Top Ranking Bachelor Degree Program In Intelligence Studies

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Top Ranking Bachelor Degree Program In Intelligence Studies

Intelligence and security play an essential role in maintaining and safeguarding the sovereignty of a state. Intelligence agencies provide intelligence and information to the government, making policies for the state and other states. The intelligence department’s primary purpose in any law enforcement agency is to collect information regarding any foreign individual, places, events, or activities that are not easily accessible.

Suppose you are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or becoming an intelligence analyst. Is it essential to have a bachelor’s degree in intelligence studies or any other related field like social sciences, international relations, political studies, or national security? If you are indecisive in choosing the right major for a career path, do not worry. We got you covered!

This article will tell you what intelligence studies are, what career options you have with an intelligence studies degree, and the best colleges for intelligence degrees in the USA.

Keep on reading the article to find more about universities with intelligence degrees.

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What is intelligence studies?           

degrees-in-intelligenceIntelligence studies are comparatively a new major compared to other fields. It has gained limelight after the second decade of the 21st century. The intellegence degree has many tendencies to grow and expand due to the diverse subject area, increasing importance in the contemporary and divergent areas for generating debate, which eventually leads to the development of the subject.

Intelligence studies focus on collecting, analyzing, and distributing intelligence that, in return, affects the national security of the state. The degree has become increasingly popular amongst those who wish to join the government, military, or intelligence agencies. The intellegence degree has experienced immense transformation in the 21st century as security issues are becoming prominent than ever before.

Why Choose Intelligence Studies Programs

After the Cold War and terrorist attacks on the Sates’ national security became a prominent issue, the regime became more conscious, and it needed people who are specialized in understanding the working of intelligence. Therefore, colleges and universities introduced intelligence degree programs.

inteligence-studiesThe dynamics of the relationship between the states have changed in the 21st century. It hasn’t changed between states specifically but also between the government, military and businesses. Thus, the issues relating to intelligence and security between the nations, societies, and peoples have become more complicated. Formal education with evidence-based research on the study of intelligence can help overcome the rising issues of the modern period.


What a Degree in Intelligence Will Teach You?

In intelligence studies, you will learn the different courses related to intelligence and security. Some of the prominent areas of study are law enforcement intelligence, cooperate intelligence, military intelligence, intelligence analysis, foreign policy, intelligence ethics, counter-terrorism, security issues, and many others. The degree will help you prepare for entry-level careers in government, military, or law enforcement agencies.

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Top Ranking Universities With Intelligence Degrees

Here is a list of top colleges & universities that are offering degrees in intelligence studies.

  • Texas-Am-College-Station-Intelligence-DegreeTexas A&M University

The Bush School of Government and Public Service

Degree: Intelligence Studies Program.

Location: College Station, Texas


  • James-Madison-University-intellegence-studiesJames Madison University

Degree: Intelligence Analysis Program

Location: Harrisonburg, Virginia



  • Arizona-State-University-intellegnece-degreeArizona State University

Degree: Intelligence and Information Operations

Location: Tempe, Arizona



  • Bellevue-University-intellegnece-degreeBellevue University

Degree: Intelligence and Security Studies

Location: Bellevue, Nebraska



  • George-Washington-University-intellegence-degreeGeorge Washington University

Degree: Homeland Security

Location: Washington, D.C.



  • American Military UniversityAmerican-Military-University-intellegence-studies

Degree: Intelligence Studies

Location: Charles Town, West Virginia



  • Mercyhurst-University-intellegence-degreeMercyhurst University

Degree: Intelligence Studies

Location: Erie, Pennsylvania



  • Saint-Louis-University-intellegence-studiesSaint Louis University

Degree: Security and Strategic Intelligence

Location: St. Louis, Missouri



  • The CitadelThe-Citadel-intellegence-degree

Degree: Intelligence and Security Studies

Location: Charleston, South Carolina



  • Indiana-State-University-intelligence-degreeIndiana State University

Degree: Intelligence Analysis

Location: Terre Haute, Indiana



  • Fayetteville-State-University-intellegence-degreeFayetteville State University

Degree: Intelligence Studies

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina



  • King-University-intellegence-studiesKing University

Degree: Security & Intelligence Studies

Location: Bristol, Tennessee



  • intellegince-degree-National-American-UniversityNational American University

Degree: Intelligence Management

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota



  • intellegence-studies-Point-Park-UniversityPoint Park University

Degree: Intelligence and National Security

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



  • intellegence-degree-Coastal-Carolina-UniversityCoastal Carolina University

Degree: Intelligence and National Security Studies

Location: Conway, South Carolina



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