What Is The Police Officer Written Exam And How To Prepare For It?

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What Is The Police Officer Written Exam And How To Prepare For It? Full Guide

Have you decided to join law enforcement agencies for securing a promising career and serving the nation? Well, for securing a good position in police department jobs, Police Officer Written Exam are conducted in which you need to prove that you are qualified for a job in Police. They are conducted by different law enforcement agencies to test the qualities of all the applicants.

The police entrance exam is conducted to check different abilities. There are different sections of police exams, written tests, oral tests, physical ability tests, background checks, and polygraph tests and police oral board interview. This article will focus on the police officer’s written test because this section is the most underrated. Most candidates do not realize the importance of this section; therefore, they get nervous when they see the paper.

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What Is A Police Written Exam?

The police test is conducted to check the basic level of necessary abilities to perform the police job. Based on the police exams, the agency will determine whether or not the candidate has the ability to become a part of the Police department.

You might be wondering why doesn’t police academy teaches these skills. The academy curriculum is designed to prepare the candidates for advanced level training such as firefighting and combat training; therefore, they do not have the time to teach necessary skills.

A police exam is conducted to test the abilities which every one of you will already have. For example, there wouldn’t be anyone who has already passed his high school but still doesn’t know the correct spelling or correct grammatical structure of sentences.

Yeah, you heard me right, police academy written tests are not like the SAT in which difficult questions are asked. Instead, they will include more straightforward questions. You will be asked to answer simple mathematical questions, identify the spelling and grammatical errors in the text, and answer questions by reading a paragraph.

You must be wondering what do you have to score on the police entrance exam to pass. Well, Scoring 70 % marks in the police written test are sufficient to score a position in the police department; however, more numbers in the test will increase your chances of selection. 

It is always a good idea to spend some time on the preparation of exams, and the best way is to spend some time on the available Study guides for the police exam.

What Is The Syllabus For The Police Written Exam?

The syllabus of the police officer exam varies depending upon the Police department for which you have applied. The test’s difficulty level relies on the number of employees and the police department’s size. Usually, the police departments use tests prepared by the third party, and the most common test used across the united states is NPOST.

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Here are the names of companies that have prepared the police exams for different law enforcement agencies. You can visit their websites and check if they have given a study guide for the police written exam.

Here are the names of companies that have prepared the police exams for different law enforcement agencies. You can visit their websites and check if they have given a study guide for police written exam



B-PAD Group Inc.Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (B-PAD)
CWH Research Inc.Entry-level Law Enforcement Written Examination
Darany & AssociatesEntry Level Police Officer Examination (DELPOE)
EB JacobsLaw Enforcement Aptitude Battery (LEAB)
ErgometricsFrontline National Police Test
Fire & Police Selection Inc.FPSI Police Test
IO SolutionsNational Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory (NCJOSI)
IPMA-HRPolice Officer Entry Level Series Tests (PO-EL Series)
McCann AssociatesMcCann Public Safety Exams
Morris & McDanielPolice S.H.I.E.L.D Police Exam
Nelson DennyNelson Denny Reading Test
Stanard & AssociatesNational Police Officer Selection Test (NPOST)
WonderlicWonderlic Personnel Test (WPT)

Now the question is what does a written exam consist of No matter you have applied in what department or who has prepared the test, the overall syllabus of the police officer written exam revolves around these eight areas of study. If you have mastered them, you are guaranteed to score 85% or above in the exams.

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What Does A Police Officer Written Exam Consist Of 

  • Reading comprehension – A passage will be given to you, followed by questions that you will have to answers based on the comprehension information.


  •  Vocabulary –In this section, you will have to suggest meanings for a given.


  • Memory –The questions of this section will be focused on testing your short and long term memory, along with your ability to focus.


  • Situational judgment and reasoning –An assumed situation will be given to you, and you will have to act on it by providing your rationale for making the decision.


  • Directional orientation –In these types of questions, you will be asked to answer the questions based on directions demonstrated to you. These questions are asked to check your directional orientation of the objects.


  • Report writing and grammar –In this section, you will have to write a report of a few paragraphs, and your writing and grammatical skills will be tested.


  • Spelling –In this section, you will be given the word with wrong spellings, and you will have to choose the right spellings for it.


  • Mathematics – You will be asked to perform basic mathematical questions.


To sum up, we can say that the police test questions are focused on checking the candidates’ basic intelligence level. A person who has successfully passed the 12th grade can answer them but do you? Why do many candidates fail to pass the exam? Because they take the exams very lightly and do not prepare for it, the best way is to know what to expect in the exams to put your best efforts into its preparations.

The most asked question by the students who have passed the 12th grade and are willing to become police officers is, How to prepare for the Police exams? Let’s explore what the ways to do so are.

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How To Prepare For The Police Exams

If you are a truly inspired person for becoming a police officer, here are some essential tips for getting a good score in the police department written exam.

  • Contacting your Police department

 If you are inspired by police officers’ jobs, by now, you must have decided which police department you will be joining. If that is the case, you need to contact the respective police department and see what information you can get. Often free or purchased study guides are available for some police departments, and you can get hands-on them.

