Police Academy Training – All You Need to Know

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Police Academy Training – All You Need to Know

The police is a highly professional institute; a police officer’s duties demand that he/she must be professionally trained. There are many steps involved in hiring the new police officers, but the one last step is Police academy, the successful candidates who have passed through all the steps are asked to join the training academy through a letter. This selection letter is of much happiness for many of us, but it brings many curiosities to our mind.

Most of us start to think about the duration of academy training, we may also look for answers to questions like, how long is the police academy, how long is the police academy training, and what will I do in the academy?

Answering the queries linked with police academy training, we have come up with this article in which we have summed up all the information you need to have about the police training academy.

How long is police academy training

The police academy training won’t last that long; training in most of the police training academies is 6 to 8. The recruits have to complete 800 hours of training which is equally divided into the week. A cadet in the police training academy will be taking part in the training for 40 hours a week. Your question related to the police academy training must have been answered after reading the answer to this question.

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Who can take part in police academy training

Everyone wants to serve in the police department, but very few are shortlisted, the candidates who are hired to serve in the policed department are entitled to undergo police training. There are several steps for becoming a police officer, and the ones who climb up all the steps of this ladder successfully are eligible to join the police training academy.

However, there is a slighter exemption for those who want to serve in the police department but have not yet applied for any position, they can also participate in private training academies, but a pre-requisite is that their age must be between 18 to 21 years.

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Will attending the police academy cost me anything

The police agency has hired you as a recruit, and you are taking part in police academy training because you are part of the agency. For sure, you will not have to pay anything for the training. You will start receiving your basic salary as soon as you join the police training academy.

This stands for the recruits of the police department. The candidates who want to join the academy without a job offer will have to bear their expenses on their own. A minimal tuition fee will be charged, which is about $ 6,700. After completing their training, the candidates who get selected to law enforcement agencies can reclaim the amount that they paid for their training.

Are there different type of Police academies

There are several different police academies. The two major types of police academies are Official state academies and private academies.

State officials run the official academies, and most of the new police recruits are trained in those academies. Some of the official academies are specified to certain departments such as the FBI while others might train you on a general basis.

The state authorizes the private academies, and they also train the candidates on the same standards, these training academies aim to have individuals who don’t require training while they are joining the police department.

The environment of police academies might also vary; some of the academies might require you to spend your weekdays in the academy while others might allow you to attend the classes from the comfort of your home. This section must have answered your question of how does police academy works.

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What is the police academy like?

You might be wondering what the police academy consists of, Well, it is a training institution to train you on the skills that will be beneficial for you while you are serving in a police department. The police training academy is not a military institution, but it is no different. You will have to take classes on various subjects, attend physical fitness programs, and participate in drills.

One thing observed in the police training academy is the respect of seniority, your supervisors might stretch your limits, and you might think of giving up but always being patient and respecting the orders given to you. This is considered to be a sign of an obedient cadet.

Yelling, punishing and stretching limits are common practices in the police training academy, and they are part of the police academy process. All you need to do is remain focused, no matter what, don’t disobey, and follow the instructions.

What type of classes do I have to take in the police training academy?

The curriculum for police training academies may vary, different training academies have their own mandated curriculums but generally speaking, you will be attending classes on the matters related to your job. For example, report writing, investigation techniques, computer skills, and control on the temperament are essentials of the police academy training program.

These are some of the subjects on which you educational classes will be based, apart from these, there are physical classes as well during which you will receive training on firearms, combat fighting, first-aid, and emergency control.

You might be wondering, is the police academy hard, well for the lazy people, it is very hard, but for those who like to do things daily and keep themselves updated, it is an easier task than they will be taking part in much happiness.

Are there tests in the police training academy?

Yes, there are several tests in the police training academy to ensure that the cadets are getting hands-on knowledge taught to them. These tests are of utmost importance and don’t take them lightly. Most law enforcement agencies prefer to hire candidates who have scored over 70% in academy tests; for this reason, you should ensure that you are doing well in a police training academy’s tests.

Are there physical tests in the police training academy

Before getting selected for the academy, you must have your physical fitness exam, but it doesn’t mean that you should relax. Staying in shape is essential in the academy as well, you will be asked to take part in physical activities which might include running, obstacles and swimming. To perform well in them, you need to have a sound physical condition.

Before passing out, academies conduct several tests in which they determine the physical condition, failing in these test might result in failure from passing out the academy successfully. The academy physical test might be based on these elements.

  • Strength
  • Endurance, and agility
  • Obstacle course
  • Simulated foot chase
  • Vertical jump
  • Fence-climbing
  • Repeatedly squeezing a handgun trigger
  • Dragging a simulated body

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What happens after graduating from a Police training academy

After completing the police training academy, the first thing that you do is celebrate! Once the celebrations are over, you join the police department and serve under the command of a senior officer to get familiar with the duties and tasks of a police officer.

Once your field training is completed, you are an officer working on his/her own.

Welcome to the force and always remember why you joined it! 

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