have age limitations. However, this limitation is not followed universally across the states, and the minimum and maximum age limits vary as you move from one state to another. Many of the states require the candidates to be at least 21 years old. However, certain states induct cadets who are 18 years old; this goes to show that there is no universal minimum age limit to join the police academies in the United States. 

The maximum age limit for applying into the police academies is 36 years, and candidates older than 36 years are not eligible to apply. This is done to make sure that the people who join the police academies are in sound health conditions and capable enough to perform the tough jobs of the police organizations. Another critical thing to be kept in mind is that the retirement age from the police forces is 56 years. The policymakers in the organization want to make sure that they are enrolling the candidates who will serve the organization for at least twenty years.

Background Check Of The Cadets

The police academies also conduct a background check for the new entrants; this is done to ensure that the candidates in police organizations have moral, ethical, and legal rights to carry a weapon and police badge. What if the police hire a candidate with a criminal background? Would he/she perform the duties effectively and ensure that law and order are prevailing? In my perspective, it is a big no, and an individual with a criminal background can never perform the duties effectively.

requirements-to-join-police-academyThe police academies conduct a thorough background check for all the new entrants into the academy for these reasons. This background check includes a driving record check and a criminal record check. A significant felony or involvement in a criminal activity might lead to permanent disqualification; therefore, if you aspire to become a part of the police academy, you need to be very careful about your activities that might lead to bad history.


When you apply for the police academy, your background check starts, and the people monitor your activities without you even knowing it. The police organization wants candidates who are disciplined, thorough, and responsible so that they can effectively perform the police tasks. 

The background check for the police academy will include your criminal history, your educational qualification, your residential history, employment history, driving record, and credit score. All these aspects will determine if you are eligible enough to qualify for a police academy. Having a minor problem in the subjects, as mentioned earlier, is not a problem. However, suppose you have an involvement in a significant criminal incident or a very bad credit history. In that case, you will probably not qualify for any of the police academies across the United States. For this reason, you are encouraged to work in these areas and maintain a positive posture so that you can easily pass through the background check.

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Final Word

The police academy will be a wonderful experience for you if you have a desire to become a police officer. The academy will train you mentally and physically to carry out your tasks effectively. During the academy training, you will receive extensive training on different matters, and this training will bring out the best in you once you are in the field for performing your duties.

The police academy requirements are something that you need to meet for entering the academy as well as passing out from the academy. Initially, the requirements to join the academy will help you get inducted into the academy. Once you are there, you need to get trained, and at the time of passing out, you will be evaluated if you have trained sufficiently enough to carry out the tasks of a police officer.

The academy requirements vary according to different states. Keeping this factor in mind, we have made a state-wise list that will help you check the specific requirements of your respective police academy. Make sure to check the requirements so that you can gain the relevant necessities. 

You can check out the police academy requirements by state below . Whatever you’re looking for we hope you find it at CJ US JOBS .

Florida Police Academy Requirements

Connecticut Police Academy

Massachusetts Police Academy

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