Secondly, you can ask them about the syllabus for their tests and the test’s expected dates. Once you have all of these things in your hand, you can make a schedule for your studies and follow it to score good marks.

  • Find someone who has already taken the exam

Firsthand experiences are always a great source of learning. Therefore, you are advised to look for someone who has already gone through the law enforcement entrance exam and ask them, how do I prepare for the police exam? Their experience will guide you much about the ways they used to prepare for the test.

The best person you can find is someone who has passed the exam and asks them their strategies for the preparation to implement the same method.

  • Choosing a police Examination course

The best approach to preparing the written exam for the police officers is to combine the study guides with the video lectures. Numerous study guides are available in the market which you can purchase to start your preparation today.

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Another great way to check your abilities through the available online courses is that most of the websites provide you a free of cost sample tests and the answers. Still, CJ recommends you to rely on a trusted website even if it requires you to spend some dollars on it.

You can also purchase study guides and books from amazon. These will help you gain knowledge from authentic authors who have served in the police departments.

No matter whatever way you choose, but it is advised that you choose a course that is best suitable for you. Once you are done with the selection, of course, you should put all your efforts to gain maximum knowledge to help you get a good position in the police department.

To sum up, these are the points you should keep in mind while choosing a police examination course.

  • Look for online video tutorials that will help you solve questions asked in the police exams.


  • Take advantage of E-learning through your desktop or laptop. There are hundreds of solved sample question papers available. You can first attempt them according to your preparation and then check your score through the given answers.


  • You should have personalized support from a law enforcement individual that is willing to make you succeed in your career. This individual can be a family member or a friend or someone with whom you have recently connected.

Have A Study Routine

The police exam passing score is 70 % for which you need to study regularly, and the best way to do it is to make a routine which you will be following. For example, you can dedicate one to two hours daily to study entry-level police officer written exam.

In these hours, one day, you can practice mathematical questions. The second day you should focus on memory questions by looking at a picture for thirty seconds and then describing what you saw.

On the third day, you can focus on writing skills by writing paragraphs to improve your spelling and grammar.

You should also allocate one day of your week to prepare the exam through study. This will help you get familiar with the questions asked in the police exam. Another essential thing to consider is to dedicate a day to video lectures.

On the last day of the week, you can call on one of your friend who is making a similar attempt and ask him/her to come to you so that you both can test each other’s abilities. In such a group study, you will be in a much better position to see your weak and strong areas.

  • Preparation for the test day

You might feel nervous on the preparation day, and that’s what you need to control your mind. Do you wonder how to do that? Well, the simplest way is to relax and feel confident about your preparation, do not study hard the day before the exam rather just take part in healthy activities. Prepare your dress for tomorrow’s test and have a perfect sleep for the whole night. Wak, instead. Preferably a healthy breakfast.

Dress well, and do not stress much about the test, and believe in your abilities. If you have prepared well for the police academy test and you are relaxed on the day of the exam, you are assured that you can easily score up to 90% marks.

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Tips To Stand Out From The Other Candidates During Police Officer Written Exam

I’m sure you would want to stand out from the other candidates during the exams. If so, these are some essential tips that are going to help you a lot. Just keep in mind that most of the times, the individuals who are invigilating your police written test are also a part of the selection board so, if you began by giving them a good impression of yours, you are more likely to get good comments from them which will increase your chances of selection.

  • Sit in the front rows.

On the cop test day, you are advised to sit in front rows, ask why? Because sitting in the front will send a positive message that you are confident and want to stand out from other candidates in a positive way. This gesture of yours is going to result in creating a positive first impression of yours.

  • Choose appropriate clothing

The invigilators will judge you based on your appearance. Everyone judges you based on what you wear, so try to choose a combination of clothes that neither seems too casual or too business-oriented. It would be best if you chose a dressing that lies in between both of them.

  • Avoid unnecessary gossips.

When you enter the exam try to maintain a formal body language and do not get indulged in gossips with other candidates, especially when the invigilator is giving you some instructions or the exam has already begun. If you still feel something important, you can take permission from the invigilator before talking.

  • Do not look around

It is fine to look around before the test starts, but once it has, you must not look around because this can give a negative signal about you to the examiner, and he/she might think that this guy has not done enough police exam preparation.

  • Be calm during the exam

Being a student who has come with preparation for the test, you need not get nervous. Be confident about yourself, and avoid doing things that might convey that you are too nervous. The most common signature of nervousness is, rubbing your legs or tapping your pen on the table. Both these can be disturbing for other candidates, and the examiner might notice them too.

  • Carry your driving license

Carrying your driving license during a law enforcement exam might be a sound signature for many police departments, so take this as an opportunity and bring your license along.

Calculators and smartwatches are not allowed in the exam hall; therefore, you should not take them along. Carry two pens and two pencils along with you in the written exam to easily attempt the paper regardless of what facilities are offered in the exam hall.

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